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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 26

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 26

The 26th Recorder - Copernican Slump

P: That entity known as the "night" leads men's hearts astray...
P: This morning, after reading over the letter I wrote last night...
P: It sounded so embarassing I could hardly believe it.
P: These lines are just the same as "that"...it's alright...it's alright!
P: That monster known as the night just played a little trick on me...

Amakusa Sabure

Saburo plus Lemon makes Sabure-chu!
Ohhhh yes! Ohhhh please!
Mooooon Supooooooon Puri!
I felt kinda itchy, and so I reached into my sock and found that there was a black bean in there! That really pisses me off!!
Mokeke Mokekeke Allllright!
I'm definitely going to become Class President!!

P: A...am I stupid or something? What the hell is this...
P: Am I stupid?!?!
P: Am I an stupiiiiiiiiid!?
Black lines are echoes
G: This song's out of control!
G: It's been a while since I've felt the feedback like this!
P: Yeah! It seems like our next album's really gonna be awesome!
P: There's only a week left until the deadline, and I haven't written a single song.
P: Just what is wrong with me...?

G: Pogey!
C: Hey, Pogey!
P: Eh?
P: Ahh, sorr...
P(2b): U...uwahhhhhhh!!
C: Wh...what's wrong?
C: Are you OK?
P(2b): Ah, yeah...nothing's wrong...
P: Just a daydream...?
C: Are you sick?
P: No...the truth is...
P(2b): Lyric-writing hasn't been going so well lately...I kinda have the feeling I'm in a slump...
C: You son of a bitch!!!
C: Don't start acting like a weakling, Pogey!!

S: We aren't slaves...
P: Spetsnaz...! (Name) (*t/l note: Russian word for Special Forces)
S: Every human being has a pair of wings called fredom, don't they...!?
A(2b): that's right! This isn't like you, Pogey. You were born with a magical art utensil which you've used to paint your all-white canvas whatever color you wanted, right...?
P: Anison...! (Name) (*t/l: Japanese abbreviation for Anime Song)
P: Heheh...
P: You're right, Spetsnaz! Anison!
P: We...don't know the meaning of the word stop!
P: And that's because...
J: Kara-kara...
J: Peran peran!
P: For s...
A: Horse?
C: Ehh!!
C: Ah...no!! I meant, um...

A: "We don't know the meaning of the word stop, and that's because...horse?" Right?
S: Y...yeah! Not bad, I guess?
P(2b): No, no! I wasn't finished yet! Um...but I forgot what I was going to say...
S: No...it's alright, Pogey, you don't have to get so desperate.
A: Yeah, really! I'm sure you'll be out of your slump before you know it! Hahaha...
P: Their true feelings behind those kind words are more than clear...
P: It's confusing but I understand it all too well...
P: These are their real words!!
P(2b): F...fine, I get what you're trying to say....!!
P: I get it so much that it feels like my breast is going to split openn!!
A: Pogey!!
P: What...
P: is bothering me!?
P: Why does the all that nonsense that amateur spouted bother me so much?
P: That's it...just calm down...now that I think about it, there's no way a person who's lived such a long time as a professional like me could stand to be attacked so easily like that!

P: I'm the superstar, Pogey!
P: I've come this far through my own strength and believing in myself!!
P: I can write....I can write!! Even if I can't do it today,
P: I'll definitely write tomorrow!!
One Month Later

Hot Hot Summer

Sure, you peeled your flaky sunburn skin off real neatly and all, but why the hell are you trying to stick it on a crab?

P: I couldn't write
P: at all!!!!

P: Shit...why did it come to this...?!
P(2b): It's his fault...it's all his fault!!
P: It's all
P: that Jaguar guy's fault...!!

Top: July's Pogey
Sidebar: Album postponed!!
Black text: Spetsnaz and Anison writing the songs?!
The possibility of an instrumental album?
Small text on left: He can't write the lyrics...?

P: Huh? You bought a newspaper, Jaguar-san?
J(2b): No, I just picked it up...but more importantly, look here, Piyohiko!

Newspaper: Apparently this

J: Well?
P: ....OK.........
Box: It says it took them four hours to finish the search.

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