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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 74

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

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violence74 ARK OF TIME


M: You think I, God, needing "salvation"!?

M: And that I've never been loved by anyone?!

black: State-owned Penitentary


M: How, when you hate me so much, can you love your own children, when they too bear my blood?

B: Because I'm their mother...

M: Mother...?

B: Someone like you who doesn't know what a mother's warmth is could never understand....

M: Mother's warmth....


M: That's right. I don't know any mother's warmth.


R: What do you mean you don't know your own mother's warmth?!

Y: Mukai was raised without knowledge of not only his mother's, but any other human's warmth.

R: Yona!!

Y: Mukai has eternal life and an immortal body. He is a pathetic "being lost in time."

E: Being lost in time?!

Y: Riki-Oh, look up there.


Y: That is the Ark of Time Mukai used to come here from the year 2500.

Y: In other words, a time machine.

R: ...from the year 2500?!

R: Th...then he's a child from the future!!

Y: Riki-Oh, listen carefully. Your father is the last descendant from a group of zealots who distorted the salvation written in the bible and destroyed the human race.

R: The last descendant?


Y(right): In 1999, those zealots, who had been controlling the world from the shadows, started a nuclear war and destroyed the human race in order to erect "God's Kingdom."

Y(top left): But Jesus Christ did not appear.

Y(bottom left): In order to save them, without returning, Jesus Christ turned the earth into a "Death Star" impossible to live on for all eternity.


M: Silence, you senile old fool!

R: Please, Yona, continue!

Y: Having lost a planet to return to, as well as being discarded by "God," they chose their new path:

Y: to become "God" themselves.

R: Humans becoming God?

Y: According to them, the ability to freely control time, space, and life were the necessary conditions to become God. In a spaceship, they continued their research for generations, finally creating a "God."

R: Was that in the year 2500?


Y: Over the 500 years after they escaped from earth, after over 14 generations from a thousand people, the vitality of the inhabitants of the ship had begun to waste away, so much that reproduction soon became impossible.

Y: Through genetic manipulation, they staked everything on a baby with an immortal body, and then died out like a flame.

Y: That child was raised with an uninhabited ship as his mother, and a computer system as his only friend,

Y: and grew to become a heartless, emotionless zealot unlike any other.

Y: When he became 20 years old, utilizing the Ark of Time, crossed through time and space to return to the start of the 20th century.


Y: Mukai bears two names: the first Abraham, and the second, Christos.

R: Christos?!

R: Chris...

Y: In Greek, the name Christos means messiah.

Y: Mukai is meant to be the messiah, Christ.


R: Those mysterious words Aneyama mentioned, "Chris," And "Crystal," were alluding to Christ, then?!

Y: Mukai's orders were to complete "God's Plan" by destroying the human race yet keeping the world intact.

R: Th...that's impossible!

M: Fufufufufu...no, it's very possible,

M: my son.

R: What?!


M: By melting the ice of the North and South poles, the entire earth will be swallowed up by water!!


R: But how would you melt them?!

M: A pole shift.

M: By shifting Earth's axis, the heat of the equator can be transferred to the two poles.

M: It works just like a spinning top. Even if certain points on the earth seem quiet, they'll actually be shifting in subliminal amounts.

M: And somehow, the unrest things like war and economic depression bring to human's hearts seem to shift the earth in greater amounts.


R: This shifting the earth's axis brings unrest in people's hearts, then?

M: No. The unrest in people's hearts causes the earth's axis to shift.

R: You mean humans are consciously shifting the earth's axis?

M: Now do you know why I caused the German and Japanese military to self-destruct?

M: Why I forced America and the Soviet Union to go against each other? Why I placed fear of nuclear weapons and the cold war over mankind?

R: You were trying to force a pole shift by having humans shift the earth's axis through their own fear!

M: And now my plan is 90% complete.


M(2b): Do you understand now? You are both my ancestor and my son!

M: The beginning and the end!

M: In other words, just like the Snake of Ouroborus! Fahahahaha!!

R: Uuuuu...

Y: Mukai, you are a sorrowful man.


Y: You have never loved nor been loved by anyone!

Y: Just like your son Riki-Oh said, the God you are is in need of salvation!!


M: You still say I've never loved anyone...?

M: There is one time in my life when I have truly loved someone.

M: No, even now, I still love that person!


M: I will always love Hanna!

M: To me, she was everything.

M: My mother, my sister, my daughter. A single light to brighten the deep darkness I've always known.

M: B...but she would not receive my love, replacing her hatred instead with love for her children.

M: I was jealous of those children!


M: I...I loved Hanna so much that I ripped her away from those children, and had her executed!

R: You went that far...

M(2b): NOW, SON! HATE ME!!

M: Detest me, who has ripped your mother forever from you!!


R: The hatred I once had for you has completely disappeared frm my heart this instant.

R: You aren't the enemy I should hate anymore.

R: You're the person whose sadness I must understand.

M: What?!

Y: Riki-Oh, what are you...?


R: As an ancestor of Mukai, and one responsible for the destruction of the human race, I choose to take my own life.

Y: It..can't be!

R: The greatest right a human has is the right to take their own life. But choosing to kill oneself out of disillusionment is foolish.


R: That's why, for the sake of the future, and for the sake of hope, I will take my own life!!

M: Stop!!

R: Uuuu...

Y: Mukai....

M: Stop this, Riki-Oh...

R: Uuu...


R: What?!

R: Riki-Oh. W...watch this.

R: Th...this is the proof of my love to Hanna!


R: Im...impossible!

R: Wh...why?!


R: Wa...wait...

R: Wa....


R: Please, wait!

R: Fatheeeeeerrrrrrrr!

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