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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Dragon Ball 61

Ninpou! The Four-and-a-half Tatami Counter!

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 28, 2009 13:26 | Go to Dragon Ball

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tl by molokidan

B: Gokuu has infiltrated the Red Ribbon Army's Muscle Tower in hopes of rescuing the village chief trapped at the top!! Defeat the Ninja Murasaki on 4F!!
W: Stop wasting time, Sergeant Murasaki!!
W: Just hurry up and destroy him!!!
M: Yes, General White!!
M: I shall at once!!
M: Playtime is over, kid...
M: I'm serious now!
G: Fine!

M: Fufufu...time to die.
G: Beeeeh! Like I'm gonna let you kill me.
M: You cocky little punk...! Is that how you speak to your elders...?!
M: I'm gonna skewer you!!
M: Tsuohhh!!!!

G: Yossh!!

M: Gyan!!
M: Nnguoooooohhhhhhh!!!!
M: Giehh!! Giehh!!
M: Hieeehhh!!
G: Hahahah! Look, you grew a tail! Just like me!

G: Lemme pull it off for you!
M: Ouuuu!!
M: Hahih!
M: Hahih!
G: Gyahahahahah
M: You...bastard...how dare you shame me like that...! I shall never forgive you!
M: Teeeeeeeeeiiiii!!!

M: Gu...kukuhh!!
G: Heheheh!
M: Tchiiih!!
G: Now it's my turn!
G: Yoh!
G: Hoih!! Toh!!
M: Wawahh!!

G: Tahh!!
M: Ahhhh!!
M: M-my famous sword, "Sasanishiki"!!! (*t/l note: Bamboo Brocade)
G: It can't compare to my Nyoi-bo!
G: You still wanna fight?!
M: Y...you're pretty good...
M: Fine, then let's just fight with our bare hands!
G: Bare hands?! OK!
M: Hoh...that's some confidence you've got...

M: Just kidding!!
G: Hieehh!!!
G: Hooh!
G: You said bare hands!!
G: Lying like that is a really cheap thing to do!!

M: You fool!!!
M: Everything's fair in a battle of life and death!!!
G: Oh...
G: Now that I mention it, I guess you're right.
M: Nyah

M: Mu fu fu...my Boomerang Shuriken!
M: See, that's how it's done, General White!
W: Alright!! Good job!! Excellent work, Sergeant Murasaki!!
G: Owwww...!!
M: Hm?!
M: Owwwww!!
M: Owwwwwwwwww!!
M: ...what...?

G: Yooossh!! Now I'm mad!
M: Wh-wh...what a hard head...!! You've got a diamond head, don't you?!
G: Uoooohhhhh!!!
M: Hiieeeehhh!!
M: Eat this!!!
G: Yoooosh, I'll just return these to you!

G: Here I come!!
M: Fu fu fu...
M: Let's see you throw those -- if you can!
G: Yoossh!!

M: Chieiii!!!
G: Ahh!!
M: Hahahahah! Did you see that?! The Ninpou Tatami Counter!! (*t/l note: 'Ninpou' means Ninja Art. Tatami are the straw mats in traditional Japanese houses.)
M: Hoiih!!
M: Heyy!!
M: Yoiyasah!!

G: Wooow!
M: Buhahahaha, how's that?! Amazing, wasn't it?!
M: Hohohhhh!!!
M: Ahhh!!
M: Th...there wasn't enough tatami...
M: I knew a four-and-a-half was too little...I should have got six...
M: Damn you...you're going to pay for that now...!!
G: You're pretty stubborn, you know...

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#1. by kakuzoo ()
Posted on Oct 17, 2009
Very good translation, please continue with other issues.
Great work man.
Level [S] Translator

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Alias: molokidan
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