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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Fourteen 2

Chicken George [2]

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 30, 2009 06:54 | Go to Fourteen

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*Only for use by Arienai!

tl by molokidan

Chapter One
Chicken George[2]

D: An eye!!
D: An eyeball!!
D: That can't be!!

D: How could a chicken breast cell have an eyeball...?!
D: Th-that isn't possible!! Chicken breast cells aren't supposed to grow into anything else.
D: This isn't just about having a bad batch...there's something fundamentally wrong here!!
sf: gih

D: N-no matter how I look at it, it's got to be an eyeball!! What's going on here?!
D: How could this happen?!
sfx: gih

sfx: bashah
G: What's wrong, Shigeno?
G: Did something happen?
S: N-no!!
sfx: guih
sfx: goboh

S: N-nothing's wrong!
S: I was just checking to see how the chicken cells were doing!!
S: But they're pretty much in good condition, there isn't a single thing to worry about.
S: Yep!! No reason to keep looking now.
G: Pretty much?
S: Busujima!
G: Wh-what?!
G: Wh-what are you doing, all of a sudden?

S: Come outside with me!
sfx: gih
sfx: gachah
B: Wh-why?!
B: Ahh, wh-why are you locking it?!
S: This place is my responsibility, I can't have people going in whenever they want.
S: Something horrible has happen.
B: Something horrible?
S: The truth is,
S: there was an eyeball!!
B: Eyeball?
S: N-no..."eyeball" is merely a strange hypothesis drawn from a theory I have, and nothing more.
S: Wait! It's still to early to even call it a hypothesis.

B: Hey, what are you talking about?
S: Nothing!! Just some thoughts I have about my food.
S: I'll wait until I have my thoughts together before I tell you about it!
S: So leave me alone for the time being!!
B: Wh-what's with you?!
S: That was close!!

B: If he saw what was in there, I probably would have been fired!!
S: No, even worse than getting fired...if someone ended up eating that, who knows what would happen!!
S: It won't just be the fault of the quality inspector alone!!
S: But, maybe an eyeball cell was mistakenly mixed in,
S: and it started to grow, that's all!!
sfx: gacha
sfx: gih
S: Whatever the case, it'll be terrible if anyone finds out about this!!
S: I'll have to inspect the situation by myself!!
sfx: gachan
S: If it really was just an eyeball cell that got mixed in,
S: Then all I need to do is throw it away and that'll be that.

S: But if that isn't the case...
sfx: sabuh
sfx: zazah
S: N-no matter how many times I check it, it really appears to be growing straight from the chicken breast cell!!
S: Ahhh!!

sfx: pikun
sfx: pikun
S: Uuuuuu!!
S: I-it's growing a heart!!
S: T-this thing is...
S: really alive!!
S: I-it's looking this way!!
S: T-that can't be possible!!
S: It must just be reacting to the light!

sfx: gih
sfx: gunih
S: N-no!!
S: It's looking straight at me!!
S: Uuuuuuu!!
S: I-if I'm going to throw it away, now's my chance!!
sfx: gunih
S: B-but!!
S: I can't do it!!
S: It's been looking at me all this time!!

G: Ah, Yoshiyuki-san.
G: This chicken tastes really good.
G: Why aren't you eating?
G: I don't want to eat it...
G: Oh yeah, you made this, didn't you, Yoshiyuki-san?
G: I guess people really don't like the taste of what they make themselves.
G: Oh, so this is where you were, Shigeno.

B: We sent your chicken out to the shipper earlier than planned.
B: There were so many orders that we had no choice.
S: Ehhh?!
sfx: gatan
G: Woah!!
sfx: dah
S: Ahh!!
S: Wh-what a travesty!!

sfx: gih
sfx: gih
S: There it is!!
S: I'm so glad I hid it in here!

sfx: zazah
S: Uuuuuuuuuu!!

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