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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 48

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

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violence48 OUROBORUS


?: Soon, the true night will come. Finally, when the world is overturned by the "Crystal Night," it will be your duty to become that single streak of light in the darkness.

R: Father, the truth you sacrificed your life to tell me has taught me the path I should follow...and the enemy I should defeat.


R: I will not forgive those who have elevated themselves up to the luxury they lust after, on top of tens of thousands of corpses, including you, and my true mother.

R: That is my one and only "proof of life."


?: He's coming. There's no mistaking it, that's him.

?: Let's go!

?: Yeah!


?: Riki-Oh, diiee...

?: Gih!


?: Piece a' shit!

?: Hiieee!


? No way!

?: No way!

?: No waaay!

?: Awawa...

?: Heh

?: Heh


R: Why do you attack me?

R(left): Aneyama's orders?

?: A...Aneyama?

?: I...I don't know who that is!

R: Then why are you...

?: Th...the prize money!

?: Whoever brings your head to the Palace of Eternal Youth will receive 50,000,000 yen!

?(2b): However much inflation is these days, 50 million is still a helluva lot! All the yazuka and criminals in this town are after your head.

R: Damn Aneyama! This time he's after my life...

?(2b): H...hey, I'm a man too! I've prepared myself, so go ahead and kill me!

?: B..but I'm no good with pain, so just do me quick, will ya?

?: Eh?

?: Will ya?


R: Relax. I won't kill you.

R: But in return, guide me to this Palace of Eternal Youth.

?: Eh?

R: You want the prize money, don't you?

?: Wh...what are you saying?!

?: That's like walking straight into Hell on purpose!

R: I've already seen Hell countless times.

?: Eh?

?: Uuu...


Sign 1: State Penitentary



A: I'll ask you once more. Do you have any intention of opening up your heart to me?

A: Do you still cease to understand that being's devotion?

B: Is framing someone, stealing their freedom, and enslaving their body how "that being" shows devotion?!

B: I've already prepared myself. I will not run from my destiny, nor will I run from that being.

B: Kiyo-san, take care of these children for me.

K: Uuu...


B: I don't need to cover my eyes.

A: Not afraid of death, are we?

B: Tell this to that being: there are things in this world unattainable through things like money and power.

B: Even if you enslave someone's body, you cannot enslave their heart.


B: And someday,

B: the time when the ones that have inherited my blood defeat you will definitely come...

A: Uuu.....



A: M...making a f...face elated with success like that, despite being a prisoner on death row!

A: Waste no time in taking care of the children as well.

G: Yes sir!

G: A...Aneyama-sama!

G: We...have a problem!

A: What's wrong?

G: The children are not there...they're...

A: What?!

G: This tunnel continues past the outer fence!

A: Tccchhhiiiii! That Kiyo woman must have taken them away!


B: Someday, the time when the ones that have inherited my blood defeat you will definitely come.

A: Uuu...

A: A...a dream....?


?: Aneyama-sama.

?: It seems like you were having a nightmare. Is everything alright?

?: It will soon be time for the conference.

A: Hirabayashiiiii! What is the meaning of this?

H: Wh...what, sir?

A: There is a HAIR floating in my tea!

H: How could I have been so careless!?

H: P...please forgive me!


A: Shut up! There's no excuse.

H: Eh?!

H: Hiiieee!

H: Haguhh!


A: My beautiful face, dirtied by some vulgarian blood...

B: Someday, the time when the ones that have inherited my blood defeat you will definitely come.

A: Hm...hmph! What can Riki-Oh do all by himself?


A: It is truly alarming.

A: To think, a man that should have died 5 years ago could bring catastrophe to "OUROBORUS."

?: A man that should have died....?

?: What are you talking about?

A: Terashita should know.

T: Uuu...

A: I ordered you, the man who leads all of Japan's gangs and criminal organizations from the shadows, to do a certain something five years ago.

A: Do you remember?


T: Y...yes, sir.

T: You...ordered me to bankrupt the trader, Saiga Michiomi, and to kill his adopted son, Riki-Oh.

A: And the "Daia Syndicate," the gang you selected for the job, sent Mizuguchi, who completed the task without difficulty...

A: That's the way you reported it to me.

T: Th...that is truly inexcusable, sir.

T: I...I simply swallowed Mizuguchi's words and repeated them exactly to you, Aneyama-sama.

A: Are you trying to shift responsibility onto a dead man?!

A: Why didn't you confirm Riki-Oh's corpse with your own eyes? You should place that much care into any important job related to Mukai-sama!

T: Hiiieeee! Please forgive me!!


T: Hiiieee!! Y...you're!?


T: Hiiieeeee!

T: Hyan!


A: Kukuku. There are times when even a group of ants can completely ruin a dam.

A: Only death can compensate for failure. This is the law of OUROBORUS!

?: B...but, t...this man is...

K: Kukuku....seems everyone has great interest in this man.

?: You're Dr. Kohinata!


K: Allow me to introduce Evil-Oh.


R: That's the Palace of Eternal Youth...!!

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