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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 8

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

-> RTS Page for Riki-Oh 8

white text: BURIED ALIVE II
W: Hmph! A wolf, huh?
W: To me, all you look like is a diseased rat.


R: Uuuooohhhhhh!!!
sfx: bachi bachi bachi
W: This is an upgraded stun gun.
W: Fufufu...how it does it feel to have 100,000 volts surging through your body, little rat?
sfx: kurah
sfx: zuzuun
sfx: gogogogo

sfx: gogogogoh
S: Fuhahahah! You'll be squished like a rotten tomato, Riki-Ohhh!!
sfx: gashih
S: GEHH! Kitamakura?!
S(small): He...he was alive?
K: Warrrrrden! Do you want to kill me too?!
K: I've always been loyal to you!!
sfx: shupa

W: You're garbage...
S: Gyahahaha! We've already used you as much as we can! Die, dieee!!
S(small): Idiot!
sfx: gih
R: Uuuoohhhh!!
sfx: dan

sfx: dogaahhh
W: What?!
R: Kitamakura, you too! Quickly!!
K: Heheheh.....
K: I...can't make it...
K: Riki-Oh....
R: Kitamakura!!

K: Mamaaaaaaa!!
sfx: gushan
sfx: fuwah
R: Kitamakura used to be a sumo wrestler....
sfx: gyuuh
M: Hiieee!!
R: Everyone has some kind of family waiting for them in the real world...

R: And yet you're just using them all up for your own benefit and throwing them away like old rags when you're finished!!
sfx: gataaan
R: What?!
sfx: Uuuuaahhhhh!!
W: Hmph! Damn rat..
W: Sugiyama-kun! Tomorrow, I want all the prisoners, even the sick ones, gathered outside in the courtyard.

P: What's about to happen?
P: Wh...who knows...
S: Please, go ahead, Warden.
W: After excessive rebellion against our system of laws, on behalf of JP, I am now condemming Saiga Riki-Oh to a Class-A punishment!!
W: You prisoners will be doing the honors!
P: Wh..what'd he say?!

W: One at a time, each and every one of you will take turns shoveling dirt in to bury Riki-Oh alive!!
P: We have to do...what?!
P: Fuck you! There's no way we'd ever do that!!
P: Making Riki-Oh's own allies kill him so you don't have to dirty your hands...do you wanna die?!
P: You monster!! We're humans, and humans don't bury their friends!!
sfx: ui
sfx: Jah

sfx: zudodododo
P: Ugyaaahhhh!!
P: U...uuu....
P: We have no choice...

P: ....Riki-Oh....
R: Shovel it.
P: Eh?
R: Shovel the dirt on me.
P: !!.....Riki-Oh...
S: Stop blubbering, and just do it!!
sfx: dogah
sfx: zuzazah

P: Ri...Riki-Oh...
sfx: goku
P: Riki-Oh, have mercy on me!!
P: Riki-Oh, please forgive me!!
sfx: basah
sfx: basah
P: Riki-Oh, please don't hate me!!

S: Uhehehe...well look what's become of you now, Riki-Oh...
W: An old sect of buddhism believed that if a person was buried alive and could survive, they would become a Buddha themselves! I wonder if that'll happen to you too? If you can stay alive for the next week, we'll let you out!
sfx: buah
sfx: basah
M: Kekekeke!

S: Uhehe...Riki-Oh, your head's all dirty!
S: Let me wash you off with my urine...
sfx: joro joro
P: That's terrible...
S: Uhehehehe...
sfx: gusah
S: We'll give you a bamboo stick with a hole in it to breathe out of. Do your best for the next seven days...

S: Alright, keep going!
S: I want Riki-Oh completely buried!!
sfx: basa basa basa
sfx: basa basa

S: With this, things should quiet down, Warden.
W: Honestly, though, for what reason could that man have come here..
R: You think I don't know anything?
R: I saw it all with my own eyes! Tons of addicts wasting their hearts and bodies away on the drugs and heroin flowing out from this prison...men, women, even children!!
sfx: gyuh gyuh
W: Administrator.
W: Go research Saiga Riki-Oh's past once more.
W: In order to find out why he came here, I want you to thoroughly examine the period of time in which he was arrested...
S: Yes sir!!

sfx: hyuu hyuu
S: Eh?
sfx: piii
P: Hey, can you hear that?
sfx: piii
P: Ah....ah, yeah I can!
P: Riki-Oh's grass flute!
sfx: piiii hyuuu

sfx: piii hyuuu
sfx: piiiiiiii
sfx: GRRRR....
P: As long as we can still hear that, it means Riki-Oh's alright!!
P: Yeah! Riki-Oh's not the kinda man who would die after being buried like that!!

P: Riki-Oh, you can do it!!
G: Dumbass!!
G: Don't spread around lies like that!!
G: You're all slaves of the country!!
G: Anyone who deviates from the norm will be shut up in a punishment cell!!
G: What are those resistant eyes for? Don't you get it?! No one can help Riki-Oh now!!
P: Gyaaaaah
sfx: juuuuu

box: ---Yokohama

S: After the Second Great Depression of the Showa Era, trade dropped a lot...must be the reason why Yokohama looks like such a shithole now.
S: But I guess it's not only Yokohama...
S: No matter where you go now, it all looks the same...our days as an economic power seem like a dream.
sfx: boto boto
S: Hmm?
sfx: boto boto
S: Fish are falling out of the sky!!
S: This world's coming to an end...I swear..
sfx: huuu
sfx: gunyooo
sfX: zuruh
sfx: zudeeeen

S: Geeeehh!! A rotting corpse!
S: Not only are fish falling, but it seems like there's some weird disease floating around...
S: This really is a world without dreams or hope...
sfx: haa haa
S: Is an earthquake happening or something? Whatever it is, this whole place is shaking...
sfx: gogogon
S: Woahhhh...
S: Hiieeeeee!! It really is an earthquake!

Black text: Yamamoto Town - Chinese Graveyard
S: That bastard...he really called me out to a creepy place...
S: Huh? That grave has a six-pointed star etched into it...
S: It's too weird to be a family crest...especially on a Chinese's person's grave.

S: Oh...Birei? Seems like a woman's grave...
?: Jah!
S: Hiieee!!

?: Y....you...you're Sugiyama-san...right? You wanna know about...Riki-Oh...right?
?: D...did you...bring the gold?
sfx: un un
?: Alright...
?: B...but Riki-Oh won't...find out about this...will he?
S: N-no! Riki-Oh's been buried alive! He won't come out again.

sfx: pikun
sfx: gogogo
sfx: nuuuu
sfx: dadah

sfx: Bashuuh

sfx: goron goron
sfx: nuuu
S: That's quite the arm you have, Yomi!
Y: Shiragami, pull out that dog's guts.
S: Ehh?
Y: We're gonna stuff up that bamboo pipe with them.

sfx: bicha bicha
sfx: gui gui
Y: You may have escaped a concrete grave, but not even you can overcome suffocation.
S: Kakaka!!
sfx: zuzu
sfx: moko moko
sfx: paan
Y: What?! The guts...
sfx: musha mucho

sfx: musha musha
sfx: musha musha

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