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Translations: Bleach 645 by cnet128

Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 31

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 31

The 31st Recorder - Show Me Your Homeland Already!
T: Piyohiko planned on going home for a little R&R, but...
Sign left: RECORDERS
sign center: If you're gonna blow... SAKETOME
sign right: MANIAC! If you have a question about recorders, please ask us.
T: For some reason, Jaguar had already taken a bath and was waiting there to challenge him to a duel for the inheritance of his father's business.
C(2b): I'm Piyohiko's father, Chichijirou! Before the competition starts, let me just say this again...if Piyohiko beats Jaguar-kun, he'll be allowed to play guitar or do whatever he wants...but if he loses, he has to inherit my my job as a recorder-maker! That's the story so far!
J: But that's not all! I also promised to smash Piyohiko into unrecognizable pieces in order to in win the Hidden Special Maniac Recorder that Hamejirou poured out his sweat and blood in order to create!
P: Wow, I never thought we'd be able to explain the story this much using normal dialogue!
C: OK! Now then...
H: Dear, you got a call from a co-worker.
C: Huh!?

C: Idiot! You think I'm gonna go to work on a day like this?!
C: Stop raining on a man's duel!!
C: I'm just gonna have to tell that bastard how it is, fair and square...
P: Hamejirou's so cool!
C: Um...hello? *cough* Sorry...I have a fever of 45 degrees....hah, hah...
sfx: hah x3
P: Ha...Hamejirou, you're pathetic!!
C:'s true...I would never lie about something like this...
sfx: hah x3
C(2b): My entire family is in a terrible condition...yes...I don't even know where my son is, I kinda have a feeling he's off dying somewhere...
small arrow line: Hamejirou
Box: The transformation between Hamejirou when he's at home and when he's at work.
right: Home
left: Work
text on top: Even his hair changes entirely!
C: Hoo...

C: Fufu...well, I sure set that asshole straight!
C: Now, let's begin!! Come on, guys!
sfx: waaahahahhaa
J: I feel really bad for your father...
P: Don't say such a thing with those eyes!!
sign: forbidden
P: Th-this is...the forbidden door I was always really curious about when I was a kid...?!
C: Fufufu...
C: I've been saving this room...for the person who will inherit my business.
C(2b): It's a room I created specifically to test the manliness of my successor...I've named it "The Room Where You Can Hear the Hacking-Up-Blood Blues of Hell!"
P: Ah, of course...the room where you can hear nothing but the hacking-up-blood blues of hell...
P: I hate my home...

C: There are three unpleasant rooms in here.
C: The one to overcome the unpleasantness of all three rooms and make it to the deepest one, and grab the special recorder there first, is the winner!
C(2b): I've unlocked you can enter whenever you like.
C: Have you prepared yourselves?!
J: Yes! In order to get the special recorder, I will conquer these three rooms...
J: Even if a gremlin tries to chew off my kneecaps, I will not give up!!
P: Well...I don't really want to go, but there's no choice...
P: It's definitely better than having to inherit dad's business!
C: OK!! Then if you'r ready...
C: Reaaaaaady and START!!
P: Let's go!!
C: I know you boys will keep fighting! One day, victory will be in your hands...but until that day,
C: You must do your best! Because, after all, the true battle has only begun!!

C: Here we go...
C: The first unpleasant room!!
J: Mu...!?
P: Th-this is...
J: A spiderweb...
P: A spiderweb's been strung all over the place!
C: Fufufu...this is the first gateway, the "Spiderweb Hell!!"
C: Will you be able to overcome it...!?
P: Father...!
P: It is kinda gross...spiderwebs everywhere...
J: And if you look closely, there are tiny little maggots squriming on the threads!
J: However...I have already won this battle, Piyohiko...!
J: And that is because I have this Nyoi-Recorder with me! (*t/l note: This is a joke off the nyoi-bo, Gokuu's weapon from Saiyuuki/Journey to the West/Dragon Ball)

P: Kuh...
P: O...of course! He can wind up all the spiderwebs with that long recorder and get rid of first, I thought this duel had nothing to do with recorders, but I was wrong!
J: See you later, Piyohiko!!
J: Uooooohhhhh...
J: Junichi-style Freestyle Recorder Technique...
J: Nyoi High Jump!
P: High jump!!?

J: Mission complete!
P: You're covered in spiderwebs!!
J: Fufufu...but I've won this one, Piyohiko!!
P(2b): was a completely useless move, and I still lost! Thanks to you, though, all the spiderwebs are gone!
J: Muh!? How did you catch up to me all of a sudden?!
Arrow text: HALLWAY
P: You're tougher than I expected, Piyohiko!
J: ALRIGHT! Time for the second unpleasant room!!
sumo: Gottsandesu! (*t/l note: Sumo greeting)

P: It's really hot in here!!
C: do you feel?! This is the second gateway, "Trapped in a Room with Sumo Wrestlers Lathered from Head to Toe in Butter Hell!!"
C: Uhyo! This one's painful just to look at!!
P: What the hell goes on in my dad's brain...
C(2b): Let me just say this, though...the ones in the most pain are the sumos!
P: Then why the fuck are they in here?!
J: I the hardest part about getting through this room...
J: Is being able to breathe properly!
J: Then I'll just use this...
J: Junichi-style Freestyle Recorder Technique...
J: Nyoi Snorkel!!
sfx: pyuhaaaah
J: As long as I have this...I can breathe freely...!!
sfx: pyuhaaaah
P: Fufu...your plan is a failure, Jaguar-san!
J: What!?

P: Not only does that position actually make it even harder for you to breathe,
P: but now you can't even see in front of you!!
J: Uuu...
J: Dammit!!
P: Now it's my turn!!
P: Uryaaa!!
C: Hohoh!
C: That little punk...
P: Hyaaaaa, I did it! I came out of that furious battle in the second room as the winner!!
P: Hamejirou's son...Piyohiko, huh?!
P: Looks like...I shouldn't be taking him lightly!
B: For some reason, Piyohiko got really excited.

Movies I Owe Something to in 2001
Usuta Kyousuke
Navi no Koi / Buffalo '66 / Under Seige 2: Dark Territory
Under Seige / Under Deadly Ground / X-Men
Gladiator / Fire Down Below / Deep Blue
Good Will Hunting / Being John Malkovich
Little Dancer / The Patriot / The Glimmer Man
The Thomas Crown Affair / Charlie's Angels
The Shawshank Redemption / The Cider House Rules
DENGEKI / The Iron Giant / Hanabi
Above the Law etc.

For some reason all I could think of were Stephen Seagal movies.

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