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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 25

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 25

The 25th Recorder - Minto-chan Next Door
M: Hello?
M: I'm, Mika-chan!
J(2b): Hohoh...my name's Jaguar!
M: Your name is WHAT?
J: Huh...?
J: I said it's Jaguar, dammit!!
M: Today, let's talk together a lot, OK?!
J: H...hey, bastard, why don't you listen to what people tell you?! Conversations are like playing catch!! Those who don't listen will get smacked in the...
P: Wha...
P: What's he doing!!?

J: ...I'm not really sure, but I found it in the mailbox today.
P: Wh...what is this...?
J(2b): But it doesn't matter, this phone is no good. No matter how many times I try, all I can ever get is some weirdo lady on the otherside.
J(boxless): She's super mean.
P(2b): What?! That's because it's a toy! Did you think it was real or something?!
J(boxless): eh..? that can't be. What are you talking about, Piyohiko? A toy...? Lies!
P: ...who sent this to us, anyway...?
P: Hm...?
P: Uwahh!! Jaguar-san, this address...
P: is for next-door!!
J: Next-door...you mean the person next to you, Piyohiko?
P: No...what!? Stop it, that's scary!!
P: I mean our next-door neighbor!! What the hell did you think I meant?!
P: Wh...what should we do? It looks like you just ripped it open and started playing with it!
J(2b): Ah, yeah. Well, it's too late now, what's done is done...

J(2b): Don't worry about it! I'll come with you to apologize...
P: Ehhh?! What do you mean come with ME!!?
P: Hmm...
J: Doesn't look like they're home.
P(2b): L...let's just come back later. This is kinda creepy...
P: I...I have a really bad feeling about this person...
Message: Those who knock violently will not be forgiven.
Don't peep.
If you peep, you will never have peace for the rest of your life.
P: They definitely seem like the type of person who should be kept away from Jaguar-san...
J: Pupuuuuuuhh!!
J: Hey, look at this, Piyohiko! This person stacked up a bunch of milk bottles in front of their window!
J(boxless): Bohuuuh! What an idiot!
P: HEY!!
P(2b): C...come on, let's go, Jaguar-san!! We'll do it some other time!
J: They're stacked so diligently...pupupu...
P: S...stop laughing!
N: That night--

P: ...I wonder what kind of person our next-door neighbor is...
P(2b): After today, I have a feeling they're pretty scary...that toy also must have been purchased through some mail order thing, right...?
J: Yumenomori Minto, huh...? Seems like they've really good some good sense about them.
J: Ah, that's right...
sfx: clap clap
H: You rang?
J: Hammer, have you ever seen the next-door neighbor?
H: Next-door?
P: He's completely tamed...!!
H: No...unfortunately, respecting others' privacy is one of the laws of men who live in attics...
H: I know nothing about the other residents here...my deepest condolences.
J: ...Hammer...
J: ...are you crying?

H: R...ridiculous!! What are you saying!?
H: Why would I be crying?! On the contrary, I'm laughing, yo!!
H: How strange! I was just laughing and making hand sutras, haha!!
H: Enough with your strange inquiries, yo! Hahaha...!!
J: Ahh, Hammer...he's still depressed over Yuki-dono...
P: Hang in there, Hammer-san...!
P: Fight on, Hammer!
P(boxless): Hurry up and get better soon...
P(boxless): So that we may once again chase around butterflies...
J: Hm...?
J: What are those...?
J: Squids and a mask...

P: Why are there squids and a mask hanging there...
Black: Squids and a mask!!
J: Maybe it's some kind of ritual...?
J(2b): Hm? I hear someone bumbling...
sfx: mumble mumble mumble
P: Y...you're right! This is kinda creepy...!
P: A phone call...?
?: What are you talking about...?
J: No...this is...!
?: It's not like that! Hahaha!
?: Well, before my debut, I was quite the naughty boy...
?: Haha! Oh, come on...
?: Stop it, Tamo-saaaaaan!
P: Th...this is...
J: What in the world!? All alone like this...
J: He's pretending to have a conversation with Tamo(re)-san from Warattemoiitomo! (*A really famous variety show, Tamore-san is the host)
?: Ah, a friend? I see...

J: Maybe he's a popular evil wrestler who often sticks dried squid in his tights for good luck?
P(2b): Why would someone use a squid of all things for evil purposes...? And besides, the fact that wrestler would be living in this apartment complex is even weirder.
J: Curses...the more we investigate, the deeper the mysteries become...
P: For some reason...I feel scared, Jaguar-san!
?: Papa...
?: S..sorry, did I wake you up, Minto...?
?(2b): Hm? Minto? Haha...what, sleep talk...?
?: Fufu...yeah, you're right.
?: At some time along the way I just started feeling like I was a real papa...hahaha.
J: Th...there...
J: There must be a reason for all this!!
P: Hmm...so Minto is the name of a child...?
P(2b): We did something bad, then...but it still bugs me as to who the real inhabitant is...

J: Diiing! Light bulb!
J: Light bulb, Piyohiko!
P: Dumb...
?: Ahaaa...I see!
H: If we leave a note saying "There was a package left for you, please come here to pick it up. -From Seagal" on their front porch, and then wait here for them to come, we can see just who the next door neighbor is without having to meet them directly, Jaguar-dono!
sfx: Ahaa!
J: That's it, Hammer!
H: So then...can I go back to my room now?
J: Yep, thanks.
P: S...see ya...
P: Is that the only reason he was called down...?
J: Hmmm, I wonder what kind of person will show up...
S(2b): Oh, there you are! Your package is right over here.
J: Here they come!!
B: Huhh!? What the hell is this!?

B: Hey, bastard...huh!? What the hell is in that box!?
J: Hm...?
B: What do you mean? How would I know!? Just take it and leave already...
P: Huh? This voice...
B: You don't know...? You're sure you don't know what's in the box, right, bitch!?
Box: The guy who appeared only once, in the 12th REcorder: Billy
B(2b): F...fine, I'll take it...but if I find out you looked at it, I'll never forgive you for the rest of your life, got it!?
S: Alright, alright!
B(2b): N-not like it's anything cool or anything...haha! Thanks for holding it for me!
B: Well, see ya later! Thanks!
S: Yup! Keep working hard!
P: We...didn't see anything, right Jaguar-san?
J: Yeah...we saw nothing, Piyohiko...!
Box: For some reason, it was painful for both of them.

Question Corner, Continued

Q. What kind of girl does Hammer like?

A. As long as they accept him, he doesn't care.

Q. Please tell me Tanaka-san's height and measurements.

A. This is a secret, but he's 162 cm, and rumored to be 142-59-98.

Q. If you hadn't become a mangaka, Usuta-sensei, what would you have become?

A. A musician.

Q. What kind of dreams do you usually see?

A. Dreams where I'm comforted by Down Town. (*A really popular comedy group)

Q. What have you been waiting for lately?

A. A parakeet.

Q. What do you have pride in, in regards to Kumamoto? (*His hometown).

A. We're supposedly called the birthplace of Japanese croquettes.

Q. When do you feel most happy?

A. When I'm secretly listening to my parakeet talk.

Q. What's one song that sticks out the most in your memory?

A. "TIME ZONE" by the Otoko-kumi.

~that's all.~

Thank you everyone.

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