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Kirinji (One-Shot)

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 12:40 | Go to Kirinji

-> RTS Page for Kirinji


tl by molokidan

?: It happened a long time ago...
?: On a night when lightning thundered through the sky...

?: A single oni came down to an old temple...
?: carrying two sticks in his hands, and with a frightening expression on his face..
?: birds and beasts ran to the hills, and the villagers shivered in fright within their houses.

?: However, all the oni did was stab the two sticks into a stump and leave.
?: Once morning came, the strongest man in the village attempted to pull them out, but no matter how hard he tried, was unable to do so.
?: After that, people began to say that those sticks were possessed with the oni's soul.
Sign on the right stick: "ONI or KI" (Demon)
Sign on the left: "RIN" (Dignity)

Saruwatari Tetsuya

O: Awaken me from my slumber...
O: I shall awaken, in order to feast on the entrails of evil humans infested with greed.

Box: Central Africa

G: T...there! R...right over there!
M: Ohh! F...finally, we found it!
M: Th...this is...

M: Th...this is Gellerman's Coffin!

M: A...alright, let's take it back.
G: But sir, that isn't what you promised!
G: You just said you wanted to come see it!
M: If it's money you want, I'll pay up!
G: No! It's not about that! This coffin...

M: I'm of the belief that a man should be able to get his hands on whatever he wants.
M: Now bring it up!
G: Ahhh, I got separated from them...
G: I'm tired of this!
G: My hair is all frizzled out, my skin's dry, and as if things weren't bad enough, I'm surrounded by malaria-infected flies and bloodsucking leeches...
G: Ahh, I can't wait to get back to Japan...
G: Hm?

G(2b): Ahhh! I'm going to die in Africa! I worked so hard to protect my chastity for 20 years, and now I'm gonna die a virgin...
?: Daaaaaaa!

G: Wh...what?
G(small): Uwah! A butt...
B: One-eye....! Today we settle this!
B: Uuu!

B: A...argh...this hurts...
B: Daaaaa!

B: Daaaaaaa!
G: No way!

B: Heheheh! I finally got ol' one-eye!
B: Now I'm gonna eat you to pay you back for all those cows of mine you ate!
B: Who are you?
G: Eh?
B: A Chino (Chinese)? Or a Mujapar (Japanese)?
G: Wh...what?
B: I can speak Japanese you know!
G: Ehh? Are you Japanese?
B: I dunno!
sfx: momi momi
G: What are you doing?!
B: Owwww! My grandpa told me that if I ever meet a Jpaanese girl I should squeeze her boobs and her butt...
B(small): He said it's Japanese etiquette...
G: Your grandpa...?

J: Mufufu...that's me!
B: Grandpa's real playful!
G: Geh!
G: Kyaaa! What are you doing?!
J: Fugahh!
J: Nahahaha! Sorry, sorry! It's just been a while since I've seen a Japanese girlie!
J: But boy, was that a nice view...
G: Don't brag while you're bleeding!
B(2b): But hey, gramps, look at this! I finally got ol' one-eye! It's the python all those Marian Morans (warriors) were afraid of!
J: Hoh! I guess we'll be having teriyaki python for dinner tonight then!
G: J-just who are you two?
J: Hm?
J(2b): My name is Zetsurin, 70 yeras old. I'm a man who knows the difference between things.
J: Manly, right?

J: He's Taku!
J: When I first came here and was wandering around the jungle, I picked him up!
B: Well? I'm pretty awesome, huh?
G: What are you boasting about?!
G: My name is Shiratori Reiko. I'm a journalist from Tokyo.
G(small): I'm one of those city gals!
G: I live in Roppongi, too...
G: But there's been a lot of bumpkins showing up lately...
B(2b): Gramps! It's the Masaian's emergency gathering flute! I'm gonna go check it out!
J: OK!
G: Eh?
J(2b): We're finally alone now, miss! I may be up in my years, but my vitality and technique hasn't withered one bit! Mufufufufu!
J: Let's go eat that python and cultivate our love!
G: What are you thinking, you perverted old man?!

J: Wh-what happened here?!
J: Gellerman's Coffin was stolen!
G: Gellerman's Coffin...you mean the coffin that's said to house one of ancient Africa's most sacred treasures?!
J: There's no sacred anything in there...
J: The only thing in that coffin is a monster sealed by King Solomon himself!
G: King Solomon?!
G: Monster?!

J: King Solomon, who brought Israel to prosperity in approximately 30 A.D.
J: King Solomon was not only the scholarly author of "Proverbs," "The Book of Commandments," and "Psalms," 3 books in the Bible, but also a practiced and formidable warlock.
* line: 600 talents = approx. 21 tons.
J: Solomon is cited as having used monsters to accumulate over 600 talents of gold,
J: and Gellerman was apparently one of the most cruel, atrocious monsters of them all. It's said that when Gellerman appears, the sky will be shut into darkness, the earth will split open, and that entire countries will be destroyed.

B: Gramps, is that monster stronger than one-eye?
J: Way stronger!
B: I wonder who stole the coffin, though?
R: Th..that was...
R(2b): The Director of one of Japan's most prominent conglomerates, the Tsutsui Group, Tsutsui Kenzou.
R: Tsutsui is a collector of antiques, and has recently been devoting his energy to searching for ancient ones.
R: The truth is, I came here to investigate this very case.
B: But he must be a bad guy if he killed people like this!
B: One-eye ate cows and pigs, but he never ate humans!

G: I don't have time to be standing around like this! I need to get back to Japan!
B: Wait a minute, sis!
G: Gyaaaaa!
G: What are you doing?!
G: Wanna get punched?
B: I wanna go to Japan too!
J: Eh?
G: Eh?
B: I wanna fight someone stronger than one-eye!

Box: Tokyo
Tsutsui Estate

P: Hey, something smell weird to you?
P: Wh...what the?!
P: Uwahhhhh!

P: Uuu
P: Uu

G: Guheheh...how many thousands of years has it been since I sucked up a human life?
G: Damn, does that taste good!

B: Woooow! So this is Tokyo?!

B: Sis, sis, what's that?!
R: A train.
B: And that?!
R: McDonald's.
B: And that?!
R: A traffic light, okay?!
R: This isn't Africa! It has a bunch of stuff like lights, McDonald's, and trains! It's a big city!
R: And what's with these clothes? You've got to find something better to wear...
B: Heheheh! An old Masaian lady gave me this cloak!
B: I stole the clothes from a hunter!
B: Ahh, look, gramps! It's a Cutao!

T(2b): So you three came to falsely accuse me of something, eh? I didn't bring back the Gellerman Coffin with me!
R: What?!
T: Do you think I, one of the most successful businessmen in Japan, would resort to murder and theft?
J: Mr. Tsutsui, there is a monster sealed in that coffin.
B: Yeah! He's a super tough one, too!

J(2b): Gellerman is said to grow by sucking up human lives, and can also strengthen his magical powers by eating the innards of evil humans. So if we don't act fast, we'll be in big trouble.
T: Hmph! Ridiculous!
T: If it's money you want, fine! Just get out of here!
B: Gramps, this guy really is worse than one-eye!
T: C'mon! Crawl on the floor like dogs and grab up your money!!
T: Eh?

R: Kyaaaaa!
G: Veheheheh...got you!

B: There's the monster!
B: Daaaaaa!
G: Fool!
R: Taku!

B: He really is strong...
B: This is exciting!
G: Guheheheh....seems like you're more of a lump of a greed than you are human!
G: If I eat you, I'll become way more powerful!
T: Hiiieeeee!
B: You think I'm gonna let you do that?!
G: Silence!
G: Tch!

B: Daaaaaa!
G: Ugah!
B: Heheheh! How do you like that?!

G: uu!
B: Gramps!
G: A...Astaroth's Curse...to think you'd use that...

J: Ugahhh!
B: Grandpa!
R: Gramps!
G(2b): Bwahahaha, remember this, you little brat! The next time we eat, your brains will be my dinner!

B: Are you alright, gramps?!
J: Yes, I'm fine...
J(2b): But to think Gellerman's gotten that strong already...if we don't act fast, the sacrificies will only increase...and Gellerman will reach perfect evolution!
B: That monster's going to get even stronger?!
B(small): Not fair!
J: Tsutsui-san, it seems like you finally saw Gellerman for yourself.
J: And now he wants to eat you!
T: What?!
J: If he eats the innards of such a greedy person as yourself, his strength will increase exponentially.
T: Uuu..
R(2b): Just who are you, gramps? You know so much about monsters, you can recite curses...
R(small) Something's fishy here...
J: Hoh hoh hoh! You'll soon find out!

Box: Kourai Temple

M: 40th Head Priest of the Kourai Sect, Master Zetsurin...welcome home!
Z: Mm!
* Line: Monoimi: A ceremony tha takes place before exorcisms and in order to prevent disasters.
R: Wooow, gramps! You're actually a head priest!
R(small): I wondered, you know, whether you were really someone famous or not!
Z: Well, I did get sick of this formality-ridden world and ran away 15 years ago, you know...
Z(small): I need to be free, you know!
P: Master, we have made preparations for the Monoimi.
Z: Mm!

B: But gramps, why are we protecting this man? He's a bad guy!
T: I don't ever remember asking to be protected!
R: Come on, come on...
B: Ugahhhh! (I'm gonna punch ya!)
T: Hmph!
B: Gramps, what is that?
Z: Those are Kirin's Staves.
Z: Within those staves reside spiritual powers, and only the chosen human can pull them out.

Z: When the staves are pulled out and the "Ki" and "Rin" signs united, the oni will supposedly possess the puller.
B: So that's what you were always talking about, gramps! Those oni sticks or whatever!
Z: Mm!

B: It seems like gramps has really gotten serious since coming back to Japan...
B(small): This is boring...
R: We're being attacked by monsters, so of course he is! You're the only one who hasn't gotten serious yet!
B: But will doing this really help us beat the monster?
B: Wh...what?!
B: Monster?!

Z: They are zombies who've had their lives suckedo ut by Gellerman!
Z: Taku, I'm counting on you!
Z: Let us continue the ceremony!
M: Yes sir!
T: Daaaaa!

R: Help!
R: Stop it!
B: Not like it matters, but...sis, you're strong!
R: What are you saying to such a cute lady like me?! How rude!
R(small): What's strong about me?!
T: Uuu...
T: Uu...

T: Uooooohhh! Die, you stupid priest!
Z: Wh-what?!
B: Gramps!
Z: Wh-what are you...

T: Before you came, I made a deal with Gellerman!
B: What?!
T: Fufufu...if I assist Gellerman, he said he'd give me all of Solomon's treasures!
* line: It is said that even now in present day King Solomon's treasures are hidden somewhere.
Z: Y...you utter fool! That's how he figured out just how evil of a man you are!
Z: Giving into temptation from a demon and selling off the souls of other humans...
T: King Solomon used demonic power to bring glory to his kingdom, and I intend to do the same!
B: You bastard! How dare you do that to grandpa!!

B: Uwahhhh!
B: Gellerman!

G: Here's payback for earlier!
B: Uwaahahhhhh!

R: Taku!
G: Guheheheh...have you realized the true horrors of my powre?!
G: Hm?

B: Uuuu...
B: I...I h...haven't lost yet...
G: Tch!
T: Wh...what are you doing?!

G: Fuheheheh....you can't possibly defeat me!
G: I ate the souls of 20 other humans even before coming here!
B: Uuu...
G: Fuheheh! Don't make such a sad face!
G: I've come to like you!
G: Sure, I eat humans, but I don't really like killing little kids like you.
G: That's all there is to it.
T: Hiiee!
T: What are you doing, Gellerman?! I'm your ally!

G: Shut up, you piece of shit!
G: How about it? Kill this man and I'll spare you!
B: What?!
G: Hiiee!
G: Why do you hesitate?! He tricked you and tried to kill you all!
G: You were injured because of him!
B: Uuuuu...
R: Ta...Taku...

G: No one could possibly blame you for killing this guy! Anyone would do it!
G: If he was in your position, he'd kill you without a second thought!
G: Ueheheh...humans never think of anything but their own lives, after all...
B: Uuuu...
G: That's it! Kill!
T: Hiieeee!
G: C'mon! Kill him!

B: Uoooohhhhhhhhh!
J: Takuuuuuuu!
T: Hiiieeeeee!
G: Uguhhhhh!

B: I...I'm no monster!
J: Taku, pull the staves!
J: You, more than anyone, should be able to!
T: Uuuu...
T: Gramps...

G: You little pissworm! Now I'm really gonna suck out your brains!
J: Pull them out!
J: Connect your mind with the heavens, and the supernatural powers should pass over to you!

B: Uoohhhhhhhh! God of all Oni!!
B: If you're there, please, give me strength!
G: What?!

B: I...I did it!
B: Gramps, I did it!
R: He's already...
B: Graaaaaamps!

G: Guheheh! What are you trying to do with those little sticks?!
B: Daaaaa!
G: Uaaaaahhhhhh!

T: Hiiieee!
G: Uuuu...wh-what is this power?!
B: I...I will never forgive you!

G: Curses!
T: Hiiieeee!

G: I'm gonna eat your guts and power up!
T: Ugyaaaahhhhhh!
B: Gellerman!
B: Daaaaaaaaaaaa!

B: Uuu....
G: Heheheh! That won't work on me!
G: Now it's my turn!
B: Wh...what?!

B: Uuu!

G: Time to show you my true power!
B: Th...this is!

B: Ugaaahhhhh!
G: Buheheh! Diiieeeee!
J: When the "Ki" and "Rin" signs are united, the oni will possess the puller.

B: Ugaaaaahhhhhhh!

G: Uuuu?!
B: Daaaaaaaa!
G: Ugagagagaaaaaahhhhh!

B: Gramps!
R: Uuu...why, gramps...?
R: Eh?
R: Gyaaaa!
J: Nahahaha! Taku, good job!
J: I just thought I'd give you a little motivation! You thought I died, huh? But don't worry, my body and my schlong are both in tip-top shape!
B: Gramps!

G: Don't think this is over yet...
G: As long as humans lust, we demons will continue to be reborn...uheheheheh...

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