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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 6

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

-> RTS Page for Riki-Oh 6

White text: WOLF AND PIG
S: It's quick-drying cement!!
SFX: dodododo
SFX: supan
sfx: gara
Y: Riki-Ohhhh! Kitamakuraaaa!
Y: You'll both be covered in cement before you know it!!
sfx: karan

violence 6: WOLF AND PIG

sfx: guguuu
R: Uguguh!
sfx: buchiiih

sfx: goooooo
sfx(small black); gah
R: Kitamakura!

R: Gah
Sfx: zubohhh
sfx: gashih
sfx: haa haa haa

sfx: dododododo
sfx: baki baki
P: Uwahh, the greenhouse is getting swallowed up!
sfx: gogoooooo
P: Ahhh, it's coming this way!

sfx: dodooo
P: Hiiieeee! Run away!! That concrete will harden in thirty seconds!!
P: If you get swallowed up, you're dead!

sfx: dodododododo
sfx: bakii bakii
P: hiieeee
P: Run to the second floor!
sfx: dadah
sfx: dodododo

P: Phew, it finally stopped.
P: Any more and it would have gotten us too...
P: Aside from the greenhouse, it covered up the entire first floor of the West Block..
S: That's perfectly fine!
P: Administrator!!

S: Yes...this is perfect.
S: No matter what, it's all under concrete now. The poppy field..and Riki-Oh.
sfx: bokoh
sfx: boko boko

sfx: boko..
sfx: nunuuuu
P: Hiiee!
P: Hiieeeee, Riki-Ohhh!!

sfx: zabah
P: He...he carried Kitamakura on his back!!
sfx: dabu dabu
P: It..it looks like he's coming this way...

S: R....Riki-Oh, are you immortal?!
sfx: suuuu
S: Keh....keke...
S: A poppyseed?

R: Seems like you tried pretty hard to erase all the evidence...too bad for you.
sfx: bicha
sfx: bicha
S: Uuuu...
sfx: pikiiiin
R: Ughh!
sfx: pikiiin
R: Uugggh....argghhh!!
sfx: pakin
sfx: koton

S: Faaaaahahaha! That's quick-drying cement, you idiot! After a few more seconds, you won't be able to move a finger!
sfx: zuzazaza
S: Faaahahaha!! The danger's finally over!
sfx: poih
S: Uhehehe...
sfx: musha musha
S: Everything's going according to plan...uhehehe!

S: Hey! Break open the concrete around Kitamakura -- I can still use this one.
sfx koton
S: But Riki-Oh, you are going to stay right there.
S: I'll let the Warden decide your punishment.
S: After all, he's coming home from Hawaii tomorrow.
S: But the Warden isn't as gentle a person as me, you know!
S: I'd be on my guard, if I were you, Riki-Ohhhh...
sfx: guri guri

sfx: uro uro
S: You all ready? The Warden should be here any minute now.
P: Administrator!!
P: He's arrived!!
W: A....alright! Open the gate!
SFX: Kyu kyu

sfx: gigiiiiii

sfx: kiii
sfx: zah
S: Warden! Welcome back!

sfx: dosun
S: Agyaaah!
sfx: guchi guchi

S: Ahaha...well aren't you full of energy today, my boy!
sfx: kucha kucha
sfx: nyuuu
sfx: petaaah
boy: fuh!
sfx: tsuri
sfx: bitan
S: Ahh...dear child!
S: Are you alright?

W: Who pulled on this carpet?
S: I....it wasn't me!!
S: Him! This prisoner did it!
P: Eh...eh!?
P: M....Mr. Warden!
P: P...please help me...I...I...
W: Look closely here. Don't you see this wrinkle?
W: Manabu-kun tripped on this here and fell.
W: Do you understand that?!

sfx: pita pita
W: Or are those eyes of yours merely pinholes?
P: Uu...
P: Uuu...
sfx: zuh
sfx: gun gun
W: If your eyes can't even see wrinkles, what's the use of having them at all?

W: Did anything unusual happen in my absence?
S: Um...erm...there was an accident, and four prisoners died.
W: Four in one month, eh? That's a problem.
W: Have you forgotten that these prisoners are the nation's most important labor resources?
W: You can't just throw away important resources whenever you please.

W: It's been five years since the country's national prisons were privatized, and yet you still don't seem to understand your job description.
sfx: ton ton
S: Auuu...
sfx: zuzuu zuzuu
W: The very origin of the idea to privatize the prisons was based on the idea of moving away from the traditional philosophy that nation's criminals are useless. Instead, this new concept presented them in a proactive light as a positive labor source that could be actively applied.
W: Born from that was the "Japan Prison Industry," otherwise known as JP.
W: It pains me to say this, but during the Second Great Depression of the Showa Era, (*T/L note: Period of years from 1926-1989) many public corporations went under. Society was in chaos, and crime reached a new high. Because of that, much haste was taken to establish JP as a producer of new labor sources.
W: As a result, in the last fiscal year, JP achieved a gross income of 7,000,000,000,000 yen.
W: Losing a single prisoner is like losing an entire fraction of that sum.

W: "Allow prisoners neither to live nor die." That is the motto of our company!
W: Now then, anything else?
S: Ah...ummm..
S: Well, y...yes...
S: You see...the...poppy field...

S: He's the one, Warden! This man covered in cement is the one that set fire to the poppy field!

W: So this man is Saiga Riki-Oh...?
M: Uu...uu....
sfx: buo
W: What's wrong, Manabu-kun?
sfx: pih
sfx: kiki
sfx: bakii bakii bakii
sfx: gara gara
sfx: gashaa
W: Hiiieeee!!

R: So the boss is finally here, huh?
R: All that patient waiting has finally paid off!!

small text at bottom: [1]Riki-Oh/END

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