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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 3

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

-> RTS Page for Riki-Oh 3

N: I have nothing against you, but if I let you live, it'll make us Four Emperors look bad.
N: Sorry...
SFX: Rero~
N: But I'm gonna kill you.


R: A watchdog, huh...
N: Say goodbye!!
N: Die! Riki-Oh!
S: Guheheh......kill him! Cut him to pieces, Narumi!

sfx: Hyun
sfx: bun
N: Tch--!!
sfx: bih
N: What's wrong? Why won't you fight back...

R: Let Imura down. Then we'll fight.
I: Uuu...
I: Uu...
N: Fufu....I see. So that's it.
N: Too bad, though -- he's part of our plan.
S: If this fight gets dragged out, Imura will definitely die.
S: Of course, Riki-Oh's going to try to win quickly...
S: ..which should leave him with plenty of openings!

P: At this rate, Imura's gonna die! He needs medical treatment!
P: Dammit! But how are we supposed to do that?!
T: Hmph! That guy's better off dead.
P: Shut the hell up!!
T: Unlike you, Imura would never sell off his partners!
T: He may be wild, but deep down he's a good guy!!
P: That's right! One night when I was moaning with a high fever, he helped me through the whole night without sleeping!
P: Now that I think about it, I have a debt to Imura as well.
T: M...me too.
T: I have one too!

P: If something doesn't happen soon, he'll die of blood loss.
SFX: Nika nika
SFX: Pero...
SFX" Suuu
N: Looks like you're finally ready.
P: Come on, Riki-Oh...
P: He's the only one that can help Imura!

N: Let's go, Riki-Oh!
SFX: Hyun
SFX: Nyah
SFX: Bah
R: Urgh!
SFX: boto boto

N: Glass shards!
N: It hurts too bad to open your eyes, doesn't it?
SFX: Bun
SFX: Zah, Byuh
R: Guhhh!!

P: Na...Namura-san's initial "N"!
P: It's a sign that he's about to kill someone!
S: Fuheheheh...now that he's blind, he can't even throw a punch!
R: Ugggh....
N: Fufufu!
SFX: Bohhhhh
SFX: Guon

SFX: Doh
SFX: Nyah

SFX: Gui
SFX: Bih
Riki's scream: UOHHHH!!

N: Kukuku...slashing your tendons will render your punches useless.
N: With this, your fighting power will be decimated!
N: Kukuku...
R: Ugggh...
P: He can't see, he can't punch..
P: I....it's all over...
SFX: Dogah
N: Kukuku!! I don't need a blade to kill a mutt like this!!

S: Get him! Make him suffer more! Rip him apaaaart!!
P: Riki-Ohhhh!!
N: There's no "right" way to beat someone in a fight! The winner is justified, and nothing more!! The only way to survive is to keep winning, after all!
SFX: Gashi
N: If you lose, you're at zero. Then you die just like a bug!

SFX: Dokah
SFX: Zuuuin
SFX: Hyo
S: Guheheheh! Don't get comfortable just yet, Narumi!

R: Ugggh...
N: In Tibet, they sometimes give dead people a sky burial -- in which they offer the remains of their flesh and broken-up bones to crows. I'll have to crush you up too, just like that glass...
SFX: kun
N: Prepare yourself, Riki-Oh!!
SFX: Dogohh
SFX: Pshaaah

N: Ahh!!
P: He broke a water pipe with his elbow to wash the glass out of his eyes!!
P: Nice one, Riki-Ohhhh!!
P: Ri...Riki-Oh..

P: Riki-Oh...
P: Riki-Oh...
P: Riki-Oh...
S: B..bastards--!!
P: Riki-Oh...
S: Shut uuuup!!
P: Riki-Oh...
P: Riki-Oh!!
P: Riki-Oh!!
P: Riki-Oh!!
P: Riki-Oh!!

P: Seems like the North Block's getting pretty noisy. I wonder what happened?
P: Wo....woah!! Look at the baseball field!
P: It's the leader of the North Block, Narumi-san, and Riki-Oh!
P: Narumi-san has a knife out...
P: ...does this mean today Riki-Oh's gonna die?!
P: N...no, that's not it.
P: Na...Narumi-san's the one in trouble!!

P: One of the Four Emperors is losing to some normal prisoner?!
P: Right now, Narumi-san looks like the shrimp here...
P: Even though he's usually like a mountain!
P: And then, Riki-Oh is...

R: Now we can start the real fight.
N: "real fight" my ass!! So what if you can see? You still can't use your right arm!!
SFX: Dah
N: Nothing has changed!
SFX: Kuruh
SFX: Dokah

SFX: Uuuoooohhh
S: His...his eye popped out!
P: Ur....urgh..
P: G-go report this to the South Block, immediately!
SFX: Piiii Piiii

sfx: deroooon
SFX: Gegeh
SFX: Buchi
SFX: boto
SFX: gyaa gyaa
N: Ku...so now I'm one-eyed, just like the Administrator...

SFX: Kiikii
SFX: Kukii
P: Wha...what is Riki-Oh doing?!
P: It...can't be!!

P: He's reattaching his own tendons!
SFX: Kikii
SFX: Gugu

N: Wh...what are you, a monster?
SFX: Fuh
N: I lost.
N: You're strong...too strong.
N: It doesn't even seem like you belong in this world.

SFX: Dosuh
R: Wh...what?!
SFX: Shagiiririri
N: I...I'm the man known as Assassin Namuri. Instead of an embarassing death like some wealking, I'd rather go...
N: to...that world...

R: Wait, don't do this!
SFX: gin
SFX: Zuboh
SFX: Zuru zuru
R: Ugguh!!

P: Uwahh! He's strangling him with his intestines!!
N: Y...you're really naive!
N: I refuse to die alone...I'll bring you to that world with me!!
R: Urrggh!!
S: Buheheheh! Narumi...that's what it really means to be one of the Four Emperors!!
SFX: Dogah

N: Even if you beat me, there are stronger guys who will come.
N: If you lose, you'll go to Hell. If you win, there's nothing but a living hell on prison island waiting for you!!
N: Just like walking up the steps to your own execution, you'll just get closer and closer to Hell!!
R: If I'll go to Hell either way....
R: Then I'd rather go there by winning!!

R: I'll send your karma to Hell....
R: Pass on to the next life!!

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