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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 12

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

-> RTS Page for Riki-Oh 12

White text: FIST OF EVIL
R: I'll send all your karma to Hell!
R: Pass on to the next life!

violence12 FIST OF EVIL

W: What kinda crap are you spewing out now?
W: These supercompressed gas bullets are going to send YOU to Hell!
W: You were born in this very jail, so this is a perfect choice as your final resting place!!
W: Die, offspring of a killing machine!!

W: Wh....what?!
P: He...caught the bullet with his bare hands!

W: Hieee!!
P: This is it for the Warden, too!!

R: What?!
R: He disappeared!

W: Jumping forward and catching the bullet with your fingers before it sped up...what excellent guts and nerves you have.
W: Such an act could only come from a student of the man known as "Lightning Fist," Chou Zenki!!
R: You know of Master Zenki?!

P: The...the warden's body is that light?
W: You think I'm just some big-headed intellectual, don't you?
W: A true elite cannot suppress others merely with brains, but must also possess a superior physique.
P: Wh..what?! His arm is stretching...
sfx: nyuuuuuuuuuuu

sfx: kasha
W: Munnnn!!

P: H....his muscles are enlargening!!

P: I-is that really the Warden?!

R: What are you...
W: I wanted to keep it a secret, but seeing you made the martial artist blood running through my body boil...
P: You, a martial artist?! Don't make me laugh!!

P: Hieee!!
P: Ugehhh!!

sfx: zuru~
Line on the side: *Koukikou / A technique through breathing in which one can suck up the ki surrounding their body inside, condense it, and use it to the imbalance around them to their advantage and produce different techniques.
W: I've trained my muscles with Koukikou* to make them just like rubber!!
W: Fhun!!
P: Gegeeeeh!! No blood came out!

W: Kukuku....looks like the prisoners just got some extra dessert for tonight.
W: Come on, Riki-Oh...let's see if the "ki" you gained from training with Chou Zenki can defeat me...

R: Uu!

P: Whaaat?! He sucked his head down like a turtle!
K: Kuh!

(Note: These explanations are lengthy so I don't know if you'll be able to fit them on the page and make them legible..if not, maybe we should just put a note and say "See attached supplement page" or something like that.)

Side #1: *Naike Kenpou / An alternate style of kenpo (different from the famous Shaolin Kenpou, which is centered around destroying bodies from the outside) with heavy emphasis on "kikou" (breathing). One of the many famous Chinese Kenpou styles (such as Tai Chi Chuan, etc.).
Side #2: *Sunkei / A secret technique of Chinese Kenpou that involves attacking the opponent in close range through a distance of only a few centimeters.
P: Im..impossible! He flew that far from such a light punch!!
R: Su...Sunkei*, huh?
W: The secret technique Zenki was said to perform quite skillfully in close-range battles. The Chinese School of Naike Kenpou* allows one to destroy the body from the inside with the smallest amount of power possible.

R: That stance is...
W: It seems like you've realized who my master is...
W: It's true! Just like you, I was taught kenpou by Chou Zenki!!
W: Not only that, but when the man who was once a bodyguard for Chiang Kai-Shek and known as invincible in North China, Chou Zenki, came to Japan..he took me as his first student!!
W: In other words, I am your senior!!

R: N....no!!
R: There's no way Chou Zenki would take such a dead person in a positon of authority and influence such as you as his disciple!!
W: Kukuku...you haven't trained your "ki" enough! A punch like that full of raw power could never destroy my rubber body!!

W: Kukuku...kicking my vitals is also useless!
W: After long years of practice, I found I was able to suck my testicles completely up within my body!!
R: Uggh!!
W: By now, you should truly understand why I was chosen as Chou Zenki's disciple, Riki-Oh....

W: 40 years ago, I, a weak, sickly child, gave up the idea of becoming a doctor after I was told that I wouldn't live to see the age of 20.
W: Embracing a new dream to become a lawyer and protect the weak, I pleaded to Zenki with all my heart, as I wanted to gain a strong body and strong heart.
W: Zenki praised my intentions and took me in as his pupil.
W: And then, 10 years later...
W: I, a weakling was reborn into a completely different person with a powerful body!
W: And as I continued to strengthen my body, a new dream began to appear in my head.
W: That, of course, was a power that could overcome any body, no matter how strong it is....
W: The desire for authority and influence!!

W: This world is all about power!!
W: Those with power control the world, and the weak are controlled!

P: Ri...Riki-Oh--
W: Fufufu....

P: Riki-Oh!
P: Riki-Ohhh!!
W: Will you ever die?!
R: In the name of Master Chou,
R: This six-pointed star will take your desire for power, and...
R: pulverize it!!

W: What a joke!!
W: Your "ki" cannot possibly defeat me!!

W: Gueeehh!!
R: There is something Master never taught you about...anger. The anger towards evil like you that amplifies my "ki!"

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