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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 21

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 21

f1.1: <Our story so far> The famous star Pogey, after his invitation to compose poems together with the amateurish Jaguar-san was refused, started to feel like his patience was a prism of light frozen endlessly in time with the fate of a beautiful emphemeral rose, tied with the thread of relationships with an atmosphere brought on by the primates' strongest house from the cat department, which, upon being straddled, much resembles with weird twitching motion that Yasushi makes when he smiles.................or something like that....
f2.1: THE TWENTY-FIRST RECORDER - The Blood-Splattered Poem Showdown!
f3.1: You villian!!
f3.2: You impudent ingrate!!
f4.1: I'm angry! I'm angry now!!
f4.2: There's no way I'm leaving now!! It's time for you to feel the true horror of a pro!!
f5.1: Why did you say that, Jaguar-san, to such an important person?!
f5.2: Apologize! Apologize to Pogey-san!!
f5.3: Ufufufufufu

f1.1: It's too late now...no matter how gentle I may be, for you to desecrate my pride this much...
f1.2: There's no way I can simply back down now...!
f1.3: Awawawa...
f2.1: Hey, you...at the very least, give me a test! If I can create a better poem than you...
f2.2: then you'll have to include me in your lesson!!
f3.1: Wha...
f3.2: A...a test!?
f3.3: No...this is a challenge!! He's trying to give Jaguar-san a pro's baptism by fire! Don't do it, Jaguar-san!!
f4.1: Okey-dokey!
f4.2: OKEY-DOKEY!!?
f5.1: Fine, then prepare to have your expressive power tested!
f5.2: Right...so first we need to pick a theme..
f6.1: Okay, in that case...
f6.2: SPRING!!
f6.3: Let's write poems with the theme of spring!!

f1.1: Spring!? What a theme...at first thought, it seems easy, but is truly hard...hard, I say!
f1.2: It's still winter, after all!
f1.3: Uwahh, this guy's turned 100% into one of those weird characters...
f2.1: Fufu..."spring," you say?
A romance so painful
A prism of seven colors
Snow has melted
Washing over my wounds
It won't ever change
With you
Yes, with only you,
my cherry blossom.
Father, mother, thank you
my self body, true love
your warmth, spring is almost... Pogey
f4.1: A...amazing!
f4.2: I'd never think it was improvised...the words just come spilling out from him, naturally...
f4.3: This is the power of a pro...!!
f5.1: Yesssss!! How do you like that, fufufu! I made all that just through improvisation!
f5.2: Are you shocked?! You're shocked, right!? Go on, be shocked!!

2.1: Wh...
2.2: What are those hands....!!?
3.1: What do those hands mean...
3.2: Hey!!
3.3: C'mon...say something!
3.4: Ufufufu...
3.5: Wh...what are you laughing at!?
3.6: What are you breathing out of your nose so much for!!?
4.1: No reason? I just thought your poem was just a little...
4.2: sukoppish.
5.1: Wh...
5.2: What!!?
6.1: Suko....sukoppish....!?
6.2: What does sukoppish mean.....!?
6._1: ufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufu
6.3: What the hell does that mean!!?

1.1: That wasn't a poem or anything like it! You just lined up a bunch of wrds you thought would please people!
1.2: It's so easy to understand that, in fact...no one can understand it!!
2.1: Wha...
3.1: Poems, you see...
3.2: must "seem hard to understand, but actually make much sense!"
3.3: ...understand?
3.4: No, I don't!
3.5: What are you talking about?! It's impossible to understand!!
4.1: Listen to my poem and you'll more than understand....
Haruo (*Someone's name, but has the word 'Haru' in it, which means Spring)

When I was in elementary school
I went to Haruo-kun's house
and his mother was there
wearing a red polka-dotted shirt
and upon looking closer
I realized it wasn't red polka-dolts
but little shrimps
I really hated it
I really hated it
It looked strangely real, and I hated it
Well, Spring was coming soon
So I'd better go study Junichi

1.1: It's easy to undersand, and yet somehow I don't understand it all!!!
2.1: Yours obviously makes way less sense!!
2.2: Haha...hahaha!
2.3: Wh...what was that poem...!
3.1: H...huh? I don't really get it...I won...right? Yeah, I won, didn't I!?
3.2: But somehow I still don't feel like I won...why not?
4.1: His poem was terrible, right!? I don't understand...but weirdly enough, it left an impression on me...
4.2: ....did that poem truly "seem hard to understand, but actually make much sense!?"
4.3: No...that can't be! I still don't understand it! I don't understand it at all, actually!!
5.1: So? Surely you've more than realized why your poem was a failure by now, right?
5._1: Uoooohhhh, don't say that it's bad!!
5.2: Okay! We're going home now.
6.1: Wa...wait a minute!! Why am I the one that lost!?
6.2: Was that a loss just now!!?
6.3: Yeah, and an overwhelming one at that.
6.4: It was like a difference of 70,000 belts.
6.5: What kind of a scale is that!!?

1.1: There's no way I can accept that!! You just don't want to accept your own loss, do you!?
1.2: If I lost, then you'd better give me a proper reason why!! Ehh!? Well!?
2.1: ...okay then...
2.2: Let's see you express "earwax."
3.1: Huuuh...!?
4.1: Earwax, man, earwax!
4.2: Express it in a poem.
4.3: E...
4.4: Earwax....!?
4.5: Ah...aha! This is a test!!
5.1: Is he truly to deliberately worry me by forcing me to express something gross?
5.2: Fool! Don't underestimate the power of a pro!!
Angel's Light

Into my body
fell an angel
scattering bits of light and going away
a night like a dream
felt like I would break
embracing love
the pieces of light that remained in my ears
like pieces of a shattered diamond
I realized
they were presents from the angel... Pogey

f1.1: How was that...?
f2.1: A..amazing! Was that really a poem about earwax...!?
2.2: It's incredible...it made me think of earwax as being divine!!
3.1: Hohoh...
3.2: Then, let me stick my angel's present...
4.1: into your ear!!
5.1: Wh...what are you saying!?
5.2: S...stop..uwahhhhh!!
6.1: He...
6.2: He dodged!!

1.1: ...hey!! Why did you doge it?!
1.2: Haa
1._1: He dodged it just now!
1.3: Haa
1.4: Haa
1.5: What do you mean why...
1.6: Because that's gross!!
2.1: Gross? This is an angel's present, isn't it!?
2.2: Just like pieces of a shattered diamond, right?!
3.1: Ahhh...!!
4.1: Do you understand now...?
4.2: Your poems are just full of lies, and don't convey anything...
4.3: Just an orgy of mumbo jumbo!
5.1: Guys like you have no right to learn from me...!
6.1: Jaguar-san's poem sounded a lot like a bunch of lies too, though!!
6.2: ..so Piyohiko thought,
6.3: but this day was an important turning point for Pogey's life, through which it was thrown into total insanity...
Bottom: [1]Secret Dorm "Gulli-House" (End)

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