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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 11

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

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THE ELEVENTH RECORDER - The "Indeed, Hip-Hop is Hard" Chapter!
f1.1: Piyohiko and Jaguar, manipulated by a mysterious hip-hop person (probably the lecturer),
f1.2: ended up signing up for the hip-hop class which they had no intention of taking.
f3.1: No one's here besides us...
f3.2: Yup.
f4.1: Like I thought, there's something funny about this place...
f4.2: The fact that they wrote "techniques" after hip-hop really worries me...
f4.3:'re making too much of it, Piyohiko!
f5.1: Even surgery has techniques to it, right? (*Pun here is that surgery has the same kanji in it)
f5.2: Gohah!
f5.3: Yeah, what?!
f5.4: Don't such randomly scary stuff like that!
f6.1: needn't worry...
f6.2: There is nothing scary here, BROTHAS...

f1.1: Fufufufu....
f1.2: Ahh....ahhhhhh!!
f1.3: There's some crazy guy up there staring at us!!
f2.1: Scarrryyyyy!!
f2.2: Fufufu..from above? That's rude!
f3.1: My name is Empty Hama!
f3.2: Nickname: "Hammer"...and the lecturer of this Hip-Hop Techniques classroom, DA PUMP!
f4.1: long as you do what I say here, you'll definitely master a ton of hip-hop techniques.
f4.2: I'll say it once, though -- I'm won't go easy on you, so get ready to buckle down!
f4.3: Because...
f5.1: That's just how
f5.2: I roll!!

f2.1: Fufufu...
f3.1: That was the "My Policy Technique"...
f3.2: Ehhhhh!!?
f4.1: Th...that just now was a technique?!
f4.2: Th...the hell it was!!
f4.3: Are you saying stuff as cool as that is the way you roll!?
f4.4: Indeed, it's the way I roll...
f5.1: Well? It's too cool for you to handle, isn't it? The way I roll?!
f5.2: be honest,
f5.3: It's so cool it's mortifying...
f6.1: The way ninjas roll is fuckin' awesome!
f8.1: Teach me how to roll like a ninja!
f8.2: Idio....
f8.3: I'm not a ninja! What are you saying!?
f8.4: Are you an idiot or something!? Ahahaha, a ninja, that sounds so old-fashioned...
f8.5: What would I have to do with something so outdated like that!?

f1.1: Haha...I'm sayin''s...old!
f1.2: OLD Say YO!!
f1.3: So awesome!!
f1.4: He's just restating himself as much as he can!
f2.1: Seee, it's cool, isn't it? It's totally Shibuya fashion, right!? (*Shibuya is a popular district in Tokyo)
f2.2: Don't mix me up with lame shit like ninjas! Got it!?
f3.1: we'll start some light pose practice!
f3.2: First, we'll start with the "YO!" introduction.
f4.1: Touch your hand to your chest...
f4.2: And then, starting with your pointer finger, lightly flip your hand over...
f5.1: YO!!
f6.1: That was amazing!!
f6.2: Fufufu...
f6.3: Well, that's roughly how it goes, YO.
f7.1: I happen to have some pretty unique tools for practicing this.
f7.2: Today's special, so I'll let you use them.
f8.1: These!

1.1: Those are shuriken...right?
1.2: Idio...
1.3: Are you some kinda idiot!? There's no way they are! Don't mix me up with a damn ninja!!
2.1: Here is your! Yoomerang, your Yoomerang!
2.2: Original goods made to be thrown to help naturally deliver your "YO!"
3.1: Anyway, just throw 'em, will ya?
3.2: Allllright, here I goo!
4.1: First start at the chest...
4.2: Then, starting with your pointer finger, lightly flip your hand over...
6._1: sukaaaan

f1.1: He...
f1.2: He's enduring it!!
f2.1: You can at least scream, Hammer-san!
f2.2: It's not like you have to be quiet because you're sneaking in somewhere!!
f2.3: Ahh...!!
f3.1: S...sorry, Hammer!
f3.2: I didn't think it was such a thin plate...
f3.3: He was aiming for it!?
f3.4: Th...think nothing of it.
f3.4: Indeed, it merely grazed me, YO.
f5.1: Fufu...this feeling of a Yoomerang cutting into me...
f5.2: Indeed, it brings back memories...
f7.1: ...thanks, fellas!
f7.2: for enrolling in my class...
f7.3: Eh....?

f1.1: To tell you the truth, you two are the first ones to enroll in my class...
f1.2: Whenever anyone sees me, they just go's an embarassing tale.
f2.1: I started hip-hop out of admiration for the young generation,
f2.2: but as I thought, it's impossible for me after all...
f2.3: Hammer...
f3.1: You're exactly right...
f3.2: so you shouldn't miss this opportunity to look over yourself and fix the errors you see!
f3.3: Hey...
f3.4: Why the hell are you jumping into such an important-sounding speech, Jaguar-san!?
f4.1: You should just follow your own road...
f4.2: Don't take on more than you can're cool enough already, Hammer!
f4.3: Ahhh....
f4.4: Jaguar-san!!
f5.1: Thank you so much...!!
f5.2: He suddenly changed somehow!!
f5.3: And so, Hammer learned an important lesson.

right side: Draw the number 6~
left side: and then a reversed one on the other side, loop 'em around, and there you have the ears~
small: Continued on P102.

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