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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 17

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 17

THE SEVENTEENTH RECORDER - Yureko's Throbbing Towel Heart
f1.1: It's been two weeks since recorder class started.
f1.2: As usual, no one else has come.
f2.1: Allllriiiight!!
f2.2: Gotcha!!
f3.2: Ahhhh, dammit!!
f4.1: I didn't even know you could do a move like that!
f4.2: Fufu...so that makes 6 wins, 3 losses, and 6 peinioms.
f4.3: What kind of a game is this!?
f5.1: Okay! How about we start flute class now?
f5.2: We've been doing so much Kinoshita lately, it feels like we're in Kinoshita Club!
f5.3: That thing just now was called Kinoshita...?

f1.1: Today I was thinking about making a recorder class poster!
f1.2: A cool. ahead-of-its-time poster that will intoxicate people...
f2.1: drench them in tears,
f2.2: and make them blush, every night.
f3.1: So I was thinking of an image kinda like this!
f3.small words at top: To Tomorrow
f3.small words on side: Flute Class
(*Note: I'm pretty sure that's Usuta Kyousuke.)
f4.1: Uwahhh, that...
f4.2: That looks just like this one new year special issue from a while back that had the authors' pictures all lined up on it!!
f4.3: It even had JUMP written on it, too!!
f4.4: Shut up! Piyohiko, shut up!
f5.1: Anyway, today we'll be taking pictures to use for the poster!
f5.2: I even prepared a few costumes!
f5.3: C...costumes!?

f1.1: First, Hammer's getup.
f2.1: That looks just like a ninja outfit!!
f2.2: Yeah, it does.
f2.3: And then, Piyohiko's...
f3.1: this.
f3.shirt: PIYOHIKO
f3.2: Uwahhhh, why the hell is there a T-Shirt with a weird portrait of me!!?
f4.1: No way!! There's no way I'm wearing such an embarassing T-shirt....
f4.2: It won't even look good on me!!
f4.3: Same here! As if I'd wear such an uncool ninja costume, YO!!
f4.4: Well, well, I thought you'd both say that, so I brought you some extras.
f5.1: For the Hammer, who is not a ninja.

f1.1: A poncho with the design like the wall of a house!
f1.2: Why did you give me a shirt that can blend in with the wall of a house...!?
f1.3: So I can blend in!? Because ninjas blend in with walls!!?
f2.1: Noo, you're totally wrong! You're reading into it too much!
f2.2: And for Piyohiko, who said he didn't want a shirt with his portrait on it...
f3.1: This muscle singlet.
f3.2: Uwahhh, that's gross...
f3.3: Not only that, but my face is still there!!!
f4.1: Why did you just draw muscles over the face!?
f4.2: Ahh, but I drew this one so much better.
f4.3: OK! so you two are fine with these ones?
f5.1: N...no way!! Definitely not!!
f5.2: What do you mean, no way!?
f6.1: Selfish children...
f6.2: won't be allowed to wear them!!!

f2.1: I'm sorry.
f2.2: EHHHHH!!?
f2.3: He's apologizing!!
f3.1: Alrighty!
f3.2: Let's vigorously charge out, then, gentlemen!!
f4.1: Fun-fufun-furararafuuuuun!
f4.sign: Recorder Class
f4.2: Fun-fufun-rarara-large roll sushi-rarara~
f5.1: uwahh!
f5.2: Uwahhh....
f5.3: uwahhhh!
f5.4: Uwahhhh....

f1.1: It feels like I'm hearing these "uwaas" for a lot of different reasons....
f1.2: Yeah....
f1.3: I think they're deeply moved, in a certain way...
f2.1: Hey, hey, what's wrong, you guys?! You don't look too energetic!!
f3.1: Think of it as cosplay! Cosplay!!
f3.2: You're just thinking of it as something you wear normally, that's why you're embarassed!
f3.3: The hell we are!!
f3.4: Besides, I'd be embarassed either way!!
f4.1: Cosplay!?
f4.2: You call that cosplay!?
f5.1: Ohohoho! That kind of play is cosplay!? Laughable!!
f5.2: Muu!?
f5.3: Wh..where!?
f5.4: Buhuh...bufuhh!! Ooohohoho!!
f5.5: See, I laughed! I laughed at you!!
f6.1: Who the hell are you, goddammit!?

f1.1: Oooohohohoho!
f2.1: Ehhh!? You're...
f2.2: The cleaning granny!?
f3.1: Yes...I'm the janitor, Yureko!
f3.2: ...or so I appear, but this is actually cosplay!!
f4.1: My true form is...
f4.2: ...saying that, Yureko ripped off her mask.
f5.1: ...or so it appeared, but it was actually a towel,
f5.2: which she promptly began violently tearing to shreds.
f6.1: My true form is.....!!
f6.2: Yureko shouted once more, in front of the dumbfounded men....yes, that was Yureko's performance. She had created a "hook" for next week. Tearing up the towel she had just bought herself, along with her heart.......To be Continued.

A Little Letter from Chami-san to Usuta-kun [1]
"Jaguar-san's THING is Very Excited"
is the title you were planning to use, but I, as a friend, suggested you didn't. The answer to whether that judgement of mine is true or not is lost in the wind now (in Furukawa). I also think it'd be good if you stopped teaching that parrot of yours a bad foreigner-like Japanese accent. It's frightening to see, and makes me a little sad. Well, there's more, but this is bye for now. Good luck!! from Chami

A Little Bit o' Usuta
Bubble: Tell me what you think!
* Height ... 177cm
*Weight ... 68kg
*Blood Type...B
*Favorite Women Nishida Naomi
Kurosawa Yuu (or so we think)
tiny text: And he likes every cute girl there is.

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