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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 46

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

-> RTS Page for Riki-Oh 46

F: You...you know of Chou Zenki?
R: Eh?
R: You know Master Chou too, father?
Sidenote: SS / Secret Service
F: Of course, he was in the SS* for Chiang Kai-Shek, the leader of the Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party).
F: When he butchered an assassin that had been sent by the Japanese army in a single blow with those sure-kill fists of his, he won fame throughout China as a martial artist.
F: There was no Japanese person in China during the war that didn't know of Chou Zenki's name.
R: Father, you were in Shanghai during the war, weren't you?
F: H...how do you know I was in Shanghai....
R: Mizuguchi told me.
R: Mizuguchi, the man who tricked you and sent you into bankruptcy five years ago told me that just before he died.


R: It seems that the one who sent the order to bankrupt the Saiga house came from Aneyama...and had something to do with a Jewish person in Shanghai...
F: A Jewish person?!
R: Your wounds are terrible. If we don't get you to a doctor soon...
F: It's fine. Either way, I don't have long to live. But before I die, I want to tell you everything.
F: No matter how much it pains me, I will keep talking until the very end!
F: Passing this on to you will release me from my past. And by hearing it, you will achieve your "proof of life."
R: I understand, father.

F: Riki-Oh, surely you know the truth about what happened over half a century ago, when Japan began invading countries in Asia by military force, starting with China, killing millions in the process as they tried to steal more wealth.
F: When the Japanese military came to occupy Shanghai, which at the time, was the greatest cosmopolitan city in China, I was just a young boy of 10 years.
F: In turn, Germany's Nazis showed their true form by publicly declaring their anti-semitism in Europe.
F: Fearing persecution, citizens of Jewish lineage packed up a small quantity of their belongings and escaped by boat to Shanghai.

F: But the government of various countries, fearing the results of deteriorating diplomatic relations with Germany, heartlessly refused to let Jews enter.
F: Without any other place to go, they came across Shanghai, which, at the time, was the only "visa-less" country in the world. Through a joint agreement, they were gathered into a district in Shanghai occupied by the Japanese military.
R: Jewish refugees were in Shanghai?
F: My father, who was an international trader, was actually also a member of a certain organization. Working along with "comrades" within the Japanese military, an accomodation facility where they could protect the Jewish refugees was established.
F: In the blink of an eye, they soon grew close to 20,000 in total.
F: They had used all their money just to achieve their long, agonizing escapes, and owned nothing but the clothes on their body.

Black (Top): The Saiga Estate on Japanese Concession Land
?: This is Hanna, who will live as a member of our family from today onward.

?: Hanna, this is my wife, and my son Michiomi.
W: I am the chaffeur, Wan. (*Important Note: The kanji for Wan's name means 'King,' the same used in Riki-Oh and Oh Birei's name. The only difference is that it uses the Chinese pronounciation.)
?: Make good friends with her.
M: Here, wear these shoes!
M: Then we can play together!

F: Hanna's mother died of illness on the long boat ride, and as an orphan, my family felt it natural to take her into our home.
F: I, as a young boy, grew fond of Hanna's black hair and dark eyes.
F: I even thought as far as marrying her when we grew up.
F: Similar to how I know you thought of Shiori.
F(2b): If "that man" hadn't appeared before us, and if my father's "plan" had been realized, we really would have gotten married.
F: But that isn't all! If that plan had been put into action, the fate of Japan and the world would have changed drastically!
F: Japan wouldn't have continued with their insane wars, and the Nazis wouldn't have been able to commit genocide on the Jews!
F: But the entirety of the "plan," thanks to "that man"...
R: What was the "plan"...!?

F: "The Plan for the Establishment of a Jewish Nation in Manchuria*"was a magnificent plan detailing the transferrance all the Jewish refugees escaping death by the hands of the Nazis to Manchuria, where they could finally establish an independent country for themselves that they had painfully sought for thousands of years.
F: ...in other words, it was a dreamlike plan.
* Line: Manchuria = Present-Day Northeastern China.
F: No, it wasn't a dream. It was truth, hidden by history! But before we could ever get "that plan" off the ground, "that man" consigned it to oblivion....
R: Father!
R: Stay with me, father!
F: "That man," who had been getting a hefty amount of secret funds from the Nazis, set up his own assassination team whose orders were to systematically abduct and kill off each one of father's "comrades." Some were found as corpses floating in the canals, others with their dismembered limbs scattered about, and even some with their severed genitals stuffed into their mouths...
F: Father, realizing his imminent danger, prepared to first hide Hanna at the home of the chaffeur, Wan, and then send mother and I back to Japan by boat. But he was too slow...!

M: Who are you?!
M: Hand over the Jew girl.
M: Uuuu...

R: Aneyama?!
F: We don't have any Jews in our home! Please leave!

F: Mother!
A: Be careful how you speak to me.
F: Y...you Nazi dog!!

F: Uggh!
M: Father!
F: Uggggh...
A: You Jewish spy...

A: Take him away!
R: Are you sure that man was Aneyama?!
R: His...face and voice was exactly the same as the Aneyama we saw this afternoon...but if that Aneyama was still alive, he'd be well over 80 years old by now.

M: Uuuu...
M: Cough it up now. Where's the Jew girl?

F: I...don't know!
A: Let him have it.

M: S...stop!
M: Stop this...
A: You know where the girl is too, don't you, boy?
M: I...I don't know!
A(2b): At this rate, your father will die. Are you alright with that? Hmmmm?
M: Uuu....
A: Now tell us.
M: Ah....ah...

F: M...Michi...omi...
M: I...I don't know!
M: How would I?!
A: What an disrespectful child.

A: Looks like you need some "Shinoshimi."
M: Uuu...
M: I'll die before I tell you!
M: I...I'll protect Hanna until I die!

M: It hurt so bad I nearly went crazy.
M: But my desire to protect Hanna was stronger than the torturous pain.
M: That man showed himself to at night, three days later.
M: Smells like lavender...

?: After bearing the "Shinoshimi" torture for over three days, I have come to admire your mental strength.
?: In your tenacious volition and steel bodies, you encompass the ideals of the Nazi way.
?: It is truly regrettable that men like you worked like this for Jews, of all things.
F: Y...you've killed my wife and companions, now what do you want?
F: We aren't just doing this for the Jews. We're working hard for peace over Japan and all over Asia!
?: What naive thinking.
?: America, with the logic of their capitalism, and the Soviets, with the principles of Marx and Lenin, are demons envisioning world domination together.
?: And then, the true black curtain controlling these two giant countries from the shadows is the international capital of the Jews.

F(2b): What you're saying is not different than the contents of the "Jewish Protocol," the biggest fabrication of the 20th century, which also promotes anti-semitism!! Thinking up a new enemy with which to agitate up peoples' anger is Fascism's greatest trick!
?: Allow me to say this -- Nazism is called the most refined incarnation of capitalism.
?: We have no intention against going against the flow of history. We merely wish to quicken it.
?: In order to reach the true "salvation" of humankind, it is necessary to sacrifice some sheep.
F: Are you saying that the persecution of the Jews will somehow lead the human race to salvation?!
?: I'm not here to have some silly debate with you.
?(2b: I want to know where Hanna is. Now how about finally coughing it up?

F: Kn...knowing you'd kill her, do you really think we'd tell you?!
A: Ahhhhh!
?: Give them their meal.
A: Yes sir!

A: Having neither eaten nor drank a thing since morning, I doubt you aren't hungry.
A: Here, eat up.
M: Uuuu....
F: Michiomi!
A: Kukuku...don't worry. We haven't poisoned that eel meat or anything like that.
A: It'd be problematic if you died before letting us know where Hanna is, after all.

F: Humans are weak. Although my father and I had withstood the torture, we couldn't win over our empty stomachs.
R: So it was really poisoned...
F: If...if only it had been.
R: Eh?
A: You ate up pretty well.
A: Then let me show you something interesting.
M: Uu!!


A: Hohoho...what you two ate was the meat of eels that devoured your mother's flesh!
M: Ugehhhhhh!!
A: Kukuku...don't think your punishment for angering that one is over yet.
A: From here on out the punishment truly begins.
R: Why all this, just for one Jewish girl...?!
F(2b): Those who overlook a single life have no right to mourn the value of a million. My father lived by that, and wanted to teach me as well.
F(2b): Besides, if I had broken my promise to my father at that time, and told them where Hanna was...Riki-Oh, you would not exist in this world.

R: Eh?
F: Hanna was your mother, Oh Birei's...
F: childhood name!

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