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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 2

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

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violence2: TOUKATSU HELL I

White text:
One of the eight Buddhist Hells. Murderers and similar criminals fall here and suffer for their crimes eternally. The devils here chop up criminals and make them fight against each other. --Indeed, a true hell.

G: Buhihihi....
G: Come on out, Riki-Oh...
G: You're a "free man," now! Buhihi!!
(The small text is just the same thing from ch 1, you can erase it)

R: You don't need that.
G: .....!? What!?
SFX: Pikiki

Flag: pata pata
SFX: Kiko kiko
SFX: poto poto
SFX: Gucha gucha

SFX: gusha gusha
Box: The administrator of the privately-owned state penitentary: Sugiyama Tokuzou, 50 years old.
G: Administrator, we've brought Saiga Riki-Oh!!
S: Mmmm, come in!
G: Buhehehe, excuse me...
G: Buhehe....
SFX: Goku goku
SFX: ton

S: I hear you've been having nightmares.
S: Whether it was morning or night, they always saw you staring with evil eyes at the wall -- as if you were focusing intensely on something, whether it be a nightmare or a dream...
S: So, what have you been seeing?
S: Dreams are reflections of the heart, you know.
S: Or let me guess...you were watching 100 demons marching into Hell?
SFX: Gucha gucha
S: Read out his personal history.
G: Yes sir!
SFX: Pera pera
G: Saiga Riki-Oh, born in 197X, 21 years old, Blood Type 0.
G: He was brought up in Shirogane, in the Minato district of Tokyo, the only son of the trader Saiga Michiomi, and his wife Etsuko.
(T/L note: all the videos on the administrator's bookshelf are pornos)

G: In 198X, he graduated from a medium-class learning institute and then entered Kaisei Academy, a private highschool.
S: Hoohh...the school with the top rate of graduates going onto Todai...that Seiga? (T/L note: todai, or Tokyo University, is the top college in the nation)
G: During elementary and junior high school, there was nothing in particular that stood out about him. After entering high school, however, he became particularly involved with the music club playing the flute.
G: The classes in which he excelled were math, science, and music...however, in the winter of his senior year, just before he was about to take college entrance exams, he disappeared...
S: Disappeared!?

G: Approximately two years after he disappeared, in February of last year...he was involved in a violent incident with the leader of a big gang on Doya Street, in Yokohama's Kogane town. The leader was beaten within inches of his life, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down, among other heavy injuries. There, Riki-Oh was arrested.
G: That is all, sir.
SFX: Basah
S: I wonder where you could have been those two years?
SFX: kyu kyu
S: I suppose you must have quite a good reason for wanting to escape from the elite course of a painless life, in addition to being the heir to a wealthy family business.
S: Tell me, Riki-Oh!
SFX: Bashi
S: Just who was the man that shot those five bullets into your chest?!

S: So be it. You still have two years left in here, anyway. In that period of time, we'll be sure to wash you nice and clean...
S: By the way, I have a letter here addressed to you.
Letter: (long line on top) Tokyo National Prison
(shorter line in center) Mr. Saiga Riki-Oh

SFX: Don
R: Kuh...!!
S: Kuhehehe...you really take me for a fool, huh?
S: Kuhehehe...

SFX: Bogoh
S: Who the hell do you think you are?! You got some balls for taking out both Bandou and Iwata in a single hit, but to me, you're just another piece of trash!!
SFX: Bibih
S: I can tell these hands of yours have been through some special training...you're definitely a pro.
S: So then why the hell are you in here?!
S: In order to erase someone?!
SFX: Gashi
S: Answer me!!
SFX: Dogoh
SFX: Baki, Doga

S: C'mon, Riki-Oh...who are you? I doubt you're some guy from the Maru*...and there's no way you could be an undercover policeman.
* Line: Maru: SDF (Self-Defense Force) Research Division
S: But if you are, you'd better let us know soon.
S: I have experience dealing with guys like you. Not many people know this, but a while back I had some suspicions that one of our prisoners was a spy from North Korea...so I had some prisoners arrange a little "accident" for him.
S: Dangle a little reward out there and everyone will bite...guhehehe...
SFX: gara, gara
SFX: Buuuh
SFX: Bicha
R: Pig....

S: Guheh...
S: Guheheheh...
S: Quit fuckin' around with me!!
S: I'll kill you and all your spy buddies, you got that?!
SFX: Zuh

S: Or maybe, I could strip this little girl and ask her naked body instead...
S: Kuheheh...she's got a pretty cute face.
S: She must have been a pretty good fuck, am I right?
SFX: Shiwah
SFX: Kikih
SFX: Giri, Giri
G: What?!
SFX: Piki piki


SFX: Dogugah
G: What are you doing, Riki-Oh?!
G: Peh!
SFX: Don
SFX: Zun

SFX: Dokyuoooh

SFX: Bogoh
SFX: Koroh

S: M...my steak plate...
SFX: Garan
R: Now it's my turn.
SFX: Hieeeee!!
SFX: Kuwah
SFX: Goooon

SFX: Bitah
R: If you want to know why I came here, then let me meet the warden.

S: B...but I'm second in charge...why can't you tell me?
S: Besides, the w-warden is on summer vacation in Hawaii right now...I'm a-acting as his stand-in...
S: Wa...wait, Riki-Oh!!
SFX: Batan
S: Ugh!
S: Buuuuh
S: The punch didn't even hit me...and yet I have all this damage, just from the air pressure...
S: Th...that guy's a monster!

SFX: Dogah
Tanimoto: Hieee..p-please help me!!
Mustache(Imura): Shut up! You're the one who told the guard about our tabacco...
S: I didn't, I swear!
S: Please believe me!

I: Don't gimme that! This isn't a matter of the punishment we received after getting found out...
I: You betrayed us, and now you're gonna pay!!
T: P..please have mercy...I'll do anything...
T: Please forgive me....
T: I...I wouldn't betray anyone...uhehehe..
SFX: Pero pero
I: Like hell you wouldn't! You can't fool me, bastard!!
SFX: Dogah
SFX: Zuzazaza
I: You'd betray anyone if it'd benefit you!!
I: Not only that, but you'd probably even suck cock in order to save yourself!!

I: Rats like you...are better off dead!!
T: Hiieeee!!
I: I'll cut you up nice and good with this guy...
I: Dieeee, Tanimotooo!!
I: Nnn?
Narumi: Stop, Imura.
P: Huh...
P: It's Narumi-san!

N: Who gave you orders to lynch this guy?
I: N...no one, sir, but...he's a traitor! Do we really need permission?
N: You've been in here forever, so lemme ask you...who controls this North Block?
N: Let me hear it, Imura...
N: Who controls this North Block?

N: Come on, I want to hear you say it, Imura: who controls this North BlocK?
I: Na...Narumi-san...you, of course.
SFX: Chiku chiku
N: I'm glad you understand.
I: Narumi-san...
I: It...it's just a rumor, but...I h-heard that you watched Riki-Oh beat Bandou and Iwata to death in the shower room. Is that true?
P: S..stop! Don't talk to Narumi-san like tha...

P: They've been saying that if the Assassin Narumi, one of this prison's Four Emperors, can't even push Riki-Oh around, then, y'know...
SFX: Bushuu
SFX: Zakuh
P: Ugeh..
P: Uguh..

N: I control the North Block. I don't care who it is, NO ONE pushes me around.
N: Once you go to the next world, at least remember that!
I: Ahhh...!?

S: Kuhehehe...nice one, Narumi.
SFX: Hiku hiku
SFX: Gah
S: Come with me, Narumi, I need to talk to you.
T: Kuhehehe...Imura...that felt good!

N: What are you doing? Imura's still alive..
S: Kuhehehe...it's just some bait to lure out Riki-Oh.
N: Bait...?

S: Imura and Riki-Oh both entered here together...in their first living quarters, they were friends.
S: Not especially close, Riki-Oh revealed more of himself to this guy than other people.
S: There's no way he'd leave him for dead out here like this.
N: What are you going to do to Riki-Oh?
S: Kuheheh...(italic)I'm(/italic) not going to do anything.
SFX: Poi
S: But you know, Narumi....I got a pretty heavy scolding from the Warden about that incident in the bathroom.
S: After all, I'm the one who came up with an idea to have four outsanding prisoners act as a guard force to keep the four different prison blocks under control.
S: If you would have taken out Riki-Oh in that bathroom like you should have, I wouldn't have lost so much face in front of the Warden.

S: Well, Narumi?
S: If you don't kill Riki-Oh here and now, it looks like you might lose some face too.
S: Heh! Looks like the crows are starting to gather towards the scent of the blood...
SFX: Pikuri
S: Here comes Riki-Oh...

S: Kuhehe...I'm counting on you, Narumiii....
SFX: Korko koro
S: Want a mint, Narumi?
N: Nah.

SFX: Gyaa gyaa

S: Kuhehehe...I'll make you into a meal for those crows, Riki-Oh!

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