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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 16

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 16

THE SIXTEENTH RECORDER - Everyone's so Nice!
f1.1: It's been a week since Recorder Class started.
f1.sign: Recorder Class
f1.2: And still, not a single student has come.
f2.1: I was thinking yesterday about why no one's been coming...
f2.2: And I guess we really do have a bad image.
f3.1: First we have to lose the childish image recorders have.
f3.2: We'll start over with a fresh, young and even a bit oppressive image!
f3.3: Oppressive?
f4.1: Also, today...
f6.1: We're going to decide our class's catchphrase!
f6.2: What!??
f6.3: Wait, why did you draw that picture!??

f1.1: If we can think up a clean, refreshing image, we should be able to gather people like ants around tree sap.
f1.2: Hmm...a catchphrase, huh?!
f1.3: What a bad example...
f2.1: Anyway, I got the board all prepared for you guys, so when you think of something, go write it up there!
f2.2: Yaay, the board!
f2.3: Yaay!
f3.1: Well, I don't mean for this to be a good example, or anything,
f3.2: But this is what I thought of when I considered a youthful theme...
f4.1: "Pretty Much Always Harajuku" --Recorder Class
f6.1: ......I don't really get what it's supposed to mean....
f6.2:'s just a catchphrase, it's not about meaning!!
f6.3: It's about sensitivity! SENSE!! Right, Hammer!?
f7.1: Ouchi!! That's right, Master Piyohiko! Harajushion (harajuku fashion) is totally in style right now, so it's all about getting across the bling bling!!
f7.2: that so? Uwahh....
f7.3: He's totally senseless!!

f1.1: Alright, Hammer!! Show me your sense now!!
f1.2: OKAAAAY!!
f2.1: You'll laugh. You'll blow recorders. --Recorder Class
f4.1: ...Piyohiko, did you write anything?
f4.2:, no, I'm still...
f4.3: No comment!?
f5.1: Ah! Look, you did write something after all!
f5.2: No! But I'm still not satisfied...
f5.3: Come on, just lemme see it! To get the bad taste out of my mouth.
f6.1: Bad taste!!?
f6.2: Mmm...okay, I'll show you, but...
f6.3: I'm not really confident with it...
f7.1: Nostalgic and cool! Come on, you too, "Let's Try!" --Recorder Class

f1.1: It works!!
f2.1: It really works!!
f2.2: Eh!? sure...?
f2.3:'ve made me want to try it!
f3.1: Yes, that's it!! We have to think of something that will make people want to blow it and touch it!!
f3.2: Alright, I got it, let's go!!
f3.3: I..I won't lose, either!!
f4.1: I made one!! Look, I made one!!
f5.1: Soft Hair. -Recorder Class
f6.1: Ahh!! I...I wanna touch it!!
f6.2: Get it!?
f6.3: No, that's wrong!!

f1.1: Who cares if you want to touch it or not!?
f1.2: That has absolutely nothing to do with recorders, does it?!
f1.3: Ah...he's right...!
f1.4: Ah, he's right...!
f2.1: Then I guess mine wouldn't work either...
f2.board: Groping raw flesh. --Recorder Class
f3.1: It has to...make them think of a better image in their mind, you know!?
f3.2: Yeah, you're right!
f3.3: In other words, we need to think of an appealing element flutes to make people realize they aren't bad instruments!
f3.4: Ahh, I understand Yup, yup!
f6.1: It's not as sticky as you think. --Recorder Class

f1.1: W...was I wrong again?!
f1.2: It is, though, isn't it? It's kinda sticky, right?! Hahaha....!!
f1.3: isn't!! Er, I mean...
f1.4: It's wrong!!
f1.5: This is just completely wrong!! I don't even understand what we're discussing anymore!!
f2.1: I don't really get it either!!
f2.2: Ah! Me too!!
f2.3: Really, now?! So we're all on the same page?!
f3.1: Ahhh, I don't get anymore, so let's just make something half-assed!!
f3.2: Yeah!!
f3.3: Okay, half-assed it is!
f4.1: Alright, everyone!! Just make something half-assed up!!
f4.2: Just randomly write some kind of phrase you like!!
f4.3: Ah! Then I'll write "Light-Emitting Diode!" There's just something cool about that!!
f5.1: No! At this point, who cares about words anymore?!
f5.2: You're right!
f5.3: Should we draw some kind of picture then!?
f5.4: Yeah, that's it! A picture, a picture!!
f6.1: There's not enough paper! Shouldn't we find something bigger!?
f6.2: Yup, yup!
f7.1: And so...
f7.2: It's finished!!

f1.1: Wow, we really made something awesome!
f1.2: It' super's like you know...that!
f1.3: Yup, yup!
f1.4: Oooookay....
Stuff on board:
Black lines on top: Hello everyone
Big face bubble: A unique mother
scratchy lines: Light-Emitting Diode
words in bubble: COURAGE
little words at bottom: Days like this won't come a second time
pot monster thing bubble: LIVE!

f2.1: ....what the hell is this....?
f2.2: ...the entire day was put to waste.

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