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Riki-Oh 63

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

-> RTS Page for Riki-Oh 63


Box: Yokohama - Royal Jizou Mausoleum

(*T/L Note: Jizou are little statues)


A: Why is your mother's grave in a Chinese graveyard, Riki-Oh?

A: Was your mother Chinese, Riki-Oh?

R: She was Chinese, and Jewish.

R: And also Japanese.

Grave: Oh Birei


violence63 THE TRUE ENEMY


A: Wh....what?!


R: Master...!

R: I thought it was about time for you to come back.

R: I assumed you know of what happened in the Palace of Eternal Youth, Master.

C: The wind told me.

C: 3 days ago, there was a massive earthquake, and the magnetic levels throughout Japan became utterly abnormal. And then, directly after that, in front of Oh Birei's grave...

R: Eh?


C: In front of Oh Birei's grave, a young man appeared.


R: Nachi was in front of my mother's grave....

C: Or perhaps it was merely an illusion....

C: But I have never seen such a divine face in all my life.

R: Nachi forgived an enemy he should have hated more than anyone else, and then sacrificed himself to save his older brother, and all the people on the earth, from destruction.

R: But I can't forgive the enemy like Nachi did!

R: But more importantly, I believe my duty as a survivor is to break through to the enemy's true core, and destroy their evil schemes once and for all!!


C: When you first visited your mother's grave, you were a boy with a weak body and hear that would not have been able to support your true importance.

C: But through battles, you have matured, always coming to seek the next strongest enemy.

C: Now may finally be the time to tell you, after all this time -- just who your true enemy is.

C: After the deaths of Hitler and Stalin, he has been the world's most powerful phantom through to the end of the 20th century.


C: His name is...Mukai!!

R: Mukai...!?

C: That power, capable of destroying the human race, has tided over from Hitler and Stalin to the world as we know it now.


C: Seems like you've somehow heard of Mukai's name before.

R: Just before Mizuguchi died, he mentioned that name.

M(2b): S...stop! He...help me! I...I was just following my orders! The orders of Mukai-sama's agent, Aneyama!

R: And with others I've fought, there always seemed to be some mysterious figure behind them...for example, Washizaki...

W: Now that I've been thrown away by that man, I have no more attachments to this world!!


N: Like they say, one who kills demons will soon become possesed by one...everything's gone as he expected. I've performed my last rites...

R: Obviously, the mysterious person mentioned by Nachi and the others must be that man known as Mukai.

R: Which means that I have no choice but to believe that all this time, we've been played around with like pawns in Mukai's hands!!

R: Please tell me where Mukai is, Master!

R: There's no way I can forgive the man who manipulated Washizaki and Aneyama, trying to use my brother and I as tools to destroy the human race!!


A: Wh...when did that get here?!


C: A servant of Mukai...?


C: Hohhhhhhhh!


R: Uuu!


L: My name is Ling Xiaolong.

L: Under the orders of Mukai-sama, I have come here to take your lives.


C: Ling Xiaolong....

C: A Kenpou master who's inherited secrets from China's Shaolin Arts.

L: Hoh...seems as if you already know of me.

C: He's also said to be a foolish man who desecrates the art of Kenpou.

L: You old geezer...!

R: Master!!


R: Master!!

L(2b): An old geezer nevertheless, you were still the strongest bodyguard of Chiang Kai-Shek. As expected, your moves are flawless.


L: That makes me happy.

K: My blood is boiling with the thrill of knowing that I've met my strongest enemy!

L: It's been while since I've met an opponent worth killing.

R: Master, let me...

C: Do not interfere!

C: As a Kenpou master myself, It is my karma to seal the evil fists of others and put them to rest.


C: I'll be send you straight to the underworld!

C: Ugyahhhhhh!


(The * line here is the same thing that was in volume 2, no use writing it again. As for the technique translations, just put them in the white bars somewhere)

C: Naike Kenpou hidden technique:

C: "SOUSHOUZEN!" (*Double Palm Meditation)


R: Master, you went easy on him, didn't you?

C: Fuh! So you noticed?

C: I suppose I've become a little soft with age.

C: I no longer strive for useless deaths.

C: But the pressure points on his wrists should be affected, so he will no longer be able to move.


L: That naivete will be the death of you!!


L: Fahahaha, you old fool! Couldn't you even realize that by condensing my "ki," I reduced the damage from your attack to the lowest amount?!

R: Master!!

L: So even the "Spirit Fists" of Chou Zenki couldn't save him from his old age, huh? Kukukuku!!


R: I'll send your karma to hell!

L: Kukuku...don't tell me you think you can beat me with those inexperienced fists of yours?

R: Pass on to the next life!!


L: Uhahaha! That didn't hurt a bit!!

SFX bubble: Pccch

L: Eh?

L: Owawawah...

L: Wh...why?! I condensed my "ki!"

R: The power of my "ki of anger" can overcome yours.


R: I won't go easy on any of you.

R: With my "ki of anger," I'll demolish Mukai's ambitions!!


R: Master!!

C: Ri..Riki-Oh...

C: In...terms of Kenpou, you've surpassed me...

C: As...I am now, there is only one more thing I can teach you...

C: Y...your true enemy, Mukai, is in Antarctica.

R: Antarctica?!

C: G...go, Riki-Oh....

C: T...to Mukai.


R: To Antarctica!

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