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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 24

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 24

Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar
~Lively Hammer Series~
The 24th Recorder - The Rice is Pink-Colored ~Concluding Episode~

N: Hammer, after becoming cowardly due to his love for Yuki-dono, was knocked back to his senses by Jaguar's recorder.
N: They decided to help him out in his confession (honestly, this time).
H: Ahhh...as I expected, this is making me uneasy...
J: You still haven't even said it yet, Hammer!
J(2b): Have confidence! Men are all about what's inside! The true goodness of what's inside you should cover up what's outside...
J: After all, from start to finish, it all depends on how you look on the outside!
F: Uwahhh, that's not encouraging at all!!
J: But it's alright!
J: As you are now, your outer looks are perfect!
H: R...relaly?
H: Do I really look cool...?

J: What are you saying? You look awesome-pfft!
sfx: pffft
J: You're totally surrounded by the aura of an adult-pfft! Pftft-pfft!
sfx: pfftaaa
sfx: gabiiiiiin
N: He's making 'pfft' noises!!!
J: All your goodness is coming out, you look really great! Like a totally different person!
sfx: ahaha hahahaha
sfx: R..really? Eheheh
N(2b): Ahhh...he's pointing and laughing at him. And besides, it's not good if he looks completely different...
J: Don't worry about a thing! As long as you follow the plan, everything will be fine.
J: Show her everything you've got, Hammer!
H: Y...yeah, YO!
Black text: PLAN #1 - The Wonderful Meeting Like What You'd See In a Soap Opera Plan
J(2b): Hello, you're Yuki-san, aren't you?
Y: Eh? Um...yeah, but...
Y: Who are you...?

J: A man ordered this for you.
Y: Huhh!?
Y: Wh...what?
Y: What is this?
J: He's right over there...
Y(2b): O...over there...ehhh!?
H: I won't di...buhehhhh!!! (*This is a famous 'bad' joke from a drama starring Takeda Tetsuya)
H: Guhahhhh!! I...I won't...buhahhh!!
H: I won't die-buhehhh!!

sfx: Ahhhhhhhhh!!
P: ...ummmm.
P: That didn't make any sense at all...
P: And it was too scary!
J(2b): I see...maybe it was too original...maybe it was too 21st-century-ish....
H: Yeah, you're right.
P: No...that's not it at all...
P: You can't be coughing up blood like that!
J: Nuu!? What are you saying, Piyohiko?!
J: They always say that two people who are connected through an extreme situation will be together forever, don't they?!
J: That's why out of the 84 plans I came up with...all 84 of them involve coughing up blood!
P: Waaaait, isn't that all of them?!
P: Besides, an extreme situation is useless if only one person is involved!
P: This isn't going to work!!
J: Hmm, really?
J: OK, I leave it to you, Hammer.
J: Go and confess.
P: Ehhhhhh!!?

B: PLAN #2 - The Plan Without a Plan
H: A...alright! I am a man!!
H: I will say it!!
H: I'm gonna say it!!
H: Allllll...
H: ...riiiight!!
H: Here we go! I'm gonna say it, dammit!
H: I'll paint her with my colors!
H: Here we gooooo...
sfx: Handkerchief
H: Alllriiiiiiight!
H: Alllright, here I goooo....
H: I'm gonna say it, dammit...
P: ...he just stole her handkerchief, didn't he...?
J(2b): This is bad. He was born to be a stalker. At this rate, she'll be kidnapped!

J: We have no choice...Piyohiko, become a delinquent!
P: Ehhh!?
J: If you attack her, we'll try to recreate the original situation they were in!
P: I...I can't do that...I think you'd be better at that part, Jaguar-san!
J(2b): But she's already seen my face...besides, if Hammer punches me, I'll be forced to punch him back.
P: Ah, fine...I'll figure out how to be a delinquent somehow...
J: If you think something like "Am I doing something wrong?" Hammer's plan will be stopped, Piyohiko!
P: A...alright!
PLAN #3 - The Feelings of That Day...One More Time
H(2b): HAI. HAI, SOU DESU KA... (*Note: The Joke here is that he's a foreigner)
J: Come on, give it your all, you womanizer!

J: Do your best, delinquent!
P: Wait a minute, Jaguar-saaaan!!
P: Wa...wasn't that person a foreigner?! Is this really alright!?
J: It's fine! He may be a little foreign...
J: But he fits the part perfectly! I hired him as an extra!
J(2b): He said "wakarimasu," after all, so it's fine! Come on! Let's go find Hammer!
P: The fact that he said that is what makes him suspicious....
H: Ahhh, Jaguar-dono, people like you...
H: I am so indebted...all of this for me...!
H: I shall to my best!! This time...
H: This time I'll definitely confess to Yuki-dono!!
J: Yeah! Go do it!!
H: Please watch me...
sfx: kyupiiiiiin
H: I am prepared!!

H: Oh, here he comes!!
Y: Uwah! It's a tall foreigner...
P: I really hope he remembers his lines...
F: Ahhh...
H: I'm counting on you, Foreigner-dono!
Y: ehhh!?
Y: Y...yes, but...
Y: ...why is everyone talking to me today...
Y: Ehhh...!?
Y: N...no way...
F: Ahhhhh...
Y: Could this man be...!?

F: TSUUUUKIAAAAAAEYONEEECHA! (*A butchered version of "Will you go out with me?")
Y: Some Italian name followed by Sorimachi...
Y: It's the Pink Rice Man!!!
Y: I...
Y: I'd be glad to...!
N: And so, Sorimachi got a girlfriend.

Since we don't have anything better to do,
There are too many blank pages in this volume, so I decided to give in and try to seriously answer some of the readers' questions.

Q. I want to grow up to become a gag manga artist just like you, sensei, so what should I do?

A. There are these cassette tapes that, if listened to only 10 minutes per day, will turn you into a great manga artist. Go buy those.

Q. Please put Jaguar-san's mom into the manga.

A. No.

Q. Which character in the manga are you most like?

A. Anison.

Q. When was your first love?

A. When I first realize the meaning of love, I was in 7th grade.

Q. How many kg have you gained since your debut?

A. If you limit yourself to such fundamental laws, you'll never see the true form of anything. You think you can measure the width of the ocean with a shriveled balloon? Once you get out into the real universe, stuff like kg doesn't mean shit, got it? Don't ever ask another question like that again.

<-Continued on P40

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