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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 11

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

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R: Sugiyamaaa...

violence11 REBELLION

P: Wh..where are these cries coming from?!
P: The punishment cell Riki-Oh was in!!
P: What's going on?!
P: Huh?!?

P: Riki-Oh!!

P: A...administrator...
P: Hiieeee!!
R: Iwasaki...
I: Ri...Riki-Oh...

P: We have an emergency here!
P: Requesting backup from the enforcer squad!!
I: Ri..Riki-Oh...I'm gl...glad...you're alright...
R: It's all thanks to...you...
R: Iwasaki...

P: It's those enforcer gorillas!!

P: No matter how strong Riki-Oh is, he can't take all of them at once!!
P: Alright, we've got to fight too!
P: Yeah!!
P: Let's go get 'em!!

E: Saiga Riki-Oh, right...
P: Riki-Oh, we'll fight too!!

P: We're gonna take revenge on you bastards for all our friends who died in tears!!
E: Take out all these maggots!
E: Bring it on!!

E: Let's go, Riki-Oh!!

E: Uwaaah!
E: Uwahh!!

E: Gyaaeeeehh!!

E: Ge..gehh, it's a heart!!
E: He's a monster!!

P: Wait! You can't get away!!
S: Uuuu...
S: It's..it's just like...
S: that day...two years ago...

S: Just like the rebellion two years ago!!
P: Kill hiiim!!
P: Where's Sugiyama!?
P: Wait, Sugiyama!!
S: Gyahaha! Yeah right!!

P: Dieee, Sugiyamaaa!!
P: Treating us like a bunch of insects!!

S: Hiieee!!
P: Time to finish you!!

?: Enough. Everyone return to your cells!

S: C..come to think of it, that guy had a scar on his right hand too..
S: Wait...could he be Riki-Oh's....

S: Hieeee, Riki-Ohhhh!!
R: Where is the Warden's office?

W: Hmm...today's meal will be wheat rice with miso soup, vegetable tempura, chicken with soy sauce..oh, and also, some pickles.
G: Yes sir!
W: This will give them just enough strength, so that they don't become overly spirited or sexually charged enough to waste their energy on masturbation or other illict homosexual relations.
G: Yes sir!
W: Lower the tempura to half from a normal serving, and serve it in with the chicken at dinner.
G: yes sir!
W: Just enough not to let them live or die.

P: Tch...even though he gets to eat steak for breakfast...
W: What...did you say just now?
P: Hiee! N-nothing, sir!!
G: Hey! You just wasted an entire chicken!!
P: Hiieeee!!
W: Take his body as reimbursement.
G: Get over here!!
P: Hiieee!! What...what are you..

G: Kyaaahahaha!! We're gonna make mincemeat out of you!
P: Pl....please, nooo!!

W: Fufu...just mix that meat in with the chicken and prepare it.
P: What?! You want us to eat human flesh?!
W: Excuse me? What's with this resistant attitude...

P: We're humans beings!!
W: Humans...?
W: But if I called you humans, I'd have to do the same to fleas and cockroaches!!
P: Uuu....
W: Wh....what?!

W: Sugiyama!!
S: W...warden...
W: Wh...what?!

W: Riki-Oh!!

G: Warden, the p...prisoners are rebelling!
W: What?!
G: They've made it as far as the central office, and are destroying all our communications!!
W: Then why the hell haven't you sounded the alarm yet?!
R: It's over...
W: Uuu....

W: Hmph! What can you cockroaches do?
P: They're humans! They feel angry, sad, and they also suffer and feel pain!
P: And when all those emotions reach their climax, they explode!!
P: If you would have treated them like humans from the start, this rebellion would have never happened!!
W: You sure can talk, even with that fearsome blood of your mother's flowing through you...
W: Once...there was a woman named Oh Birei...

W: Her Japanese name was Akiyama Hisano.
W: 25 years ago, she mixed poison in with powdered milk and killed 13 infants. Following that, the orphaned Chinese pharmacist received the death penalty.
W: In the oldest records of the prison, it is written that she gave birth to a baby boy while here...
W: After that he was given up to an adoption agency, and at the age of 3, was officially adopted as the son of a merchant trader.
W: However, in that boy's senior year in high school, he accidentally read an old entry in his father's journal detailing the true details surrounding his birth...
W: Fearing the true blood that ran through his body, that boy fled his adopted parents and disappeared...
W: And that boy is...

W: YOU!!
W: After hearing what the Administrator found out during his trip to the Chinese graveyard in Yokohama...
W: I slowly began to piece together all you've hidden from me.
W: Not only that...
W: But I've also realized the connection you have to the other scarred man.
W: The true reason you came to this prison was to find that scarred man!!

R: Just like I said...
R: The day you learn my secrets will be the day you die...
W: If you can really kill me, then come on and try!!

S: Iiiii!!
S: Whaaaaaaaa....
W: Ohh, you sure have bad luck today, Sugiyama-kun.
W: This gun is loaded with supercompressed gas bullets...

S: P..please help me!!
W: Looks like you still don't understand your job. Take responsibility for the rebellion you allowed, Sugiyama!!
S: B...but...

W: Fufufu....you're next, Riki-Oh....
W: Once I kill you, the prisoners will quiet down.

R: I'll send your karma to Hell!


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