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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 67

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

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violence67 MAN OF THE SKY


R: Wild Bill?!

R: So you're Wild Bill!!

?: It's Wild Bill!

?: Bill, that bastard, he really came back!

R: Wild Bill, I have a request for you.

B: Hm?


B: The Pole of Inaccessibility?!

B: You want me to take you al lthe way there?

B: This last trip was a long one, so I'm pretty tired. I don't have time for bad jokes like that!

B: C'mon, git!

R: I'm serious.

B: You got a fever or somethin'?

B: Sure you're alright up here?


W: Alright, don't make such a scary face, I know you're serious!

W(2b): But I don't want to die just yet. This life is an important thing my parents gave me, so I've gotta take care of it.

B: Life is important, huh...?

B: Hoh-Hoh-Hoh! I never thought I'd hear that come outta your mouth, Wild Bill!


W: Balmore!


B: Hoh-hoh-hoh...it's been a while, Bill.

B: I've been looking for you, so quit runnin' already?

B: Well I'll be damned, is this an unlucky day or what?

B: It's just one son of a bitch after another!

?: It's Balmore and his henchmen!

?: This should be interesting!

?: Not only has Wild Bill been shirking away from the huge debt he owes Balmore, but he even went as far to steal his wife!

?: Balmore must hate this guy's guts with a passion. He's gotta want to kill him!

?: But you gotta hand it to Bill, having the balls to go against such a crazy guy like Balmore.

?: Recklessness is Bill's middle name!

?(small): Look at that wacky face he's making!

B: Lali-hooo!


B: Well, aren't you just lookin' great as usual, Balmore!

B: Then I'll just be on my way...

B(small): See ya!


R: Bill!?


?: Hyaah, he took Balmore's punch head-on!

B: It's too early for you to sleep just yet!


B: You know what happens to people who mess with people who treat me with contempt?!

A: Th...this is getting ugly! At this rate, he's gonan die!

R: That's just play.


R(2b): When the punch hit him, he moved his body back just enough to lighten the damage. Bill wasn't hurt at all.

A: Riki-Oh!


B: I'm gonna put a hole right through your head!

b: Dieeee, Bill!

B: What?!

W: Hiiehhhhh, that was a close one!


W: That almost hit me, you nut!

B: B...bastard...

B: You looked like you were about to faint!

W: Dummy! Like I'd faint 'cuz of those slow punches of yours!

B: You son of a...

?: Auhhh!


R: You're using a pistol against an unarmed opponent?

?: What the hell do you think YOU'RE doing?

R: If Bill dies now, I'll be in trouble.

?: Don't interfere!!


R: Bill, let's see what you've really got.

B: Keh!

B: Heeey, Balmore, let's just let water run under the bridge, whaddya say, huh?


B: You son of a bitch! Not only do you owe me cash, but you stole my woman as well, and now you're tryin' to make friends with me?!

W(2b): Keh! That money of yours was just stolen from poor people anyway! Not only that, but that woman of yours was only your "woman" because you forced her to be!

W: After I helped her escape, she cried tears of joy!

W: "I'm finally free from that gorilla," she shouted!

B: Go...gorilla!

B: Don't make fun of me!!


W: Hey look, there's a whale jackin' off over there!

B: Eh?

W: There's no way a whale would be jackin' off, you idiot!!




?: Boss!

?: Heheh! And that's a wrap.

?: You scumbag!

?: Get him!

B: Wawah!

?: Waohhhhhhh!


B: W...well c'mon, don't just sit there, gimme a hand already!

B(small): If you can't tell, I'm pretty busy here!!

R: This has nothing to do with me.


B: Dumbass! If I die, who's gonna take you to the Point of Inaccessibility?!

R: So you're gonna take me?

B: Ouch!

B: Alright, alright! You'll help me if I take you, right?

B: Heaven, Hell, whatever, I'll let you ride!


R: Negotiations complete!


B: Wheeeew, nice kick!

B(small): He flew over 10 meters!

?: B...bastard, don't get in our way!


?: Asshole! We'll just start with you instead!!


B(small): Lali-hooo


B: Hehehhhh! There's no way we're taking that guy!

B: Right, Sebastian?

B: Uu!

B: Th...that dummy!


B: Moooove! I'm gonna run you over!

B: You crazy lunatic!!


B: Hiiiiih. That maniac's really out of control...

B: I didn't kill him, did I?

B: Hm?

B: When in the hell did you--?!

R: I grabbed onto the front wheel right when you took off.

B: You gotta be kiddin' me!!


A: Heheheheh! I'm here too.

B: Keh!

B: Well, I promised. I'll take you to the Point of Inaccessibility.

B: You sure you really wanna go...?

B: Really, for sure?

R: Stop wasting time...

B: Alright, alright! I'll take you, dammit!

B: I'm a man, after all! I'll take you where you wanna go!


B: It's been 8 hours since we left New Sodom.

B: I reckon we've flown about 3000 kilometers.

B: Wah!


B: Turbulence!! We must be getting closer to the Point of Inaccessibility!

B: Wh...what?!


B: H...hurricanes!!


B: This is the "Devil's Corridor" that leads to the Point of Inaccessibility!

R: "Devil's Corridor?!"

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