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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 41

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

-> RTS Page for Riki-Oh 41

R: There's no one left to protect you now!
R: Cough it up. Who is my true father?!


M: Kukuku...so you're saying all you knew was that you were one of twins born from a woman on death row, and that's how your agonizing journey began?
M: How pitiful.
R: I just want to know what I am.
R: Where did I come from, and where I am heading? Why am I alive? I want to know.
M: Heh. What are you going on about?
M: Eat, sleep, fuck, and when your life ends, go to the next world. That's what it is to be a human!
M: If you went as far as killing your own brother just to find out such a boring thing, you really are an idiot!!
R(2b): I don't expect you to understand. Why would a human name their child something etched into an ancestor's grave?

R: Obviously so, no matter whoever's child you are, you will somehow know there is "proof that you are human."
Boxless text: Due to the war, she was separated for life from her family and brought up China. She threw away her adopted family, acknowledging the pain it would bring, and returned to Japan, in order to ascertain her blood relatives. Stepping firmly on the ground of her homeland, she surely wanted nothing other than that "proof."
M: So in short, you can't live as a human unless you know who your true father is?
M(2b): Guess I'll tell ya then. Your father was...just one tiny little tadpole of a sperm!
R: Is that all you have to say, you animal?
M: What?!
M: If I'm an animal, then you're a monster!

M: Ugahh!

M: Auuh...
R: You tricked my adopted father, brought the Saiga house to bankruptcy, and ruined my life,
R: sacrificing tons of humans in the process.
R: The pain of this broken bone is for my dead adopted mother!
M: Gyoehhhhhh!!

M: Hiiee!
M: K...kill me!
M: Just kill me at once!
M: Higehh!

M: Gyahhhh!
R: Even pulling out every single bone in your body one by one, until none remain, will not abate my anger towards you.
M: Hiiieeeeeee!!
M(2b): H....hey, kill him! He killed your father, you should hate him!

G: Dad died because of you!
M: Uuu....
R: It's over, Mizuguchi.
M(2b): S...stop! He...help me! I...I was just following my orders!
M: The orders of Mukai-sama's agent, Aneyama!
R: Mukai-sama...
R: What is that man?
R: Why did he try to kill me? Why did he try to bankrupt the Saiga house?

M(2b): H...how would I know?! This is something that's been going on since Second Sino-Japanese War, for over half a century, after something that happened in Shanghai related to some Jew...how would I know anything about that?!
R: Shangai and a Jew?
M: M...more importantly, Riki-Oh...I...I really became charmed by a guy like you.
M: Th...the truth is, in a room in the back, I have a vault overflowing with jewels, precious metals, and paper money worth over 50,000,000 yen.
M: If...if you let me go, I'll teach you the combination to the vault's dial....uheheheh...
M: Hiieee!
R(2b): I don't need money. The only thing necessary to me right now is finding out who my true father is.

M: B...but that's the one thing I can't say!
M: If I do, I'll be killed!
R: Then I'll just kill you instead!
M: Hiieeeee, alright!!
M: A..alright, I'll say it.
M: I lost to you...
R(2b): Then say who my true father is already! Say it, Mizuguchi!!
M: Y...your true father's name is...
M: C...

M: Ch...ris...
R: Mizuguchi!!

(Note: I just wanted to say that...on this page...you can totally see Mao's penis.)
R: You're...
M(2b): My name is Mao. Until a little bit earlier, I worked under Mizuguchi.

M: At any rate, that Mizuguchi bastard really has a big mouth.
M: He honestly doesn't possess the caliber to stand above me.
R: So you also work for the man known as "Mukai"...
M: Insolent swine like you are not allowed to pronounce that being's name!

R: Uu!
R: Uggh!!

M: Foolish man. If you had dodged, you would have been fine,
M: but you tried to catch it on purpose.
R: I...if I dodged, what would happen to the person behind me?
G: Th...that means, it...was all for me!
R: Since you killed Mizuguchi, the door to the single puzzle I've wanted to solve has once again been locked shut before my very eyes.

R: Until the day comes when I can stand with proof that I am a human, I think of myself no more than a wounded beast!
M: Hmph. What can you do?
M: I'll send you to Hell just like Mizuguchi!!

M: Let's see if you can catch my whip!
M: Kukukuku...
R: Uuu...

M: Kukukuku...the hair in this braid of mine was knit together with the super-fine blade of a coping saw.

G: Riki-Oh-san!
M: Kukukuku...this braid can slice through meat and break through bone.
M: Heheh! I can kill you without ever leaving a trace.

M: What?!

M: Tch! How clever.
R: Just disappear already.
R: I have no use for hoodlums like you.
M: Wh...what?!
R: Honestly, you're not even an enemy to me.
R: I'm not even in a hurry to kill you.

M: Guheheheh, you're caught in my trap now, Riki-Oh.
M: Now I'll just eat your arm like this!

R: You're the one who's caught in a trap.
M: Wh...what?!
R: Don't forget that your brain is right above my fist.
M: Guh...
R: Please close your eyes for a moment.
M: Eee..
M: Eee..


R: I told you already -- I'm a wounded beast.
R: There's no a way a kibble-eating pet dog like you could beat me.
R: You lost everything, Mizuguchi.
R: Ultimately, your life, too...

M: You have brought ruin to everyone associated with you.
M: You're practically a god of death filling up graveyards one after another.
M: This'll be your inscription:
M: "Here sleeps a man born from a mass murder, a terrible criminal who killed his own brother, and brought nothing but sorrow and death to the ones he loved."
M(2b): I've certainly brought sorrow to the ones I love. That's exactly why I want to know what I truly am.

R: Mizuguchi, I'll use that "Chris..." name you said as a clue to continue this journey.
R: This journey to find myself.
R: I'll be the one to decide my own inscription.

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