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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 30

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 30

The 30th Recorder - Show Me Your Homeland

P: Since it's Golden Week, I thought I'd go home for a bit, but...
P: There's no way I can let Jaguar-san know about it...
To Piyohiko.
I'll be gone for a while. I put some food in the recorder, so feel free to eat when you're hungry.

P: Am...am I really all alone here...?
P: For some reason I get the feeling he's hiding somewhere...
P: Ahhh...and not only that, but it looks like some of whatever he stuffed inside here is leaking out...
P: Gross...just what is in here...?

arrow: Crab
P: Um...ummmmm..Jaguar-san?
P: Am I really alone here...? Efufufu...
H: Piyohiko-dono! I'm opening the roof cover!
P(2b): Um...OK, sure!
H: Ahhh, Sir Piyohiko-dono!
H: Could it be you're searching for Jaguar-dono?
P: You're eating it!!!
H: Ehh!?
H(2b): C...come on, Piyohiko-dono! This is clearly the food that was left for me-yo! Yours is right over there, isn't it?!

H: Don't surprise me like that-yo! No matter how much I may like crab, I would never stoop so far as to stealing yours as well-yo!
small: Absolutely unthinkable!
P(2b): No...that isn't the problem here...
small: Does it really taste OK? No weird smell or anything...
P: More importantly, did Jaguar-san go somewhere?
H(2b): Yes, just this morning! He said he won't be back for 2-3 days!
H: He said he was going to buy a "McGuyver" or something...
P: M...McGuyver!?
P: ...that doesn't really make sense, but whatever. This is my chance!
P: But Hammer-san and that crab...I wouldn't be surprised if that was a bribe...which means he was ordered by Jaguar-san to keep an eye on me...
H(2b): The crab...the crab is all gone...
B: Piyohiko's hunch was indeed correct.
P(2b): ...hey, Hammer-san. Can you keep the fact that I'm going out for a bit a secret from Jaguar-san?
sky 1: I'll give you some crab...
sky 2: OK, I won't tell!
B: And so, things were quickly settled.

B: Two hours by train from the Ginger Dormitory,
B: lied Piyohiko's house -- in the mountains just outside of the city.
P: Ahh...nothing's changed here.
P: I guess it is a bit nostalgic, though...
Sign left: RECORDERS
sign center: If you're gonna blow... SAKETOME
sign right: MANIAC! If you have a question about recorders, please ask us.
P: Piyohiko's father owned a recorder shop.
P: I'm really glad Jaguar-san isn't here...
M: Welcome home!
M: Y...
M: You...!
P: Long time no see, mother...
M: Father!
M: Hey, father!!

F: Huh!?
F: What's all this ruckus...!?
P: I...
P: I'm home, father.
F: Wha...
F: Pi...
F: Piyohiko!!?
M: Oh, you!
M: Piyohiko...! Piyohiko is home!!
F: How come you never called, you dumb Piyohiko?!
P: W-wait!!
P: Why are you calling me by my nickname?!
F: Stupid...we just heard about you a bit ago.
Box: Piyohiko's father - Chichijirou
Box: Mother - Hahae (*t/l note: these names are both plays on words, as Chichi means father and jirou is a common old ending to male names, while Haha means mother and e is a common old ending to female names)
M: Yes! We heard a lot about you, Piyohiko!
P: F...
P: From who!?
P: No way...

J: Welgum home, Piyofiko!
P: UWAAAAHHH, you're all warm and comfy!!
P(2b): Wh...why are you here, Jaguar-san...and why have you already used our bathtub?!
F: Stop being so rude, Piyohiko! This person is an important customer I brought here myself!
J: Yes...you see, the only shop in Japan where I could find a McGuyver is this one...
J: And while I was making my purchase, I happened to start up a conversation with Chichijirou-sensei...
J(2b): We hit it off really well, and before I knew it, I realized I was talking with Piyohiko's father! I was so surprised! And then we hit it off even more!
P: Th...this is horrible!!
F: And so I brought him home with me.
sign on right: Grandma's Bag of Information That Only Maniacs Would Probably Know
A small, thin little piece that is stuck on the end of recorders for some reason!
Top stick: Adventure
Bottom Stick: Guy
Small part: McGuyver
left text: Various parts sold at the "Recorder Shop John & Punch."

J: But my...to think all the rare recorders in this shop were created by Chichijirou-sensei...
J: That unique toy sensation given off from your recorders...I've respected it since long ago!
C: Come now, Jaguar-kun! We're friends now, you don't have to call me "sensei!"
C: There aren't many people who can understand that toy feeling...let's get rid of formalities here, just call me whatever you want!
J: R...really!? That's great!!
J: Can I call you "Hamejirou" then!?
C: Yeah, sure!
P: Don't give weird nicknames to people's dads!!!
P: D...dad, you shouldn't give in to that either!!
P: It's Hamejirou...Hamejirou, for god's sake!!
C: What, who cares?
C: More importantly, Piyohiko...are you still insisting on playing guitar like before...hm?
C: Getting all caught up in your dreams with that great instrument, and not even intending to take over your dad's business...
P: Wha...
P: Of...of course I am!!
P: I left home so I could keep playing guitar!!

P: What's wrong with playing guitar?! I want to play real music!
P: I have no intention of making toy instruments for a living!
J: What?!
J: Piyohiko! That's such a waste...
J: How could you not want to inherit Hamejirou's art and create recorders in a great place like this?!
J: There aren't many maniacs out there like your father...
J: Go on, make some rare recorders already!!
P: Saying it that way wouldn't make anyone wanna do it!!
C: ...so you really won't take over the business, no matter what, Piyohiko...?
P: That's right...we've been over this so many!
C: I see...since you finally came home, I thought maybe you had decided to take over after all...
C: You're so stubborn, Piyohiko!
C: Then it's time we settled this once and for all, Piyohiko!
C: Let's end this argument so that we're both in agreement!

C: You vs. Jaguar-kun, Piyohiko!!
P: Eh...?!
C: If you win, you can play guitar, or do whatever you want!
P: Wha...
C: But if you lose, you must take over the family business!!
J: Ehhhh, I don't feel like doing that...
J: It should be you vs. him, Hamejirou...
P: Y...yeah! Don't just decide stuff like that!
C: If Jaguar-kun wins, I'll give him my Hidden Special Maniac Recorder...
J: I'll happily beat the shit out of him for you!
Box: And so, the worst possible outcome happened, in a very Piyohiko-ish manner...to be continued.

Music I'm Indebted To, in 2001:
Usuta Kyousuke
(*just leave the artists and stuff how they are)

text at the bottom:
I actually didn't listen to as much music as I thought, so I was left with some space and decided to draw a bird.
arrow text: My parakeet. He's grown to speak with a very thick accent.

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