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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 28

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

-> RTS Page for Riki-Oh 28

R: As your brother, I bear responsibility for your transgressions.

R: And in order to keep you from committing further atrocities, I will take your life!!


N: You call yourself my brother?
N: No family of mine exists in this world...
N: No mother, father...and certainly not a older brother...

N: Those touched by God's anger must receive heavenly punishment!!
W: Hiiee!!

W: Y...you aren't the Son of God!
W: You're just a demon stealing His name! The "Child of Destruction" who is leading humanity to its end!!
R: The..."Child of Destruction"...
N: Is that all you have to say?
W: Wh-what!?
N: You can prattle on all you want in the next life!!
W: Hiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!

?: Release the emergency coolant!
F: Nachi!

N: Kukuku..in just a few moments, the nuclear power plant will explode and blow out an incredible amount of radioactivity.
N: In an instant, this earth will be transformed into Hell!
N: If you truly are my brother, then your powers should be similar to mine.
N: If that's the case, then why don't you just save everyone here yourself?
R: Uuu...
F: Riki-Oh...
N: Fufufufu...you can't do anything!
F: A foolish being like you pretending to be the brother of me, the Son of God...what insolent blasphemy!!
F: It is time for you to atone for your sins!!

N: What?!

F: The six-pointed star repelled Nachi's aura!
N: I..impossible!
R: Th...this is...
N: You impudent....
F: N...no!!

F: Stop, Riki-Ohhhh!!
F: If the six-pointed star and the swastika are put together, something terrible will happen!

Black text: The Cape - Nuclear Power Plant Control Center
?: Th...the nuclear reactor core's temperature just keeps rising!
?: The ECCS (Emergency Core Cooling System) has been flooding it from the very start, but it hasn't had any effect at all! (*Molo's Note: The ECSS you see on the page is a typo from the author)
?: At this rate, the temperature will melt the control rods...it'll only be matter of time until there's a meltdown!
?: If Atomic Reactor #3 really was the source of this...
?: it...it must have been influenced by some strange power!!
?: Strange power...

P: It's a tornado!!


P: Th..the tornado's heading toward the plant!
P: A...tornado...this must be the end!
?: You idiots! Hurry up and use the control rods in the reactors to shut them down!
?(2): The control rods aren't responding! There's no way to control them!!
?: Wh....what?!

?: Th..the water level is dropping!
?: I...if all those reactors dry up, we'll be done for!!
?: Gather everyone up!
?: We're going to operate the control rods manually!
N: Kukuku...go ahead, cry in agony as you suffer!
N: Very soon everything above ground will be annihilated, and the entire world will be tainted with radioactivity!

R: Na...Nachi! You stood as a Living God and healed the incurable diseases of the sick!
R: Now, are you saying you desire genocide for those very same humans?
N: Kukuku...
N: I didn't heal the sick to let them live...
N: I did so in order to welcome them to much more agonizing, painful deaths...
R: What?!
N: The screaming wails of humans are like beautiful harmonies to me.
N: Only the Son of God could understand such a pleasant feeling! Kuukukuku!
R: Y...you bastaaaard!!

?: Aaand push!
?: We gotta turn it!
?: It's..no good! It won't even budge!
?: L...look at that!
?: It broke above the heat resistance limit!!
?: After five minutes it'll melt down!
?: Ruuuuuuun!!
?: Hiiiieeeeeeee!!

N: Kukuku...looks like the guys pushing the control rods ran away too.
N: Now there's no one left capable of stopping me!
R: You are not a God!!
R: You're just a demon out to destroy the human race!
N: And who's the one that assisted this demon in doing so?
R: What?!
R: What do you mean?!

N: This destruction is being caused by the earthquakes and tornado brought on by our power mixing.
R: Wh..what?!
N: About half of the inhabitants at this cape are dead due to that tornado, and will soon be decomposing thanks to the radioactivity...it's no different than if you went and killed them yourself!
R: Th...that can't be!
R: We didn't even fully touch back then!
R: Kukuku...then shall we try once more?

N: Just like that tornado, this time we might summon a typhoon...
N: That's the only thing capable of both cooling down the reactor and stopping the tornado at once.
R: Uuuuu...
F: Don't listen to him, Riki-Oh! You must not allow your six-pointed star to mix with his swastika!

F: Ugggh...
R: Uu..


R: I don't need your hand, Nachi! I'll settle down the reactor by myself!
R: Until then, I'll spare your life!

N: You're the only man on earth that's laid a hand on me and survived....
N: Your offenses toward God will not be forgiveeennn!!

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