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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Dragon Ball 46

The Big Showdown

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 28, 2009 05:33 | Go to Dragon Ball

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tl by molokidan

A: He has won!! Son Gokuu!! Despite being a little boy, he was able to show us an unbelievable fight!!
A: Now, all that remains is his showdown against the overwhelmingly strong Jackie Chun!!
K: You did it, Gokuu!!!
G: Heheh!!
C: Incredible! He'll definitely win it now!!
B: That was so cool!!
P: He's so strong!!!

Y: Wow...!! He's really gotten stronger...now I don't even stand a chance against him.
R: Uuumumumu...to think he'd be able to do that much...
R: I'll be making a big mistake if I underestimate him even a little bit in this next round...
A: Namu, after suffering a painful defeat, must truly be feeling ashamed!! But he still displayed some excellent moves in that battle!!
N: I completely lost, boy...congratulations, I hope you are able to win.
G: Yeah! Thank you!!
A: And now, just as scheduled, it is time for the final match to declare the strongest under the heavens!!!
A: After a 10 minute intermission, we will set off the match!! Will the strongest under the heavens this time be challenger Son?! Or challenger Jackie?!

J: Going home? Aren't you going to watch the last battle?
N: Ah, yes...I don't have time to waste...
N: ...I'm sorry, villagers...I couldn't meet your expectations...I'll won't be able to bring back any water...
R: Hey, Namu-san! Take this with you.
R: Hoi.

R: Th...this is...
N: A Hoi-poi capsule, correct? But why...
R: Yeah, but...
R: there's nothing inside.
R: If you fill it up with water, you'll be able to take home as much as you want!
N: How...
N: how did you know about that...?!
R: I'm Muten Roushi.
R: Looking into peoples' hearts is like child's play to me.

N: S-so you really are Muten Roushi-sama...
R: Sssshh, sssshh!
R: No..no one heard that, right...?!
N: Wh-why did you enter this tournament in costume...?
R: You should know by now, but my two disciples, Kuririn, and Gokuu, also entered...
R: During their training, they increased their abilities far beyond any of my expectations...
R: Gokuu, especially, is a beastly person -- or should I say, a human gifted with natural power. As a result, he has unbelievable potential.
R: After fighting him yourself, I'm sure you realized that...
R: As a way to test their abilities, I had them enter the Tenkaichi Budoukai...

R: At any rate, they've become too strong.
R: I feared they might even be able to win the entire tournament...
R: But they're still just kids, as you can see. If they get too confident in their abilities, they won't be able to train properly for the rest of their lives.
R: I want them to become even greater martial artists than they are now!
R: And so I joined this tournament in a disguise, in order to teach them that there always exists someone better, in this world.
N: S-so that means that hair really is a wig?
R: Umu! I used a special adhesive to keep it from getting pulled off. It doesn't even itch!
N: I'm honored to have been able to talk with you...
N: Unfortunately, though, I must return this capsule to you...
N: As embarrassing as this is, I do not possess the money needed to buy enough water to fill this...
R: Hoh hoh hoh...

R: Around these parts, though, water is so abundant that people are allowed to take it as they please, for free!
N: Wha...
N: What...?!?!
A: Now!!! At last, it is time for the final showdown!!! Jackie Chun and Son Gokuu, please make your way onto the stage!!
A: Alrighty.
A: Guess I have to work hard for one more round...
N: Th-thank you so much, Muten Rou...er, Jackie-dono!!
N: I shall never forget your kindness!!
R: You can forget it! See ya!

R: Oh yeah.
R: Sorry, but is there one favor you could do for me?
N: Huh?
A: To our honored audience -- the moment you've all been waiting for is finally here!!! The conclusion to the Tenkaichi Budoukai!!!
A: Will the strongest under the heavens be Son?! Or will it be Jackie?! Will a child win?! Or will an elderly man?! The climax is about to unfold before your eyes!!!

K: Gokuu, do your best!! I know you'll definitely win!!
G: I won't give up!
Y: Don't lose to your disciple!
R: I told you, I'm not Muten Roushi! You're really getting annoying...
Y: It's no use playing dumb. I've already figured it out!
R: Oya?
R: Look, look!! Right over there! Isn't that guy Muten Roushi?!
Y: Ehh?!
Y: Ahhh!!!
Y: B-b...but...!!
Y: You're right...
Y: Th...then you really aren't Muten Roushi-sama...
R: That's what I've been telling you from the beginning!

A: Now, both contestants!!
A: Please, come out!!!
Y: Hey, that guy isn't Muten Roushi...
G: What?! So it really is someone else?
K: Well yeah, of course!
K: There's no way Muten Roushi-sama would enter this tournament.
G: So there really are other strong people in the world besides Grandpa Kamesennin!
N: Farewell...
A: Huh? Son-kun, you sure look happy!
G: Yeah! I'm so excited to fight against that strong grandpa!

R: The wild, innocent Gokuu...I won't lose...
R: It looks like I'll really have to get serious for the first time in a while...
A: It is now time for the final match in the Tenkaichi Budoukai to begin!!!!

R: I won't hold back.
G: Me neither!

K: goku... (*t/l note: he's shaking)

R: Keeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Next, #47. Kamehameha

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