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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 18

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

-> RTS Page for Riki-Oh 18

Black text: Controlled by CENTER
"Lageri" A-ZONE

P: It's a new guy, kukukuku...
P: Looks like they're putting him in Hachisuka's cell.
P: Hachisuka's, huh? This should be interesting, kukuku...

violence18 CELL II

P: Hn?

P: H...he's laying in Hachisuka-san's bed!
P(2): Who the hell is he?! A new guy?!
H: Yeve got some balls to be sleepin' in my bed, I'll give ye that....
H: Ohhhhhh~

H: Wakey-wakey, shitface!!
P: Ah!!

H: Now ain't this interestin'...
H: Ye wanna have a go with me?
H: Hmm?
H: Hooooh! You brought some good shit with ye!
H: I guess I'll let ye off easy for today.

?: Nice job.
?(small): Sssh
?: It's best not to make trouble with him.
?: Here in #13, he's the one with the most authority...!!
?: Also, aren't you injured?
?: That rash on your shoulder is from internal bleeding, isn't it?

W: If you wish not to die at this "Cape," then you must quietly kneel down and become our dog!
?: Anyway, if you want to live long here, it's best to keep to yourself.
R: Like a dog?
?: Kukuku, you sure are a funny one.
J(3): I'm Joe. My father's American, but officially, I'm Japanese. And you are?
R: Riki-Oh.

Black text: CENTER
?: Defeating Riki-Oh in a single strike and sending him to Lageri..
?: You truly are magnificent, Master Washizaki...
?: ...Well then, about what you promised me...?

?: Wh..why...
W: I had to go and defeat Riki-Oh myself since Umibouzu failed.
?: Hiiee!!
W: In other words, you have joint liability.

?: Wha!?
W: Fool! There's no way you could follow my swordsmanship.
W: Just be happy I let you die without suffering!
W: For that man, however...I'll make him suffer so much he wish he were dead.

P: Alright, food time!
P: I'm starved!
H: Alright, bring the silverware and gather up.
H: Guhehehe, this stew don't look too bad.
P(small): Food!
J: What are you looking so down for?
J: Here's your serving.

J: It may not be much, but try to deal with it.
J: We have to split half of the pot between ourselves, and the rest goes to Hachisuka.
J: There's no way we can finish all the labor we're forced to do with just this...but it's better than nothing, right?
H: Guheheh....
H(small): Yummy
P: U..umm, excuse me, sir...
P: But Mori-san's gotten really weak...
P: Could you possibly give him a bit more?

H: Whadje say?
H: Lemme hear that one more time....
P: Ah..well, um, the stew...
H: Stop yer snivelin', shitfaaace!!
H: Everyone gets an equal amount!
H: I don't care if he's sick, that don't make him special!!
P: Uuu...
R: Here.
M: Uuu..thank you..

H: Auu!
H: Now that ain't right, doin' somethin' like that.
H: The one who runs this place is ME.
H: If yer goin' and doin' stuff like this, it must mean you still don't see the distinction.
H: The distinction!!

H: C'mon, pops, stop makin' such a greedy face for me.
H: Yer actin' like I didn't give ye enough food!
P: Ahhh!

H: Whoops-a-daisy!
H: The old man's bones were just too weak, I guess!
P: Mori-san!
P: Mori-san!
H: What's that look for?
H: This means more food for everyone, ye should be happy!

J: Riki-Oh....
R: Joe....
R: I guess I really can't become a dog after all.
H: Whazzat?
H: Ye got some complaint ye wanna say to me, eh?

H: Then come on and lemme hear it, will ye?
P: Ahh...it looks like he's gonna go all out on the new guy!

R: Weakling....
H: How dare ye!!
H: Don't these scars tell ye anything?!

R: M...my arm won't extend...
H: What are ye doin', shitface?!

J: Riki-Ohhh!!
R: Uu....

H: Guhehehe...and there's more where that came from!
H: Yer ten years too early to bare yer fangs at me!

H: Guheheheh...
H: I have 69 scars on my entire body!
H: I'll put a few on ye just like 'em!
H: Hyaahahaha!!

P: Uweeeeh! I can't even look!
J(small): Gari
H: Guheheheh...ye still got complaints now? Do ye?!
J: I..idiot, don't stand up! Just stay still and play dead!
P: Woahhh, he can still go?!

H: Heh! Just when it looked like ye were ready to go to sleep...
H: Got no choice, I guess...
H: Sorry, but it's time for the finishin' blow!!
H: Guhehehe! I'll skewer ye the most painless way I know..

H: Uu!

P: Woahh! What an awesome kick!!

H: Y...yew basshard..
H: Immuna kill yeeeerrrgh!!

P: I..incredible. He just took down Hachisuka!
J: Heheheh! I guess I don't wanna live long either.

F: So you're finally awake, kid.

F: Don't worry, I'm a friend of Riki-Oh's.
B: Bro's...
B: But why am I here..?
F: After Riki-Oh got captured, you must have lost consciousness.
F: I was following Riki-Oh in the shadows the whole time.
F: Dammit! I know I should have done something, but with 100 rifles pointed at him..
F: What was I to do?
F: Son, don't get worked up.
F: That young one...he willfully entered that trap.

B: That can't be?
B: Are you saying that Riki-Oh purposefully went to Lageri?
O: If you don't go into the tiger's den, you can't get the cub.* (*T/L note: famous japanese saying) It's just a way for him to get closer to the people who control this cape, CENTER.
O: Just to get a step closer to the man with the swastika...however...
O: However...
O: Those may only be outward reasons...
O: To him, prison may be the same as the warmth of his mother's womb.
O: He's probably just longing for his birthplace.

J: Hey, Riki-Oh, wake up.
J: It's the boss's emergency alarm. Something must have happened.
R: The boss's emergency alarm..?
J: Anyway, get up, quick!
J: Our devil of a boss has a temper as explosive as nitroglycerine!

B: Where the hell is #13?
B: Why isn't Hachisuka here yeeeeeet?!

P: Ha...Hachisuka!
B: So..that's what happened.
B: A regime change...so you're the new leader, huh?
B: ....and your name is....?

R: Riki-Oh...
R: Saiga Riki-Oh!

bottom: [3] RIKI-OH / END

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