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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 33

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 33

S: O-ohhh...
S: Sooooo sorry to keep you waiting...
S: Just a biiiiit longer, and I'm sure he'll be here!
S(2b): Hey! How long do you intend to keep him waiting?! Why haven't you gone and gotten him yourself by now?!
sfx: puh puh
g(small): Y...yes sir!
P: Don't worry about it, Seagal-san!
P: I'm sure Jaguar-kun is a very busy man himself...
P: Today is free for me, so that's why I'm waiting!
P: Fufufu...I've finally figured out where you live...
P: I'll wait as long as I have to!
P: Pogey - stuck in a huge slump because of Jaguar.

The 33rd Recorder - A Man as Un-girly as a Girl

B: One hour and 16 minutes later
J: Ahhh, did I keep you waiting?
sfx: guta guta
J: Rry-so, rry-so!
S: (2b): R...rry-so my ass!! What was so important that you had to keep us waiting for one whole hour?!
J: Ah, the truth is...
J: I started daydreaming while I was busy cutting up my clothes..
J: I ended up totally losing consciousness...and when I woke up, I ate fried shrimp!
J: I guess one would call this...
J: The Clothes-Cutting Teacher's Fried Shrimp Special...
J: ...get it!?
S: That...
S: That makes absolutely no sense...

S(2b): More importantly, Jaguar-kun...look here!! He came all the way here to meet you!
S: It's Pogey-san, from July!! C'mon, introduce yourself...!
P: Hey!
P: Long time no see, Jaguar-kun...!
J(2b): Eh? Ahhh...yeah, long time no see...ummm...
J(2b): Ta.....tabuh...! Ummmm....
J: Ahahahah...yeah? It's really been a long time, huh....
P: Ehh? He's forgotten about me...
P: And he said "Tabuh!" He's completely forgotten!!
S: And Jagaur-kun! We have big news!
S: We just received an application! Of all things, Pogey-san here...
S: wants to join recorder class...
S: as a special instructor!!
J: Sp...
J: Special instructor?!

J(2b): Are you for real?! This guy...
J: This guy, teaching us lessons?!
sfx: patsun patsun patsun
S: Uooooooooiiii!
J: Ummm...I'm thankful for your consideration...
J: But there's absolutely nothing we have to learn from you...it's a bit hard for me to say, but...
S: Wh...what are you saying?! What are you DOING?!
J: I politely refuse.
S: Wh-what are you putting on him!!?
S: I'm sorry...I'm so sorry, Pogey-saaan!!
P(2b): N...no, it's fine. Haha...ha...
P: Fufu...I figured he'd do this...well...I didn't think he'd try to humiliate me this much, though...
P: My true goal isn't to become a special instructor, though.
J: Seagal, put him on your head as a special new year's celebration.
sfx: hahaha
S: Do...people really do that...?
P: This is merely a prologue...
P: Making an unreasonable request in the beginning is how all negotiations begin!
P: I'm going to find out for sure...
P: just what kind of human you really are!

P: Please excuse my rudeness, Jaguar-kun.
P: The truth is, I am in no place to be teaching you...
P: So instead...would you allow me to become your student?!
P: I'm begging you!!
S: Wha...
S(2b): What are you talking about?! You can't do that, Pogey-san...we're the ones who should be bowing our heads!!
S: There's no reason why you should have to take lessons here!
P: No...I mean, I'm the one who came here in the first place...
P: I understand it may trouble you to receive a request like this all of a sudden...
P: But I'll be content just to sit in on classes...please!
J: Hmmm...
P: All I have to do is acknowledge the fact that you're a total amateur...
P: As long as I can do that, I will be able to conquer my slump!
J: When we met last time, you sure were quick to act like some high and mighty pro...
J: But it looks like you've finally wisened up...

J: But I refuse!!
P: Eeeeehhhhhh!!?
S: Uooooii!!
J(small): Ufufufu...
J(small): Yaaai, yaaai!
S(2b): Wai...wait a damn second, Jaguar-kuuuun!!
S(2b): Uoooooo! Just what are you thinking?! Apologize...apologize to Pogey-san!!
P: D...damn you, Jaguar-kun!!
P: I will never give up...
P: Now, I'll definitely find a way to take your lessons no matter the cost...!!
Sign: Recorder Class

W: .....I...
W: I'm sure you already know this, but...
W(2b): I'm just...making a lure, so...
P(2b): Y...yep!!
P: Of course! Yup...!
H: That's exactly what I thought too...
P: Takana-san keeps coming here every day for no reason...
H: ...hey, Piyohiko-dono!
H: That guy over there...I think he's really shady...
H: I suspect he might be a pervert targeting Takana-dono...I fear I may have to utilize my ancient, hidden arts upon him...!
P: Y...you can't do that, Hammer-san!
P: He's probably just a normal person who's come to take lessons...
H(2b): ...but...no matter how many times I look, he just doesn't appear to be normal...

P: He does look really suspicious!!
P(2b): What kind of store sells clothes like that, anyway...suspicious!
H: It gives me the feeling like he might be waiting for one of us to shake his hands so that he can break our wrists...
P: Fufufu...
P: It's flawless..no one will know!
P: But of course, no one would...this makeup is supposed to look even more real than that of an entire Hollywood crew's...
P: In fact, it's so genuine that I end up looking too much like him...but at least now no one will know that I'm Pogey!! (*t/l note: What is it with Usuta Kyousuke and Stephen Seagal? LOL)
P: Alright, come on already, Jaguar-kun...!!
P: Your lessons...I'll take them until I'm writhing in pain!!
J: Hm...?

J: Pff...
J(2b): Why don't you stop with the petty tricks already...you can't fool my eyes...
P: Wha...
P: He...he cauhgt on?! That's impossible...
P: He only looked at me for a second...and yet he already saw through it...?!
J(2b): Look, you quivered a bit! I knew it...
P: Uuu...!
J(2b): You're a man...aren't you?
J: It doesn't matter if you tie your hair back...I can just tell from your aura!
P(2b): No, Jaguar-san...I don't think he's trying to dress up as a girl...
P: I'm so glad...I'm so glad he's an idiot!!
P: Ahhh, I was really scared for a minute there! Thank God he's an idiot!!
B: "Uwaaah, smiles really don't fit this guy..." Piyohiko thought suddenly.

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Usuta Kyousuke
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine / Star Trek
Voyager / Colombo / Dark Angel

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