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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 20

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 20

picture text: Junichi
f1.1: Don't get so surprised. There's nothing mysterious here.
f1.2: Us meeting together is all inside the ring of my destiny...
f2.1: ...h...hey, that guy...
f2.2: Hm?
f2.3:, no, not that! That won't do.
f3.1: I need something more cool and unexpected.
f3.2: And maybe a little pitiful...yes! A phrase that will expose my weakness and rouse up that motherly instinct...
f4.1: I...isn't that Pogey!?
f4.2: No way!?
f4.3: Bogey, the bassist of July?!
f4.4: It's gotta be him!!
f5.1: U....ummmm...
f5.2: You're Pogey-san, aren't you!?
f6.1: No....
f6.2: Alright!
f6.3: Ehh!?

f1.1: This Pogey, is not Pogey.
f1.2: The Pogey you know is just a faint, sad phantom reflected through the clouds of light floating in the valley between reality and delusion...
1.3: It may be painful, but the man in front of your eyes is no more than a tiny microcosm named Hogi Wataru.
2.1: I....
3.1: I don't understand a single word he's saying!
3.2: And yet...I still want to be deceived by his atmosphere!!
4.1: Beautiful!!!

1.1: Yessss!! Those lines back there were pretty good!!
1.2: I bet it was the angle of my face that sold it....
1.3: Those girls were completely beaten back there! They never thought July's Bogey would be so gracious as to talk to them...
1.4: Oh, what a guy I am! A huge star and yet still so sociable!
2.1: This should definitely up my popularity. I'll go to the park and compose a poem...
2.2: And when people see me there, my popularity will increase even more!! Ufufu, this really does it. My star nature knows no bounds!!
3.1: This place should be good, right?
3.2: Today's lessons will be in the park!
4.1: Feeling the air and sounds of nature...birds chirping, birds lamenting....
4.2: and expressing the sadness and perplexion of little birds in a poem!
4.3: What is it with you and little birds...

1.1: All popular musicians are doing it these days!
1.2: Come on, you two, can't you feel it?!
2.1: Oh?
2.2: Ufufufu...what are they doing? Maybe I should get a little closer to them, ufufu!
4._1: chun chun chun...
4._2: chun chun!
5.1: ...what, then!? Are you saying you were only using me, J.J.?!
5.2: Don't act so surprised, Shigeru, of course I was!
5.3: Don't talk to me as if I'm just another stupid bird like you, broken-wing!
6.1: Ahh, also...tell your younger sister not to misunderstand.
6.2: No matter how much she insists, she'll only be a bother by my side!
7.1: Wha...
7.2: What'd you say!!?
8.1: B...bastard!! What did you do to my sister...!!?
8.2: Hahaha! Why don't you go and ask her yourself! Later!

1.1: Damn you, J.J....
1.2: You've thrown my entire life out of control....
2.1: The man who laid his hands on that which is more important to me than my life, my family....!!
2.2: I won't forgive you...I'll make sure a judgement from Hell befalls you!!
3.1: Demons! I offer my soul to you!
3.2: In return for your demonic powers...!!
4.1: I summon you, demons!!
5.1: And so, Shigeru, in order to have his revenge on J.J., made a pact of blood with a demon.
5.2: And so, he began the Demon King, Devil Shigeru...
6.1: amazing image just came to me!
6.2: You know, sometimes humans really do need to listen to the voice of mother nature!
6.3: Yeah...this really does feel nice.
7.1: Do you mind if I join you?

1.1: Good day!
1.2: I just came here too in order to write poems.
1.3: Shall we work together?
2.1: Uooohh!!?
2.2:' way!? Could it be...
2.3: Hahaha, it can be!
2.4:'re July's.....ehhh!?
2.5: I am July's Pogey.
3.1: Fufufu...look at me, look at me. How do you feel? Such a face of surprise...!
3.2: The other two...could it be they're just paralyzed out of shock? Heh heh.
4.1: ...who?
4.2: July's Pogey?
4.3: I dunno, he seems a bit impudent to me...
4.4: We're in the middle of a lesson right now! Hurry up and go away!
5.1: Uuuooooooiiiii!!

1.1: Eh....?
1.2: Wait...what are you guys saying?!
1.3: That's July's Bogey!? The famous musician!?
1.4: Eh? What?
1.5: What was that just now?
1.6: He's composed all their songs and know?! He also plays bass, that Pogey?!
2.1: And indeed, you say he's popular now?
2.2:'s not just that he's popular!!
2.3: Eh!? mean you seriously don't know who they are!? July!?
3.1: Idio...
3.2: Ehh!? Ahhhhh, those guys!! You mean THAT July!!
4.1: Are you crazy, of course I know them, idiot!!
4.2: That July, huh?! I know 'em, hahaha!! Eh!? So this guy is really one of them, huh?! Wow!!
4.3: Y...yeah, it's Pogey...!!
5.1: Whew, you have my deepest apologies. I mistook you for another Pogey, hahaha! I really know a lot about July!
5.2: Haha...thank you very much...
6.1: Wh...what's with this guy!? Another Pogey? Who the hell is that!?
6.2: Or is it really possible that he doesn't know of us...I can't believe it. Is he really Japanese?!

1.1: These guys are giving me pretty bad reactions...this is dangerous!
1.2: If I get mad here, I'll be thought of as being stuck-up..
1.3: Hehhh, so you're pretty famous, right?
2.1: Well, do your best, then!
2.2: I'll be cheering you on too!
3.1: Haha...
3.2: Th...thank you very much...!
4.1: The Muchi-Muchi Youth Group's Keratin-kun, do your beeeest!
4.2. Who the hell is that!!?
4.3: Who's Keratin-kun!!?
5.1: I told you, it's Pogey!! Juley's PO-G-EY!!
5.2: What? I got it wrong? Aw, come can't just expect me to automatically remember that!
6.1: What in God's name did he just say to me!? That didn't make any sense! Is he feigning ignorance? Or does he really not know a thing about me?
6.2: That must be it...if he did know of me, there's no way he'd be speaking to me in such a tone!! If he knew who I was, he'd definitely be about to piss his pants and faint or something!! This is frightening! These things called 'amateurs' are truly frightening!!

1.1: Ooooookay! If this is the case, I'll just show them my true power! Now they'll realize what a professional poem really is!!
1.2(small): Ah, is that so?
1.3(small): Hahaha
1.4: Hahaha....
1.5: At least make sure you remember my name from here on out, okay!
2.1: But more importantly...let's write some poetry!
2.2: It's okay for me to join you, right?
2.3: It's time for you to get scared, coward!!
3.1: No way.
3.2: You're not one of my students, Keratin!
5.1: Uuuoooooiiiii!!!
5.2: This guy isn't ready yet! Pupupu...
5.3: Are you insane!? What are you saying to Pogey-san!!?
6.2: Pogey's patience beautifully erupted like a voluptuous rose, with the chime of a requiem of saints seiged by demonic powers...or something like that...


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