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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 19

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 19

THE NINETEENTH RECORDER - Don't Worry, it's Just a Dream Ending
f1.1: Alright, now, everyone....
f1.2: shall we go searching for a wonderful something together?
f1.3: Eh!? That sounds nice.
f1.4: A journey to find something vague, right!?
f2.1: Ah...if it's about THAT, I've already found it.
f2.2: Eh!? Where!?
f3.1: Right here...!
f3.2: Because no matter where we go, the answer always lies in our hearts...

f1.1: If you just say that, the story'll end, you damn hair fetishist!
f1.2: Henappu! I'm very sorry, I won't say it again!
f2.1: What do you say we start at the river?
f4.1: Doesn't look like there's anything that resembles it here.
f4.2: Hmmm...and I really thought it'd be here, too.
f5.1: When you said something, I thought without a doubt that it was something that had been scattered around here. Guess I was wrong.
f5.2: "You thought it'd be here, but upon searching you realize you can't find it," huh?
f5.3: When you think of it like that, it seems like something close to packing tape.

f1.1: Alright, fishing time.
f1.2: Maybe we'll be able to fish the something out.
f2.1: Ohh! Something's coming, indeed!
f3.1: I fished it...
f3.2: Ahh! This is packing tape!!
f4.1: I knew it! The true form of our wonderful something is gum tape!!
f4.2: Indeed, there's no mistake!!
f5.1: There he goes...
f5.2: Wh....! What's that supposed to mean!? This definitely has to be it, YO!
f5.3: Read deep into it!!
f5.4: This has to be the right development of the plot!! And I'm the one who did it!!
f6.1: Hohoho. The something isn't packing tape.
f6.2: Ehh!?
f6.3: Who the hell are you, grandpa?!

f1.1: The something isn't packing tape,
f1.2: but a certain thing everyone has within their hearts...
f2.1: Within their hearts...!?
f3.1: Uwahhh, poor gramps, he just said the same exact thing as me!
f3.2: Now he's definitely gonna be punched....
f4.1: ---See.
f4.2: Right now!
f5.1: See, it isn't packing tape after all, you
f5.2: Pesaaaahhhh!!
f6.1: Thanks for the hint...
f6.2: Old Explanation Master (Temporary Name)!

f1.1: Through our search, we soon became lost.
f2.1: And 24 years later--
f2.2: we coincidentally met this bird...
f3.1: A bird spoke of as legendary for many years in these parts, the "Something.*"
f3.2: *Around these parts, the word "Something" means 'That step back there...was pretty nice.'
f3.3: Finally, we had found the real something.
f4.1: Ah, it's true. Just after he pooped, his body got really warm!
f4.2: J...just like the legend said.
f4.3: It's the real thing! We finally found the real something! Haha...hahahaha...
f5.1: Haha...ha....
f6.1: ..........is this
f6.2: the something we set out to find.....?

f1.1: W...what's wrong, Master Piyohiko?
f1.2: Look, it's the something! Look at its face-like ass...!
f1.3: We finally did it...!!
f2.1: This...isn't the something...
f2.2: It's just a bird!
f4.1: You're wrong....at least, the something we set out for wasn't this bird.
f4.2: How should I say this...
f4.3: It's more vague...think of it as something without shape!
f5.1: It's been agitating us all these years...and we thought that if we found the something, that feeling would disappear....
f5.2: But it's the opposite...I just realized that now!
f6.1: My something
f6.2: Has been in my heart from the very beginning!

f1.1: That's what I said way back then!!
f2.1: Uuu!!
f3.1: Pi...
f3.2: Piyohikooooo!!
f3.3: Ahhh...my condition just unnaturally changed so suddenly...
f3.4: I'm gonna die now.
f4.1: Jaguar-san...I'm sorry I couldn't stay obedient until the end....
f4.2: What are you saying?!
f4.3: Hang in there, Piyohiko!!

f1.1: I truly...wanted to blow it!!
f1.2: I wanted to stop guitar...and pick up the recorder...
f1.3: I wanted to blow it so bad it hurt my heart!!
f2.1: Why did I lie about hating recorders...! I'm such an idiot!!
f2.2: I adhered to such a stupid position...and now look at me! I was never satisfied my entire life...all that remains now is regret!
f2.3: That's right...my wonderful something is the collection of my thoughts toward the recorder...
f2.4: In other words, I...was just running around while pretending not to know of the true treasure I hid in my heart............
f3.1: If it's gonna end like this...
f3.2: I should have just blown it.....!

f2.1: a dream...?
f3.1: Ha...
f3.2: Hahaha...
f4.1: Thank you, Jaguar-san...I'll blow it!!!
f5.1: And so,
f5.2: that was my first dream of the year...

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