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Riki-Oh 20

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

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sfx: pichoooon
R: 12:53 am....seven minutes until 1.
R: If I wait seven more minutes, I will be able to see Nachi.
Announcer: We shall now commence today's limitless, one-round main event!!

A: From the B-ZONE, with 9 battles, 9 wins...
A: Yonabaru Kenshou!!

P: Yonabaru!!
P: Just one more win, and you can leave Lageri!
P: I've got all my money on you this time!!

P: Yonabaru, please give us your usual demonstration!!
P: Yeahhh!!
J: Ahh..tied to that guy's waist are....

J: Skin from human heads!!
J: There's nine total...
J: That means he's skinned every opponent so far!
R: Six minutes left...
A: In the red corner...
J: What kind of monster's going to come out this time...
small sfx: Yeah, yeah...
A: From the A-ZONE...
O: Eh....A-ZONE?

O: Wh...what?!
O: How is that possible...!?
G: Now, please enter the ring.

O: Wa..wait a second here! How could he be placed in the main event so soon!!
O: He isn't even a registered fighter yet...
G: You saying you want to go in his place?
O: Ah...no, I'm just a second, so...
O(small): Also, my athlete's foot is pretty bad...
J: What will you do, Riki-Oh?
R: Just standing still, I feel like these twenty-year old feelings will burst out of me...
R: If it will cause this boiling blood to simmer, then...
R: I will fight!

G: Okay.
G: Then please choose a weapon.
O: You should go with that one!
O: This is the best they've got.
R: I don't need any of those.
R: I have my fists!!

P: This Saiga looks pretty wet behind the ears...
P: This won't even last one minute!
P: You idiots!! This guy isn't even near Yonabaru's level!
P: Pull him out!!
P: Yonabaru, the win's all yours...
Y: Fufufufu...

J: Hey, what are our responsibilities as his seconds?
O: If he dies, we'll be responsible for moving his body.
P: Heeey, here come the bets!!
Screen: Top name is Yonabaru, bottom is Saiga
P: 674 vs. 0!!
P: We can't even gamble with this!!
P: No one's dumb enough to bet money on a fighter who's sure to lose!!
P: This sucks! Someone's gotta at least bet SOMETHING on him!
?: I'll bet on him!
P: Eh?

W: One million on Saiga Riki-Oh!
R: Washizaki's betting a million on me...?
P: The most influentual man from CENTER is betting a million on that newbie...
P: Th...there must be something about him we don't know...
R: Are you the one who placed me in the main event?!

A: And...fight!!
Y: Fufufu...I have nothing against you, but I must kill you.
Y: After all, once I kill you, I'll be a free man!

R: Ugahhh!!
R: Uggh...
P: Wh...what?! He just broke through the mat!
P: Those can't be normal nunchaku!!
Y: These nunchaku are full of mercury.

Y: The mercury packed inside these crush into each other and create centrifugal force with enough destructive power to break through bone!
Y: In other words, I'm going to break through your skull with these!
J: Riki-Ohhhhh!!
P: Ohhh...he caught the nunchaku!
J: Nice one, Riki-Ohhhh!

J: What?!
Y: Fuuuuhahaha! With your dominant arm holding that, you can't fight back!!

R: One...one more minute...
Y: Time to finish you!!
J: Let go of the nunchaku!!

Y: Uuu...
P: Uwahhh..now he won't be able to move!
J: Yes! Now you can repay him with his own nunchaku!

O: Wha...what are you doing, Riki-Oh!
W: There it is!
W: Saiga Riki-Oh's characteristic weak point.
W: He will not lay a hand an injured man, or anyone he doesn't bear a grudge against!
P: What's wrong, Riki-Oh? Kill him!!
W: Fufufuh...what a naive man.
W: As long as that naivete exists, Saiga Riki-Oh will never escape the trickery of that one...or, should I say, myself?

P: Uwahh!!
R: It's 1:00!
J: Wh-what?! Th...the mercury...
R: Th...this is...

R: A swastika!!
P: It's him! Right on time, as usual!

R: Nachi....

R: Nachiiii!!
G: You trying to escape from the fight?!
G: B...bastard!!
W: Don't shoot!!
G: Eh?!

R: Nachi...
R: You already know who I am, right?
O: Ah...ahh!! Yonabaru's body...

O: d..dissapeared!
O: Yonabaru disappeared!
R: Nachi...
R: Do you still hate me even now?
R: From that snowy morning when we were playing hide-and-seek, and I threw you away...
R: Nachiiiii!!
J: Ahhhh, Riki-Ohhhh!!

Y: Our battle isn't over yet!!
R: Ugggh!!
Y: Fahahahaha!! I'm going to kill you and head back to the outside world!!
R: Stop!! We're just being used by Washizaki!!

Y: Shut up!! I've already killed nine other men! All I need is one more!
Y: What?!

P: Wooooaahahhhhh!
P: Yonabaru!
J: He did it!

J: Are you alright, Riki-Oh?! You're bleeding like crazy!
O: Heheheh....you really won it!
P: Or so you think!
P: That sai was poisoned with aconite!!
J: Wh..what?!
R: U...ugghh!!
P: Woah! Yonabaru's standing up!
Y: Uuuu...
Y: Wh...what the hell is this...

Y: Ri...Riki-Oh, you bastard...you held back on me!
Y: You could have killed me with a single punch!!
Y: Uuu....
W: Kukuku...he didn't finish the job all the way, so now his victim will suffer before his death...
W: Riki-Oh, can't you see the truth of that humanism of yours?!

P: That man's brought other dead fighters back to life before..
P: Is it Yonabaru's turn...?
R: Nachi...
P: Wh...what?!

P: He's...dead.
W: The ultimate happiness for humans is to die. Once one dies, they are free from all their pain and suffering!
R: Nachi!
R: Where's the compassion in killing someone!?

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