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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 34

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 34


The 34th Recorder - A Man as Un-girly as a Girl -Above The Law-
Box: Our story so far:
"It's Jaguar's fault!"
P: Please let me!
J: Hell no!
P: Damn you! I'm going to take your class no matter what!

Box: ...that's the jist of it.
J: Okay then.
J: Let's start today's lesson!
S: Fufufu...
S: It was so simple...
S(2b): After working so hard to find the school Jaguar-kun was working at, and then having my proposal to join his class rejected, I merely hid my face using special makeup from Hollywood and managed to succeed in sneaking in!
S: As long as I can ascertain the fact that he's a talentless person with my own eyes, I...in other words, Pogey, will be free from his slump!
S: Hoooo...now then, time for me to give you a close inspection, Jaguar-kun!!
J: Let's start from finger exercises as usual!
J: Waaaaatch closely!

J: Un, deux, troi!
J: Un, deux, troi!
P: Pupuh! What the hell is that?!
P: Is he trying to show off or something...?!
J(3b): Un, deux, troi! Un, deux...HEY!!
P: Is this really all you've got, Jaguar Junichi?!
P: Un, deux, troi!!
P: Un, deux, troi! Haha!
P: Un, deux...
J: Just what the fuck do you think you're doing?!
P: Ehhh!!?
J: I said "watch closely," didn't I?! I'm not finished yet! Keep watching until I'm done!!
P: I...I'm sorry...!!
J(2b): Un, deux, troi! Un, deux, troi!
P(2b): Ahh, that really scared me...he said "hey," so I thought for sure...is he still going? How am I going to remember all this? It kinda seems like this has stopped being finger exercises anyway...
J(2b): Fuhyuuuuuu! Well, that's roughly how it goes!

J: Now for the next lesson!
P: It's over!!?
P: Isn't he going to let us do it?! What was the point of showing it to us?!
J: The next lesson is a note quiz!
J: I'm going to play a note on the recorder, and when you figure out what sound it is,
J: I want you to write the answer on the flip(?) on your desk.
P: Fufuh! Pitch training, huh? This is like a kid's class!
P: Time for me to show you the power of I, Pogey, who has been said to have "absolute pitch" time and time over!
J: Oh, by the way...I'm going to act really cold toward the person who is last, so don't get depressed, OK?
P: Ehh?!
J: Here I go!
J: Pirorirorirori x3
P: Haha, how easy! There were a lot of notes, but they were all simple!
P: Let's see here...fa, fa...right? Yeah, fa so la si...

P: Wha...why are they writing so fast?! Do they all have absolute pitch?!
P: This is bad...I underestimated them a bit!!
H: Done!
P: Done!
P(2b): Uuuu...!! This is bad, this is bad! But wait...there's still that girl!! If I hurry up now...
P: D...
P: Done!!
P: Yes!! That girl still hasn't written anything...
P: I've won!
P: I feel bad for her, but I really don't want to get that punishment!
Flip: Fa so la si re mi fa
P: Hm?
J: Whaaaaat...
J: are you writing...?
P: Eh?

P: The sound Pa-Man's badge makes (*t/l note: Pa-man is an old anime character)
H: The sound of the signal released from Pa-Man's badge
W: The melody that comes from Pa-Man's badge (which is actually called the Pa-Man Emblem)
P: Eh?
P: Is that what he meant by sound!!?
J: Good job, you three!!
J: You were all exactly right!!
P: Ahhh...wa...wa-wait a minute...!!
P: It...it was a mistake! I just...
P: I misunderstood the meaning of the question...

J: Heeeey now...
J: Don't make such a big deal and walk toward me like that...you're going to kick dust up!
J: There is no other person I've ever met that I was interested in less than you.
P(2b): He's...being super cold!!
P: Dammit...that wasn't fair! Your explanation wasn't clear enough!
P: I'm new today, so you should explain things a little better for me, right?!
J: Nun?
J: Hey, everyone...practice a little bit by yourselves.
P: Okey-dokey!
J: Seems like you're a bit of a stubborn one, eh?
P: Huh?!
J: If you truly want to learn how to play the recorder, you've got to become a bit more open-minded!
J: Things'll be better if you put this on your head and say "ahe-ahe!"
toy sign: OUT!
P: "Things'll be better"...no they won't!! What the hell is that?!

J: Oh? Could it be you don't like these kind of shells...?
P(2b): No...that's not the problem...I'm just wondering why the hell I have to put it on my head!!
J: Because...I want you to know.
J: That inside of you...there exists a world you still have yet to perceive...!
J: Don't be afraid...and put it on your head!
J: Then scream out "ahe-ahe!"
P(2b): I'm not putting it on!! I don't even WANT to perceive that kind of world!!
J: Oh really?
J: That's fine, then...
J: That just goes to show your limit as a man...!
P: Wha...
P: What?!
J: You don't even have the guts to act like an idiot once in a while..
P: Wha...
J: Just give up and run when any trouble comes your way.
P: H...
P: H-h...
P: He's making an idiot out of me!!

P: E-e...enough alreadyyyyyy!!
P(2b): If you make fun of me, I'll never forgive you!! There hasn't been anyone able to do that for years now!!
P(2b): You said I wasn't even enough of a man to act like an idiot once in a while? Don't make an idiot out of me!!
P: Seagal
P: Action!!!

J: Nice action...!!
P: Jaguar-kun...
P: I...s-saw it...
P: I really saw it...
P: The new world!!
B: In the end, Pogey's respect toward Jaguar went up...
B(2b): but he was able to start writing poems again. From this point on, however, his poetry went in a very strange direction...

Books I Owe Something to in 2001
Usuta Kyousuke

Chou Shinta's Picture Book (It's awesome.) / Harry Potter

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#1. by bobsinbobsled ()
Posted on Feb 16, 2009
Yo~ I just left a comment in Sexy Commando, but is there also a chance I could use some of your Jaguar translations for scanlations? Particularly the newer ones. Thanks so much~
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