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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 34

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

-> RTS Page for Riki-Oh 34

White: FLAME 104
E: Wh...where are you going?
R: To Mizuguchi.

violence34 FLAME 104

E: To Mizuguchi?
E: Are you crazy?!
E: Mizuguchi is Hina's boss! On the scale of evilness, that makes him way worse than any yakuza!!
E: Get any close to that poisonous snake, and you'll definitely die for sure!
E: I know how you feel, wanting to find your true father and all...
R: Shut up.
E: Eh?
R: There's been someone following us for a while now.
E: Wh...what?!

E: O..one of Mizuguchi's...?
E: Hiee!!

R: He's gone!
Z: What tremendous fists...
Z: It seems like you've stepped up to a higher level.
Z: But it looks like you're still not capable of keeping an old codger like me from sneaking up behind you!

R: Master!
Z: I tried to put myself at ease once you headed to the cape, but indeed, such worry proved needless.
Z: I can't feel even the slightest bit of shadow from your fists...
Z: It seems like you've received a map to your new destiny.
Z: That bayonet is the single memento your late mother left to her sons.
Z: The greatest thing a parent can pass on to a child....purpose!

Z: When a young child embraces his parents, along with love, he also feels a sense of confidence and purpose.
Z: But your mother, destined to never embrace the children she loved, entrusted that bayonet to them and left this world.
Z: Over twenty years have passed, and now your mother's soul has finally reached you.
Z: From today onwards, you shall walk a new life. That bayonet shall cut open a path for you.
R: Before that, though, there's something I must do.
R: As long as the man who harbors secrets about my life and who sent my adoptive father into bankruptcy is still alive, I will never be able to start this new life.

Z: Mizuguchi, huh...?

M: Fefefeh...you aren't the true son of Director Saiga. You're older of a pair of twin boys who were born in prison!!
R: Y...you're lying!!
M: I don't have anything against you...
M: But if you live, there's someone who'll be in trouble.
R: If I live...
R: Wh...who on earth would be in trouble?!
M: A man with 100 faces...
R: A man with 100 faces...?

M: The same man who ordered me to kill you and bankrupt the Saiga house.
M: If you need someone to hate as you stew in Hell, hate him!!
R: Uggh!!
R: Kuh...

M: Feh...feh! Sorry, but I'm gonna finish you off now.
M: Die!
M: Uggh!


SFX: Pikun

Diary Entry:

12/20 - Snow Since Morning

I adopted Riki-Oh (3 years old) as my son. He bears a striking resemblance to the late Oh Birei, and is a sensitive, intelligent, promising young boy. It was cute to see him so happily riding on the tricycle I presented him. When I think of Oh Birei, who was sent to death row for a crime she didn't commit, stolen of her right to watch her son's growth with her very eyes, a new sense of anger toward that man boils with me. At night, Riki-Oh dreams of his younger brother and begins to cry, so my wife has to cradle him until he falls back asleep.

R: Humans cannot die until they fight with their destiny and fulfill their karma...
R: These are your words, Master.
R: To me, destroying Mizuguchi and finding out the truth about my father is part of my destiny!!
Z: Mizuguchi is different than how he was five years ago. He holds authority that can trump even yazuka..that is to say, he has connections with key men in the government.
Z: Picking a fight with Mizuguchi is like stepping on the tail of a monstrous tiger.
Z: In order to know your true father, you will probably suffer more than you ever have before.
Z: Is that alright?
Z: I'd rather suffer with knowledge than without!!

Z: Hmph! What an obstinate man.
E: Riki-Oh...
E: I know that you must want to kill Mizuguchi pretty bad...
E: But you still don't know the true horror...the true evil that he is.
E: Let me show you.

E: There's a connection between this church and Mizuguchi.
E: Look inside.
R: Flame....104....?
R: Uuu!!

R: Th...this is!!

R: Lethal poison!!
R: Did Mizuguchi do this?!
E: People who lost their houses in the big earthquake started living in the sewers, and they were always hungry...saying he'd feed them, he gathered about 100-200 of them here.
E: And once they all arrived, it became a slaughterhouse.
E: The writing on the door marks this as the 104th incident...which means that over 10,000 people have died as a result.
R: 10,000 people...
E: I started getting hating the Daia Syndicate when Hina forced me to help his gang do this.

E: I just could never kill so many innocent people like this.
R: But...for what purpose is he killing so many...?
?: Uu..
?: Uuu...
?: Uuu...
?: Uuu...
R: She's...alive!!

E: Please, wait! We won't hurt you!
E: Here, come on out and I'll give you a banana!
E: Hugyaaah!
E: You little...

R: Did you forget that this child's parents were killed by the poison?
E: That's right...
R: And although it may just be temporary, she seems to have lost her voice.
E: Eh?
R: It doesn't surprise me. The shock she must have from seeing both parents suffer and die before her very eyes must be unbelievable.
E(2b): Eisaku, can you understand it? That girl's suffering...

R: Her parents were murdered, yet she couldn't scream out in sorrow.
E: Uuu...
R: All we can do for her now is try and release her from some of that shock...
R: And let her cry out with all her might.
R(2b): Here, come on out. It's alright now.

R: We're not scary.
R: There's nothing to be afraid of.
?: Uu...
R: C....come.

?: Uwaahhhhhhhhh!!
R: That's it, just let it all out.
E: Uu...
E: Uoohhhhhhh!!

G: Well, well, looks like there are still some survivors...
G: That's Saiga Riki-Oh, the guy that attacked the Daia Syndicate!
G: What?!

G: Take the specimens out to the track.
G: I'll take care of Riki-Oh.
R: Wha...what?!

G: Hyahaha! I'm gonna burn to you a crisp!
R: Eisaku, cover that girl's eyes for a moment.

R: Is this also the work of Mizuguchi?
G: Yep, all part of Mizuguchi's orders!
R: Mi...Mizuguchi...

G: Uu!!

R: Is this how Mizuguchi does things?!

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