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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 4

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

-> RTS Page for Riki-Oh 4


SFX: Bun
SFX: para para
SFX: Buoon

SFX: Bakah

SFX: Buooon
SFX: Doh
SFX: Pikiki...
SFX: Buchih

SFX: Ahh

SFX: Gashah
SFX: Zuuh
P: He won! You're amazing, Riki-Oh!
SFX: Hyuuuooh
R: Imura...

SFX: Gah Gah
P: I..Imura!
P: Did he take too long?
SFX: bori bori
S: Tch...these mints don't taste too good today.
SFX: Kih
SFX: Gah
SFX: Basasan

R: Sugiyamaaa...
SFX: Zuaaaaah

S: Hiiiieeee!!
P: Kill him! Kill Sugiyama!!
P: Kill Sugiyama!!
P: We've got Riki-Oh with us now! There's no reason to fear Sugiyama any longer!!
P: Time to pay him back for everything!!
G: Stop this! Settle down!
P: Shut up, you lapdog!!
SFX: Bagii
SFX: Jiiiiririri

SFX: Kaaah Kaaah
S: Uuuu...
S: Stop, you fools! Do you wanna die? I have the Four Emperors, you know!!
P: Shut up! We have Riki-Oh!!
S: Hiieee!!

SFX: Dogoh
SFX: Gashi
P: Hauuuh!!
SFX: Meki meki
P: Wh...what the?!
SFX: Giri giri
SFX: gara gara

P: Ki..Kitamakura from the East Block!
SFX: Puuuu
SFX: Buchin

SFX: Pan
SFX: Bichah
P: Hiiieeee!!
SFX: Kaaah kaaah
P: Ahhh!!
S: Shiragamiiii!!

P: Shiragami from the South Block!!
S: Kaaaaah-kakakaka!!

SFX: Boun
P: Wha....what?!
SFX: Bah

S: Yomi!! (*T/L note: Japanese word for the underworld/Hades/Spirit World, but different from Hell itself, which is a place reserved for punishment)
S: Yomi, boss of the West Block!

P: The remaining three Emperors have arrived!!

S: Guhehehe, what do you think, Riki-Oh?
S: You may have been able to kill Narumi on his own, but there's no way you can take these three on at once.
SFX: Fuh
S: What's so funny?!
R: Everyone's faces look like they're carrying bad karma.
P: Riki-Oh, if you fight 'em, we'll be right behind ya!
P: If it's about the number of people, then we've got the most! If we surround each of them with about 10 or 20 people, we'll definitely win!!
P: Treating us like bugs...you know, when a lot of bugs get together, they can eat up an elephant!!
P: This is a fight to avenge Imura!

R: Everyone, return to the cells.
P: Ehh?
P: But...why? We want to fight alongside you!
R: Don't misunderstand. I'm not becoming the new boss of the North Block.
P: Riki-Ohhhhh!!
P: If you want to become one of the Four Emperors, I'll let you in.
P: You'll get lots of special priveleges!

R: Where's a wolf that would want a collar?

P: Tch! It's Asa.
P: He's the only guy that ever respected Narumi from the bottom of his heart.
SFX: buchi
SFX: Piii
SFX: hyuu
SFX: Piiii
SFX: hyuuu
SFX: piii
SFX: hyuuu

sfx: biiii
SFX: biii
R: Let me show you how to blow it right.
SFX: nikoh
sfx: nikah

R: You can't try too hard.
R: Do it lightly.
R: And roll your tongue as you do it.
R: What's wrong?
A: Uuu...
A: Uu...

A: Ah...
A: Uu....
R: His tongue's been cut off!
A: Uu...
A: Uu...
R: I'm sorry...
R: Don't cry anymore. Take this.
R: This you'll definitely be able to blow.

A: Ah!
A: Uu!
SFX: Peko peko
A: Ah!
A: Uu!
R: You're going to give something to me?
R: Th...this is!

R: Where did you...
A: A....uu...
R: West Block!

S: Heh....Narumi really was a lightweight after all.
S: I wonder, though...what could that guy be after?
S: What could Riki-Oh want...
S: I've been stewing over that for quite a while now...
S: Most of the people here in prison have obviously made bad choices and were drawn into bad situations. In Riki-Oh's case, however...it seems like he always seeks out the worst possible situation for himself.

S: There are just too many mysterious things about Riki-Oh...
S: Like the wound on his hand that looks like a six-pointed star...and the two years before he got arrested, when he went missing...
S: It's like the bastard just suddenly dropped out of the sky one day.
Y: That man's eyes look completely like those of a human who's thrown away all ties to this world.
S: Maybe he's just searching for a place to die.
Y: Fu! If that was the case, we should just send him to Hell like he wants.
Y: Besides, we already have a flute player selected to send him off.
SFX: Gatah

A: Ah....
A: Uuu...
S: If it isn't Asa...
K: Don't make me laugh! What can this idiot do?
Y: Riki-Oh gets a little soft around Asa.
Y: Once we find an opening, we could just let Asa kill him.
K: Hahan...so that's how it's gonna be...
S: Sounds like a pretty interesting plan to me.
S: Here, take this!
S: It's Narumi's weapon.
S: Time for you to take revenge on Narumi's enemy.
Sa: What...you don't want do? Well do you want to end up like that, then?

A: Ah!
A: Uh!
SFX: gyuh
Y: This time I won't just cut off something small like your tongue.
A: Ahhhhh!
A: Ahhhhh!
SFX: Shiwah

SFX: Pih
SFX: Suh
SFX: Birah
SFX: Berooon

P: It's terrible!
P: Asa....Asa's been...
P: This is inhuman!
P: His skin's been peeled off just like an orange!

P: These must be the work of Yomi's nails.
R: Yomi...
P: Asa just couldn't make it...
P: Not long after he got put in here, he saw something he shouldn't have, and then he ended up getting his tongue cut off by Yomi. Now, she went as far as his skin...
SFX: Pikuh
R: Saw something he shouldn't have...?
P: Well, look at it this way. Compared to all the suffering they went through in this living hell. Narumi and Asa are probably happier in the next world, now that they're finally dead.
P: Yeah....
SFX: Boh

R: What Asa was trying to tell me...with this, I finally understand!!
SFX: Meki meki

S: Huh?! Asa gave WHAT to Riki-Oh?!
Y: Yes.
S: But...doesn't that mean Riki-Oh knows about it now?!
Y: Who knows.
S: What do you mean "who knows?" Now isn't the time to be acting carefree!!
S: Ahh...I'm sorry, Yomi!
P: Fiiiiire!!
P: The West Block's on fiiiire!!
Y: N..no way!
sfx: dah

SFX: Booooooooooooooh
SFX(smaller): bachi bachi bachi

Y: Someone set the greenhouse on fire!!
Y: My...my poppy garden...
R: To think that you were producing opium inside your own jail...

R: Now it's my turn to strike!!

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