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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 32

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 32

The 32nd Recorder - Your Homeland...I Kinda Hate It
B: Piyohiko, for some reason, got involved with a competition over the inheritance of his father's business.
B: Surprisingly, they've had a very spirited and shounen manga-ish competition so far.
P: Yaaaay! We cleared the second stage!
J: As...as expected of Hamejirou's son, Piyohiko!
J: That hidden power...I can't look down on you any longer!
P: See you later, Jaguar-san!
C: Fufu...that Piyohiko, he really can do it...
C: However...
C: This last room is much different from the other two...!!
P: Here we go!!

P: Muh!?
P: Th...this place is filled with tissues?!
C: Fufufu...but of course! This is the last unpleasant room...
C: "The road of all the different tissues Father has used!"
P: Uuuu...
C: Look deep in the room!
P: Ah...could that be...
C(2b): Yes! The Special Maniac Recorder...in other words, the "Perecorder!"
C: If you can get your hands on that, it's your victory, Piyohiko!
C(2b): Fufufu...I bet you're really curious as to what Father used those tissues for, don't you...? Also, don't forget, the further you get, the more recent they become!
P: Kuh...I don't really want to ask, but it's true that I'm curious...!
P: But if I can make it through here, then I can continue playing guitar without having to inherit the family business!
P(2b): I've withstood the past two rooms...it's time for me to face these mysterious tissues and--

P: withstand them as well!!
C: Fufu...as I expected of you, Piyohiko...
C: But the true horrors of this room have barely begun!
P: Alright!
P: I've won!
B(2b): H...help me...
P: Hm?
B: Ohhh....
sfx: hah
B: Help me...

P: What the hell is this person doing?!
P: This looks really unnatural...it's gotta be on purpose!
B: I...I'm stuck...
B: Help me...
P: Ahh...but they're in danger...that's definitely dangerous!! If I don't help them, they'll fall due to the weight of the pigeons!
C: Fufufu...you're hesitating, Piyohiko!
P: father!
C: But remember that if you help that person, there is a horrible result waiting for you...!
C: If you help her, you will probably lose...but if you don't help her, that old lady will appear in your dreams every night from here on out!
C: It's good if you show your kidness...but also good if you don't!
C: Think carefully before you act!
P: Kuh...what should I do?! But that old woman is there on purpose...is he really serious about letting her drop in that scalding water...?
P: No...this has got to be a trick...ahh, but...even if she doesn't fall, I can't bear to watch her like that...!
C: Be honest to your true feelings, Piyohiko...
P: That's right...things like this appear a lot in manga...
P: At thimes like these, those who succumb to their greed and show no kindness end up losing no matter what...
P: The truth is, helping her might actually be the right answer!

J: Alright, then I won't help her!!
P(2b): Ehh!? Uwa...uwawaaah, Jaguar-san!!?
P: When did you get here...?!
J: Fufufu...around the time when you said "Pigeons don't chirp like that"...
P: When was that?! (I don't remember saying that!)
J: Well then, if you'll excuse me!
J: Take care of the old lady for me, Piyohiko!
P: Wait...what are you saying?!
P(2b): More importantly, you're walking really slowly!! Don't you think you're using those recorders a bit excessively?!
J: Don't be ridiculous...! In this situation, one walking while using Nyoi-Long Legs as stilts clearly has the advantage!
P: Wait...if Jaguar-san's moving like that...
B: Ohh...
B: Help...
P: Then even after I save the old lady...
P: I should still be able to make it! Alright...!!

P: Uoooohhhhhhh!!
P: Funuuuuuuuuuuuu...!!
B: Help...
P: OK! You're fine now, grandma!
P: Grab on to me!
sfx: hah x10
P: Sorry for taking so long...
P: Are you alright?
P: I'm glad...
P: Then I'll be going now...
B: Good work.

P: Th...that is incredibly...haha...
P: incredibly disgusting! Hahaha!
P: C...concentrate, dammit! Jaguar-san!!
P: Now...now it's all come down to a contest of running speed!!
P: Your flute legs and my real legs...we'll see which are...fast...er...
P: Ehh!?
P: He's...
P: running normally!!!

P: I did it!!
P(small): I did it, I did it!
C: Fufufu...well done!
C: And this means Piyohiko will inherit the business!
P: Wa...wait a second!!
P(2b): I don't agree with this outcome...what was the deal with those two choices at the end?! Was my choice the wrong one?!
C: No, no, you did wonderfully!!
C(2b): Both were bad choices...so you did great in showing your kidness!
C: You failed at the competition, but were successful as a human, Piyohiko!
P: Th...
P: That's it?!

P: You mean I just ended up making more horrible memories!?!
B: And so, it was decided that Piyohiko would take over the family business from Hamejirou.
P: The next day...
P: Father, I'm sorry, but...
P: I really don't want to inherit the business!!
P(2b): I've already decided it! I don't intend on taking another step forward with this...I'm going to play the guitar!!
P: Please understand, father!!
C: Oh, okay.
C: Just do as you like, Piyohiko-kun!
P: Yaaaay!
B(2b): If something is asked of Hamejirou when he's in work mode, he'll never say no...he's the perfect poor excuse for a salaryman!

Games I Owe Something to in 2001

Final Fantasy X / Crazy Taxi 2
Jet Set Radio / Onimusha / Klonoa 2
Sakura Taisen 3 / Sonic Adventure 2

I've been so busy I haven't been able to play many games. I've barely played any at all...at least compared to maniacs.

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