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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 75

Riki-Oh #75

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

-> RTS Page for Riki-Oh 75

last violence THE REMAINING DAYS

M(2b): You...you acknowledged me as your father?
R: I...I've always been shouting that, deep within my heart.
R: Father...
M: Uuuu....


R: The palace turned to ice...

Y: All of this was an illusion created by Mukai's mind.
Y: As his will weakened, the illusion disappeared.
Y: His servants reading the bible turned to stone...
R: All of this was an illusion my father created....
M: Riki-Oh.
M: I have done many wrongs.

M: By destroying humanity, I hoped to erase the mistakes of the past, and bring all their dead spirits to salvation.
M: But the one who was attached to the past more than anyone, and wished for nothing more than the bonds of a "father," was I.
M: By hearing the voice of my child call out to his father, I have realized the error of my ways.
R: Take this.

R: This is mother's bayonet.
M: Riki-Oh, laugh at your idiot father. With this, there is no other reason for me to exist in this world!
M: Use that bayonet, filled with Hanna's emotion, and put your father to rest for all eternity!!

M: Now, Riki-Oh!
M: Stab me wit hthat blade!
M: Free me from the pain of immortality!!
R: Th...there's....
R: There's no way I could do that!
M: Please hand to me eternal slumber.
M: There is no meaning for me left in this world!!
R: Uuu....

Y(2b): "God" is seeking salvation. Mukai is wishing for eteranl darkness.
Y: Riki-Oh! If you have the heart to forgive your father, then you will give peace to his soul!
R: The hand of God's salvation...

R: The hand of God's salvation
M: Son!!
M: Send me to Hanna's side!!

R: Faaaaaattttttttthhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr!


R: Fa....ther.
R: Sleep peacefully at my mother's side.

M: Son....
M: You are the only proof that your father existed in the "world of humans." And the only seed of hope.
R: Father...

R: Father!!
M: Riki-Ohhhhh!!
R: Father...
M: Riki-Oh, as a man's son, there is a duty you must perform.
M: Your duty to play the "Flute of Life" to all those who feel the "Flute of Destruction," when hardships rear their heads once more.

M: Disaster will certainly come again,
M: in order to judge the "karma" of the universe.
M: But you cannot fear and dispear toward this disaster. In the remaining days, you must play the "Flute of Life" to all that will hear it. If human still dream of the shining future within their hearts, then tomorrow will always come.

Y: The foundation of the palace is crumbling!
Y: Run!!
Y: Riki-Ohhhhh!
R: Akuta, Bill!
B: Riki-Oh, hurry, hurry! Get over here!!

Y: Now go, Riki-Oh!
Y: This underground passage connects to the Pacific Ocean. The big fish will show you the way.
R: What about you, Yona?
Y: Hohoho. Now that Mukai is gone from this world, there is no reason for me to remain.
Y: This long life of mine has become boring.
R: Yona, could it be that you are also a descendant from the ten families of Judeah!?
Y: Don't ask me about boring stuff from the past like that. Young people should just think about the future.
Y: Now go, Riki-Oh!

?: Ku....kuku...
R: Y...you're!

G: These ones have all gone beyond love and hate, and passed on to the next world.
G(2b): "Forgiving, and being forgiven by humans will allow people to forgive themselves." And now they wait to be reincarnated.
G(2b): Everyone in this world has been "forgiven." This material world is nothing less than the "world after death."
R: Then, have I too been forgiven?!
G: Birth...birth...birth...birth. Everyone is born in darkness.
G: Death...death...death...death.
G: Everyone dies in darkness...

B: Hey Akuta, wake up!
A: Uuu....h...huh?! Riki-Oh...
B: Look over there.

?: Father, what is that?!
R: This...
R: This is the Flute of Life.

[12]Riki-Oh / End

Translation Post-Script: Well, I have to say, I had a great time translating Riki-Oh. The story was fast-paced, hilarious, shocking, and overall entertaining to read. I have to say, though, these final two volumes were very strange, and it really seems like Takajou Masahiko lost interest in his own manga and ended up slopping together some half-assed ending. Even in volume 10, I could tell that things were starting to go a bit awry, especially with the "undead" Baron who was able to survive as a skeleton but never had any of his secrets explained. And then Aneyama getting away was just crap, in my opinion. It's pretty disappointing that it had to end this way, but I guess it can be seen as a testament to how good the first ten volumes were. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it, and keep an eye out for future releases!!

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