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Variante 5

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Variante

-> RTS Page for Variante 5

?: Next up, Iidabashi.
Guy: Ii...!?
SFX: Bushi
Girl: Kyaaaahhh!

Box SFX: Bau bau
Doctor: Begin.
Guy: OK.

Dog: Gauuh
SFX: Gyan

Doctor: No matter how many times I watch it, her ability still amazes me.
Doctor: Although, it seems that as of now, it's acting merely as a defense mechanism to any type of terror she feels.
Doctor: Compared to before though, it seems as if her destructive power is greatly increased when she fights of her own will.
Guy: Throwing her into real combat is out of the question.
Doctor: That all depends on her own attitude, though.
SFX: Gachi, gachi
Doctor: Are you alright? Aiko-san.

Aiko: --Yes.
Aiko: I'm fine now.
Guy: What's the situation?!
SFX: U...uwaaaahhh!
Dude: It's not looking good. The third squad that entered through the station has been totally wiped out!!
Dude: Should we even call for reinforcements!?
Guy: ...No.
Guy: No matter how many we send in, it'll all end up the same way.
Guy: --Shit!

Guy: We have no choice put to rely on her, do we?
Guy: I need to contact the research center!
Doctor: What is it? Shouldn't she be sleeping now?
Guy: That's the thing...she's showing signs of minor stress and agitation.
Guy: It seems like she hasn't slept for a few days now.
Doctor: ....We can't overdo it...

Guy: We've just received an update on the subway from Investigator Sudou!!
Guy: They're having a really tough time...
Guy: What should we do, Project Manager!?
Doctor: Time to go,
D: Aiko-san.
SFX: Pah
A: This is it...!!
A: What should I do? My legs are trembling...

D: You've decided to keep living, haven't you?
D: Will you live with that left arm of yours?
D: Or shall we kill you with a dose of formaline?
D: Decide on your own.
A: I...still...
A: ...don't want to die...
A: Even with this, arm, I think I can live...
A: There has to be a place where I can go...
S: It doesn't matter what you look like.
S: No matter how many tears you cry, if you keep looking forward, you can always find a reason to live, can't you?
S: Also...

S: Places where you can be...
S: ...are always built from the inside out.
A: That's right.
A: I have to keep looking forward.
A: If using this arm to fight is the only way I have left of living on..
A: Then I have no choice.
A: With this arm....
A: Though I may turn into something unspeakable...

A: No matter what happens to me,
A: I will always still be me!
S: What's the status on the chimera?
Guy: They're currently inside the station.

Guy: After "feeding" on so much, they're feeling content enough to sit idly by.
S: Shit...those bastards...!
Old guy: Did something happen?
Police: No, it's fine!
S: If we don't do something fast, things'll get really bad.
S: Where are you, Kochigawa?!
K: We'll monitor this from here on out.
K: To think that her first battle would be at one of your scenes...
K: You and she truly must be connected.
S: Kochigawa!
S: Is this really alright?!
K: ...who knows.
K: The possibility of variation within the arm is 95%.
K: And we're quite unsure as to whether she really can defeat the enemies.
K: But to ensure that she doesn't become a weapon of the military, this is all we can do, isn't it?

S: Aiko!
S: H..hey, what's that outfit about? (At least put on a defense suit!)
Guy: It's much easier for her to use her ability without any protective coverings.
S: ...I'm sorry.
S: There's no excuse for things turning out the way they are now.
S: But I didn't say what I did back there just so I could use you later.
S: I just wanted to...

A: I understand.
A: That's why I came here.
A: To create a place where I belong...
S: Aiko...
S: ...do your best.
S: Aiko...!

A: Where...?
A: Where...
A: ...are the chimera?
?: Aiko...listen to me.
A: Tha...that surprised me!

?: The chimera are close behind you.
?: Behind those stairs.
?: Listen, you can't compare these ones to the two you destroyed earlier.
?: Be careful.
D: Hey, Sudou-kun, don't just give orders randomly like that.
D: We're in charge of her...
S: I'm just explaining the truth to her.
S: Besides, this is my scene, so I have a right to command too...
S: Lastly,
S: Aiko...

S: It's got to be terrible down there...
S: But you can't pull your eyes away.

A: ....gh.
A: Hiiih...

A: ...Ah...
A: Ahhh...

S: Aiko!!
A: Nooo...
A: I'm scared...
A: Iyaaaahhh...
A: I'm too scared...!!
A: Fighting with monsters like that...
A: I just can't do it!
S: Hey, look....

A: My arm is...
A: fighting...!?

D: No...this is just her arm protecting the body from any injury.
S: Fight, Aiko!
S: Aren't you going to create a place to belong?!
A: That's right, I have to.
A: I may be scared, and I may cry, but I have to stand and look forward.

A: If I don't, I'll be killed!

D: Now I see why the troops had problems...
D: These chimera are much larger, as well as nimbler than their counterparts...they must be rather hard to take on.
S: Stop making a passive analysis!
S: What are you doing?!
A: Wha...what?
A: It didn't hit him...
A: That didn't work!
A: Left...
A: ...right.
A: Up...!
A: If I watch its movements...
A: Yes!
A: Faster....

A: I've got to kill it quickly like this!!

S: Aiko!!
S: This is bad! Hurry up, get her out of there!
P: Y..yes...
D: What a section! I can't let you do such a reckless thing!
D: I won't let you order them to go retrieve her!
S: But look at her...this is useless!

D: I told you already, we're the ones in charge of her!
S: This isn't the time to be saying that!
Guy: Ah..
Guy: Look at this!
S: Aiko...?

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#1. by zefur ()
Posted on Jan 27, 2009
Do you Know where i can get the raws of this manga iv been lookin for ages
#2. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Jan 27, 2009
Unfortunately I haven't translated this in ages so I have no idea. Maximum7 was doing some more chapters a while back so you might want to ask them.
#3. by zefur ()
Posted on Jan 27, 2009
Ok thanx ill see if i can get in touch with them i was enjoying that series while it was being scanlated
#4. by ExiledVip3r ()
Posted on Jan 27, 2009
"Ok thanx ill see if i can get in touch with them i was enjoying that series while it was being scanlated "

We're still scanlating it. We're just waiting on our translation for the next chapter, hopefully we'll be releasing it soon.
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