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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Dragon Ball 43

The Mysterious Jackie Chun

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 28, 2009 03:51 | Go to Dragon Ball

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tl by molokidan

B: Jackie fell right into Kuririn's panty trap...and taking a kick, was thrown completely out of the ring!!!!
J: D-dammiiiiiiit!!!!
J: I couldn't resist grabbing those pantiiiiiiiieees!!!
A: What a pathetic loss for Jackie Chun!! But there really is nothing he can do at this stage!!
K: I...I woooooon!!!
C: Ohhhhhhhh!!
Y: I-if that old man really is Muten Roushi, then he's got to do something...!!

K: S-shiiiiit!!
K: If I fall here I'll lose!
K: I-I've got no choice...!!!
K: Kaaaaaameeeeeeeee
K: haaaaaameeeeeeee...


G: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!
K: Eh?!

R: Ton
R: I'm baaack.
K: Wh-wh-wh...wh...
K: What the hell!!!?

B: H...h...haven't I seen that somewhere before...?
G: Th...the Kamehameha...!!
G: T-that was the Kamehameha, right?!
R: Well, yeah.
A: Th...the Kamehameha...
K: Ka...Kamehameha...?!
K: B...but that's...impossible...!
A: A-a-a-amazing!!! The Kamehameha!!! He just did the Kamehamehaaaa!!!
A: The only person in the world able to do such an attack is Muten Roushi, but now, we just saw another person do it before our eyes!!!!

A: This is the first time I've ever seen the Kamehameha!!! It truly is an amazing technique!! What a surprise!!!
Y: What are you saying?! That man IS Muten Roushi!! I knew it!!
A: Despite Jackie Chun being a nameless fighter, he refuses to cease in showing us unbelievable move after unbelievable move!! Awesome, awesome!! What awesome power!!
J: If you're a girl, I'll give you my autograph.
J: Now then....
J: If we drag this out too long, we won't have time for the final match, so how about we end things here...?
K: G-Gokuu!! What should I do?!
G: Win!! That's all you can do!!
K: Y-you call that advice...?!
K: D...dammiiiiit...

K: Eeeeeeeiiiiii! I'll just break you apart with this, then!!!
R: Fool...getting out of control like that is exactly what your opponent's hoping for!
R: Hoh!
K: O-owwwwww!!
R: Fua, ha, ha...the wall's the only thing that broke apart.

K: Sh-shut up!! Enough already!!!
K: Ehh?!
G: No, Kuririn!! Behind you!! He went behind you!!!
K: Eh?!

R: Ton
K: Ahhh...
R: Peace!
A: D-down!!! Kuririn is dooooown!!! O-one! ...two! ...three...!
R: You don't even need to do a count.
R: He won't be standing for a while...

G: It...it's no good...
A: ...seven...
A: eight...
A: nine...
A: Ten!!! Kuririn has been knocked out!!! Jackie Chun is the winnerrrrrr!!!!
Y: Wh...what speed...
Y: He...he left an after-image when he moved...
B: Ehhoh!
B: Ehhoh!
G: Awwww...
G: Kuririn lost...

A: Now that Jackie Chun has won this battle, it means he will be fighting the winner of Battle #6 in the finals!!!
G: Hey, are you alright?
K: Owwww...
J: Looks like you still need more training.
Y: Of course you're strong! It's because you're really Muten Roushi-sama!
R: Hm?
G: Eh?
K: Mu-Muten Roushi-sama?
R: You're really persistent!
G: What are you saying, Yamucha! Grandpa's bald!
Y: Don't you know about wigs?

Y: If you'll excuse me for a second!
R: Wh-what are you doing?!
Y: Eeeiiii!!
R: Owwwwwwwww!!!!
Y: H...huh?
R: That really hurt!
Y: I got it!! That hair is real, and you normally wear a wig!!
R: Who the hell would do something like that?!
Y: That's it! Gokuu!!
Y: Your nose should be able to do the trick!! Sniff him and find out if he's really Muten Roushi-sama or not!!
K: Now that you mention it, he is really similar...even his voice...
G: I can't really tell...
G: There's some weird scent in the way...
Y: Ah...! C-cologne!!
R: I am a gentleman, after all.

A: Now, it is time to begin Battle #6!! Son Gokuu and Namu, please come to the stage!!
K: Gokuu!! You'll get my revenge on him in the finals, won't you?! I know you can do it!!
G: Yeah, I'll do my best!!
R: Hmmm...he has such a serious face, as usual...
Y: I'm positive he's Muten Roushi, though...
letters: To Be Continued

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