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Ikaryaku 2

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Ikaryaku

-> RTS Page for Ikaryaku 2

Box: A few things happened, but in the end I'm still here.

Chapter 2 - Record of a Living Entity

(remember, left to right)
Y guy: gu'mornin'....
M: Yes, good morning...
Y: Ah, so you didn't quit after all?
M: No, I didn't...
M: I was begged to stay and told that if I did so, my salary would go up, so...
Y: Eh?
Y: By who?
M: That person...

K: Hirano's her family name too, so if you look at it historically, she has every reason to be my bride!!
K: Medicine!? Yeah, I've been drinking it! The rainbow-colored one!!
K: Why do you idiot lawyers think I'm paying you so much for anyway!?
K: You guys need to find a loophole in the law or something by tomorrow, and have those bridal clothes ready!!
K: You're the dream team from the "MICHAEL" incident! (*MICHAEL is a Japanese comedian)
K: I'm counting on you!
K: "Bouken desho desho, sayounara, no iki!" (*Lyrics from a Hirano Aya song)
K: Yo.
Y: As usual, you're even more incredible than yesterday.

Y: Did you raise that one girl's salary?
K: Yeah.
K: But I didn't want glasses-chan to quit.
Y: How much did you raise it?
K: 5,000 Yen.
Y: Daily?
K: Hourly.
K: Gyabah!
Y: Sei!

K: What the fuck are you doing, asshat!!
Y: Shut the hell up, you!! I know I always call you an idiot and treat you like a dumbass, but now you're telling me you really ARE one?!
Y: 5,000 yen, you fucknut?! What is she, a stripper!!
M: I even told them that I thought 5,000 yen was a bit high...
M: Truthfully, I was just fine with the original salary...
M: At the very least, I had gotten used to it.
Y: From tomorrow, you have to cosplay.
M: Ehhh!?
Y: We'll supply you the clothes, so don't worry about that.
Y: You must realize we can't let the femininity of this store rise very high.
Y: Plus, it'll make the customers happy.

Black text: Cosplay...
Y: This way the salary will be justified.
Y: If it's okay with Maki-chan, of course.
M: Er, um, no, it's...
M: Um...well, I suppose it's okay, I guess..
Y: Wanna tell me what's going on here...
K: You're really slow, aren't you?
K: There's no gamer out there who doesn't like cosplay.
K: It's the truth.
M: It's not that I don't like it. It's just...
Y: Well then.
Y: I'm counting on you.
K: Now...what style should we make her do first...
K: Hanayama from Baki, or Touji from Ninku....?
Y: All they wear is fundoshi, isn't it?! (*a fundoshi is the sumo diaper thing)

Y: More importantly, where's Motomachi at?
K: Or even more importantly...
K: I never saw any of the cash we got from yesterday.
Y: Impossible...
Y: You mean to say that that bastard...again...

H: Ku.....kuku....
H: Kukuku....
H: Kukuku...h
H: It's matter what...
H: My entire plans have been completely revealed!!
H: Kukuku...h, kuhaha....!

M: Motomachi-tenchou! (*tenchou is a suffix employees refer to a shopowner by)
M: What in the world could possibly be wrong...
K: MOTOMACHI-SAN...sorry to interrupt the climax of your demeneted aesthetics...
White text: They're saying it straight out.
Y: But where's our fucking money?
H: I was positive it'd come between 2 and 4! Positive!
H: I was completely set on it, it's even what the fortuneteller told me...!!
H: And even then, the horse...!! The horse told me itself!!
H: "Bet it all on me, hihiin! Bet it all on me, hihiin!" That's what it said, I swear!!
K: Horse racing?
Small text: This guy's the worst.
Two bottom screams: I'm so sorry!
Top messy scream: What are you sitting in seiza for!! (*seiza is the polite way of sitting)
Y: You idiot! You're even more worthless than we expected!!
M: Maybe I can't do this after all.
White: I think this is it...
Bubble: END

Continues in the 12/27 Issue.

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