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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Dragon Ball 54

Another Adventure!!

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 28, 2009 09:34 | Go to Dragon Ball

-> RTS Page for Dragon Ball 54


tl by molokidan

B: It was an extremely trying Tenkaichi Budoukai, but at the end of the close fight, Jackie Chun (Muten Roushi) was crowned as the shining victor!!
A: Let us all give our winner, Jackie, another round of applause!!!
A: Now then, here is the prize money of 500,000 zenni!
R: Thanks!
R: Hoo!
R: Now then...

R: Phew, finally finished...
A: Thank you all for coming! Please take care on your way home, and see you next tournament!
K: Congratulations!!
G: You really are strong, Grandpa!
R: You two both did very well!
R: See ya!
K: Farewell! Take care!
G: You'd better fight me again someday!
K: Muten Roushi-sama watched our fights, didn't he?!
G: Let's go see him!!
K: Hey, you look pretty tired out. Are you really that hungry?
G: Yeah, I feel like my stomach's gonna eat itself!
G: I wonder if I'll get to eat soon...

R: Gasa...
R: Yosh!
R: Nnnnnnkukukuhh!!
R: Oww!!
R: Owwwiiee...!
R: I really busted my ass for my disciples...
R: That last match really was dangerous, though...
R: Those two are truly incredible...

G: Where did he go off to?
B: He didn't watch at all!
Y: That's weird...
K: There's no way he could have missed the whole match...
R: Yahhoh!
G: Ah!
B: Where have you been?!
R: I was watching from the back, and after it finished I went to the bathroom!
K: So you watched our fights then!!
R: Of course!
R: Both of you
R: fought excellently!
R: You did well!

K: Gokuu was so close, wasn't he! If he hadn't been hungry, he might have been able to win!
G: Naaah, even if I hadn't been hungry, I think I would've lost! That Grandpa was super strong!
R: Exactly!
R: In this world, there is always a higher step above the highest! There still exists a ton of people stronger than you!!
R: You'll be mistaken to feel accomplished just after something like this! The road to martial arts isn't that easy!
R: Your real training starts from now!
G: Yeah!!!
K: Yes sir!!!
R: Hooo...I can't believe how much I suffered...
R: just to be able to say that...

R: Yosh!! Now, as a reward for showing me such great fights,
R: I'm going to treat you to dinner! Eat as much as you want!!
G: Dinner?!
G: H-hurry up and let me eat!!
G: This is the first time I've ever been this hungry!!
R: You all wanna come too?
O: Of course!
Sign: Delicious Youkan (*Leaf Hall)

G: Nguu!
G: Nguu!
O: You have a ferocious appetite, as usual...
R: B...bring out more!
W: Yes, sir!

G: Puhyaaah!
G: I sure ate a lot!
B: H...he ate enough for 30 people, didn't he...?
Y: N...no...that was enough for 50...
G: Hey, can you give me two more of these?
R: Wh...what are you, a monster...?
W: U...um, I am very sorry, but...
W: unfortunately we are out of ingredients...in fact...we can't cook anything else...
G: Ah well!
G: I guess it's good to eat moderately!

W: Th...that'll be 470,000 zenni.
R: Eh?
G: Thank you so much!!
R: N..no...it was nothing...
R: ...th...there goes my...prize money...gusun...
B: burorooon

Y: When you guys get back, are you going to keep training?
K: Of course!
R: No, no!
R: I've already taught you all I can.
R: You both need to take your own paths now.
R: Training on your own is best now.
R: You two should be more than able to do it.
G: Well then, I'm...
G: going to go find Grandpa's Dragonball!!
B: You're still thinking of going to look for that?!
G: Yeah!!
K: Wh-what's that?
G: It's the memoir my deceased Grandpa left to me.
G: I should be able to train, too, so it'll be perfect!!
O: We're sick of that stuff! Go by yourself!

R: Kuririn, what do you intend to do?
K: I haven't decided yet.
K: But I'd like to stay at your place for a bit longer, Muten Roushi-sama.
R: I...I see...umu...
R: Dammit...just when I thought I'd be able to get alone with Lunch-san...
Y: Oh yeah! Since you were nice enough to treat us to dinner, I figure I'd give you a ride back home.
R: Hoh!
R: That'll be great help.
B: Let's see...an airplane capsule, and...
G: Grandpa, is my stuff in there?
R: Hm?
R: I did happen to put it in, why?
G: See ya, everyone!
G: I'm gonna leave now with Kintoun!

K: You're leaving already?! Searching for that thingamajig?!
G: It's probably best if I leave as soon as possible!
R: What an impatient lad...
G: Kintouuuuuuun!!!
G: Heheh! Good boy!
R: Do your best and come back, Gokuu!
G: Yeah!!

K: Hey, is searching for those whatchamacallit-balls hard?
O: Yeah, really hard!
K: Gokuu! Should I come with you?!
G: It's fine, Kuririn! You can't ride on Kintoun anyway.
K: Th...that's right...
B: You know how to use the Dragon Radar, right?!
G: Yeah, I know!
G: See ya, everyone!!
G: Let's meet again soon!!
G: Byebyyyyyye!!
O: Take caaaare!!!
Y: He's gonna go searching by himself...?
R: Umu! Splendid!

B: Now then, will Gokuu successfully be able to find the Dragonballs this time? Just what awaits him...?! How exciting!!
O: ...geez...! How could you lose an airplane capsule?!
B: Shut up!! Even beautiful women make mistakes, you know!!
Y: Ahh!! W-we're out of gasoline...!!

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