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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 28

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 28

The 28th Recorder - Even Match with a Squirrel



Flute Class Commercial Auditions This way <-
P: Jaguar-san's really taking a long time...
P(2b): This many people came, yet...just what is he preparing for anyway?
H: I don't even have any idea what kind of audition this is anymore...
P: I'm gonna go check on him!
H: OK!
H: She's here...
H: It's that girl again...!!
H: Ah!! And she's looking...!
H: She's really looking at me!!

S: Wh...what are you looking at?!
S: You better not get the wrong idea, alright?!
S: All I came to do was carve my name into this desk here!
S(2b): Here, look for yourself! It's not like I have any interest in this audition or it?! So stop looking at me!!
H(2b): Sh...she's mad...
H: I don't really get it, but she's mad!
H: She's mad!!
Box: For some reason, Hammer found great delight in this.
P: Aww, come on...
P: Just how far did you go, Jaguar-san?

J: Oooooi, Piyohikooo!
P:'re finally back!
P: Just what were you doing, Jaguar-sa...
J: Ahhahaha...
sfx: haa haa haa zeh haa zeh
P: Uwahhhhhh! Seriously, what the hell were you doing?!
J: Ahh...a lot of stuff happened while I was getting ready for the audition.
J: It was absolutely chaotic!
J(2b): Well, the point is, I managed to beat and catch this squirrel, but...I guess I could barely do it in time, huh?
J: It put up a flag of defeat and everything, though...

J: In the end I ended up pressing the B button three times and coming back!
J(small text): Makes ya laugh, huh?
P: Ehhh?! Argh, I have no idea what he's talking about anymore!!
P: Well...anyway, let's go back to the classroom! There's a ton of people waiting!
J(2b): What? People?! Alright, let's go, Piyohiko!
J: Thank you for coming, everyone!
J: Today I'd like you all to enjoy this audition to your heart's content!
J: And please enjoy it from tomorrow on as well!
P: Eh...
P: From tomorrow on...?
J: That's right!
J: Tomorrow, and the day after that, and all the days after that...enjoy them aaaaaall!

J: ...or should I say,
J: Join Flute Class, everyone...!
P: Wha...
P: What did this guy just say!!?
P: We came here to do an audition!
P: Yeah! We aren't hear for flute lessons!
J: Right, that's why I said this is an audition!
J: The person who comes to class the most from here on out gets the spot!
P: What...are you serious?!
P: So that's how it works...
P: That's terrible!
P: Wait a minute! Before that, there's one thing I'd like to make sure of...
P(small): Yeah! Yeah!
P(small): That's right!
P(small): It depends on that!
P: It's true that this will be for a real commercial, right!?
J: Why would you ask such a thing?!

P(2b): Eh!? Wh...why, but...
J: Let's just say for the sake of the argument I was lying -- then what would you do?!
P(2b): Ehh? Er, well, you're lying, then I'd go home!
P: Right!?
P: Of course!
J: Seriously?
P: Ehh!?
J: What's important isn't the results...
J: but the process!!
P: He's lying!!
P: I can't believe you! What a huge liar!
J(2b): Nuu!? I'm not lying!! It's just kind of doubtful whether or not I'm telling the truth!
P: That's the same thing, dammit!!

J(2b): Shut up, all of you!! If you don't wanna work, then go home!!
P: Uwahh, I can't believe this guy! He's getting mad at US!
P: Who'd work for you?!
S: A...lie!?
S: The talk of a commercial was all a lie...!?
S: What an egotistical,
S: selfish person...!!
S: I wish I could be like that...!
P: ...they all went home...

P: Jaguar-san...
J: To think it'd turn out like this...
J: But then why did I go to all the trouble...
J: Why did I go to all the trouble...
J: to bring a squirrel here, goddammit?!
P: That was pointless either way...
P: Huuuuh!?
P: Y-you...
P: You're the only one left...could it be...
S: D...don't misunderstand!

S: I was just about to leave!
S: I have no interest in taking flute lessons at all!
P: What!?
J(2b): Damn you! Stop playing games with me! Don't ever come here again!
J(small): Don't make fun of me!
S(2b): No...I'll be back tomorrow.
J: Mun?
S(2b): No! Um...d-don't misunderstand!
S: I'm not coming back to take lessons!
S: I'm just coming here to eat a snack, alright?!
P: Snack...?
Box: And so, Takana's heart opened up a bit.

S: Ahh, dammit. I let my guard down.

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