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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 45

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

-> RTS Page for Riki-Oh 45

W: I'll show you my true power!
R: I already know how low your power is...
R: All I want to see is the face of the imposters who tricked people into thinking they've turned into wolves, and ate my mother!
W: What?!
R: Remove your mask, Lord Wolf!
white: WOLFMAN

violence45 WOLFMAN

R: If not, then I'll just rip it off for you!
W: Kukuku. So this is your power?
R: What?!
W: Now it's my turn!

F: Riki-Ohhhhh!
W: Gufufufu...

W: Gufufufufufu...I am the most noble of God's creatures. From a wolf's point of view, humans are nothing more than degraded monkeys!
W: Wolves don't deceive, hate, and kill their own kind like humans do!
W: You have desecrated nature out of your own greed, and even come close to destroying the planet!
W: It is time for us wolves to finally eradicate the humans, and turn this earth into a true paradise!

R: Kukuku...
W: What's so funny..
W: Overcome with fear and your loss of freedom, have you gone mad?
R: There was once a man who said the exact same things as you.
R: Destroy the human race, and create paradise!!
R: ...but that man was used up and thrown up by a "controller from the shadows," and died like just another maggot.
W: Kunuuh!

W: Silence, you brazen youngster!
W: I'll rip off that head of yours!
W: Wha?!
W: Th...this is!!
W: Auuhh...


w: Awawa, Lord Wolf...
W: Hiiee!
R(2b): Uuu...th...this is Lord Wolf's true form?!

W: So you've seen meeeeee...
W: Hey! Does my face scare you?
W: Your eyes are lying...

W: Those who think my face is ugly are merely caught up with human values of beauty and ugliness...
W: Auuuh...
W: Look upon me without averting your eyes!!

W: Look at my face!!
W: Is my face ugly...!?
W: It is a divine face!
R: Group hypnosis.
R: Just by forcing them to stare in his eyes for a moment, he can put them into a state of hypnotism.

W: Now, just like the "Laws of the Wolf" tell you, devour that ugly human!

W: Uuuu...
R: Humans who have thrown away their hearts are the most powerless creatures on this planet.
R: You may have hundreds within your pack, but you cannot defeat me.
W: Y...you bastard...

W: Fool! Hiding your eyes to avoid my hypnosis means you also won't be able to see my attacks!

W: Diiiiieeee!
F: Riki-Ohhhhh!
W: What?!

R: I can sense all your movies with my "ki."
W: Tchiiii...
W: Then how about this?!
F: Uuu...
R: Father!

F: Riki-Oh, you can't look!
F: If you look into Lord Wolf's eyes, it'll be the end of you!

R: Uuuu!!
F: Don't look in his eyes!
W: Seems like my devotion has been transmitted to you.
W: Riki-Oh, this is your last chance!
W: Will you become one of my wolves, or descend into Hell?
R: Uuuu...

W: Throw away your humanity.
W: Become a wolf and survive, Riki-Oh!
R: Uuu..
W: What?!

F: Have you gone mad, Riki-Oh?!
R: The dagger my true mother left me revived the "pain" of humanity in me! I don't have any intention of throwing that away just in order to survive.
R: I will put my life on the line just to keep living as a human being!

W: What stupidity! If you attack me now, you'll kill your adopted father before your fist even makes contact with me.
F: Ri...Riki-Oh, don't worry about me!
F: Kill me together with this man!
W: What's wrong, Riki-Oh? You killed your own brother! Killing another man with no blood relation to you like this adopted father of yours should be no trouble at all!!

F: You'll fall to Hell standing straight up like a stick!
R: What?!

R: Uuuu...
W: Gufufufu...what's wrong, Riki-Oh?
W: You can't do anything now that I have your adopted father as a shield?

R: If you're going to use a human as a shield, at least pick one bigger than yourself!
R: That head of yours is full of air!
R: What?!

F: Ri...Riki-Oh!

F: Ri...Riki-Oh!
W: Gufufufufu...it's over now.
W: Rest at ease. Soon, you will be sent to Hell just like Riki-Oh.
R: No, the only one going to Hell is you!
W: What?!

W: Ri...Riki-Oh!
R: Take a look at the present I received from the underworld.
R: These fists, instructed by Chou Zenki on the secrets of Naike Kenpou!
F: Eh?!
W: Shut up and just die already!!

R: "Kantsuu Rekken" (*Piercing Violent Fist)
R: By condensing and controlling my "ki," it's possible to make the surges pass through my father and destroy your body!
R: This is Chou Zenki's "Kantsuu Rekken."

F: Chou...Zenki...
F: So Riki-Oh knows of that fearsome man?

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