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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

World Embryo 41

Childhood's End

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 2, 2009 05:02 | Go to World Embryo

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*reserved for dddk

tl by molokidan

N: ...calling.
N: Over there?
N: Someone...
N: Someone's
N: calling...Neene!

N: That dream...again...
N: Papa...
N: That person is "Amane-chan,"
N: Papa's sister.
N: Ricchan's most important family member...

N: Papa's Neene...
N: Then what...am I?

Chapter 41 - Childhood's End

A: He's gone...
A: Where did you go off to, Amami Riku...?
A: Mazaki Komaki became a Lost Rebound...she lost someone close to her...
A: ...is the person who disappeared...Amagatsuma Yui...?
A: Kensei!!

P: Any more?
A: If he's nearby I should be able to hear him...
P: Lazing around in the morning..
P: Shut up, papa!!
P: Did you see it yesterday?
P: You know, it.
P: Ahh, work...oh well.
A: Amami Riku...where are you...
P: Be quiet.
P: I can't hear.
P: Ignore her.
W: ...what was that?
W: Squad A recovered Test Subject #78?!
A: This is...
W: Weren't they just supposed to provide surveillance he finished school?!
W: It's so annoying when he just randomly decides stuff like this...
W: Did his partner...lost sight of him?!
W: Apparently she was chasing after him...

W: Should we recover her too?
R: Amami Riku was taken in by the HQ?!
W: No, for the time being this plan needs to be kept way below the radar. After everything is finished, that's when we'll deal with the rest of the people in the annexed department.
R: Secrets from the annexed dept?! They're also thinking about taking me in?!
W: ...aren't you overthinking this? I mean, why would the annexed dept. spill information to the "Monster"...
R: Information to the Monster?! What are they talking about...
W: The highest priority right now is the recovery of the suspected source of infection, and we're already working on that.
W: But to think it was that tiny girl...
R: ...Neene?!

J: Ahh, what a pain in the ass.
J: I'm really getting sick of coming to this place once a week. Why did they have to move so far away?
C: Kyaah!
J: Don't make such a sour face, I'll finish this ASAP.
C: I-I know that...
C: poooon
C: Oh my, oh my.
C: It looks really busy in here.

C: Ah, Kikomizu-san! What's everyone all wound up about?
K: Eh...uwah?!
K: Wh-why are you two here?!
C: Why? Today we have our medical examinations.
K: ...ahh!!
K: Sorry! We can't do them today! I forgot to mail you about it!
C: What do you mean?! Did something happen?
K: "No, nothing's wrong!" Ahahahaha!
K: A-additionally, every floor below B3 is under lockdown, so don't come down there, alright?! Bye!
C: ...that was really suspicious...
J: Yeah...does he think we're idiots?
K: Sorry to keep you waiting. How is he?

K: Isn't that a bit much?
W: Well, he did escape once before.
K: I see.
T: Don't misunderstand, Amami-kun.
T: I just want to know the truth.
T: That's why I expect that there is no reason for you to get out of control...no reason to make you wear those clothes...no reason to have to question you this way...
T: No reason for you not to answer my questions honestly.
T: Right, Amami-kun?
T: She grew quite a bit in such a short amount of time, didn't she? So much it seems unnatural.
T: After reconsidering the Kensei responses in the past, a great number of them were documented as being in places where you were.
T: And she was there with you, wasn't she?
T: Will you teach me? About...her...

K: Back then...if I hadn't seen her right then, I would have completely overlooked it...
K: We'll return to the base now.
K: The annexed dept. will continue searching for information about the island.
text at top: -One Month Ago during the Hatsumi Island Investigation-
S: ...understood.
K: Aw, come on, they made us bring out the helicopters just for this...?
W: What's wrong?
K: Is that...a child of the Amami family...?
S(small): What's wrong? Do you feel alright?

W: Oh yeah, back when we took in Test Subject #78, Youhei-kun brought her along...
W: Haha, wow...
W: I can't believe she's gotten so big already.
C: ...you're right. She shouldn't be that big...
K: Have you received any information regarding Amami Riku?
C: No, she hasn't told me a thing...
C: No...I wonder?
K: She was a child discovered at the ruins of the Kazama Hospital.
K: Her mother disappeared 2 years earlier...so she was 2 years old?
K: Then she should only be 4, right? And the attack on NEFT was in March.
C: ...looks like we'll have to open the investigation again...

R: There's something I want to ask you.
R: My classmate...Agatsuma-san...disappeared.
R: And there's a girl who became a Lost Rebound.
R: Since you were spying on us, you should know...
R: What...happened to her?!
C: You want me to answer your questions when you won't even answer mine?
C: Don't you think you're being a little selfish?
C: If you want to know, then answer my questions first.
R: That proves it.
R: The Chairwoman knows something.
R: She's hiding something and trying to shake me up instead.
R: ...could...Agatsuma-san have been...

R: Did they do it?!
C: ...that's quite a glare.
C: But if you don't answer soon...
C: Ahh, it looks like they're already here.

C: As you can see, they are now in our possession...so I suggest you start acting a little more matur...
W: Hey...!
W: Settle down...!!
R: I can't...Kensei?!
K: Jinki Users are powerless here.

K: This is an Anti-Kanshu Holding Chamber...we call it the "Birdcage."
K: It was built using the technology from those Jammer Pods the Disposal Units use.
K: Didn't I tell you?
K: Slowly but surely, our research on Jinki Cores is developing.
C: ...it's fine though. Go ahead and do whatever you want until you feel like talking.
C: I'll just ask Neene-chan about it, then...that other woman, too.

K: You're being too forceful. What are you trying to achieve by making him hate you even more?
C: ...night will be here soon. If Kanshu appear, the casualties will only increase.
C: Yesterday's casualties were just normal people, but tonight's may turn out to be some of us.
C: Exterminating the source of infection will eliminate all danger in one fell swoop,
C: and nights in which we can truly rest at ease will return.
C: If I have to make him hate me to achieve that, it will be a small price to pay.
K: Sure, but you're still being too forceful.
K: So you still really can't...
K: forgive yourself...

K: But at least now the fire seems to be moving farther away from the fuse...
A: Neene...Shizuru-san...
A: The B4F Quarantine Block...beyond here is...?
R: Why not?! Let me see Neene-chan!
W: There is a chance that you have been infected as well!

S: You said Neene-chan was infected with a virus and has experienced gene mutation as a result of time spent a Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare National Research Facility?
S: Even if that is the case, it doesn't mean you can just make us agree and force us to come with you like this!!
S: I've lived with her for about half a year now, and even done tests on her myself! I've never seen signs of any symptoms of an infection...
S: If that's the case, then you should know about its idiosyncrasies! But just saying something like "Even if she's alright now, later something might happen," it doesn't mean...
A: Beyond here is the memory treatment room...?
A: What do they intend to do with her...
W: Don't move!
W: Arisugawa Rena! We have received orders from the Chairwoman to retrieve you!
W: Do not resis...

A: Kuh! Dammit, already...
S: Rena...chan?
W: C...call the Dispo...
W: guh

C: What do you mean already? We could hear you walking all the way down the hall...
W(small): agaga...
A: Clara-senpai, Joe-senpai!
J: Looks like things are really heating up around here, eh? (Leave it to us!)
A: Shizuru-san, are you alright?
S: Rena-chan, you...wait.
S: Who are you people...
K: ...now this is surprising..
C: What? Explain it so I can understand.

K: She looks exactly the same as a human...
K: But there are numerous places in which she is completely different!

K: Like this Kensei reaction, despite the fact that she's sleeping...
K: Let's try administering this resonance fluid to her.
K: If she really is the source of infection...then this should...
N: That dream...again...
N: Someone really is calling me...
N: I have to go...
N: Someone always grabs my hand and stops me.
N: But...this time...

I: Ahh...
I: we finally "connected."

N: Neh...the source of infection.
N: Papa doesn't like you...
I: Haha...it's not like I'm trying to make him dislike me, though.
I: And besides, it's not like I myself am infected...well, anyway.
I: It looks like you finally opened up that present I gave you. Now we can talk directly.
I: Nice to meet you once again, Neene...no,
I: the final princess.
N: Eh...princess?
I: Yes, we can talk about that later.
I: Your papa's in trouble, you know.
N: Neh?! Papa is?

I: Yes, he got caught by a very scary auntie.
I: If no one saves him soon, something very bad will happen.
N: Eh? He'll be executed?!
I: That's a really extreme conclusion...well, I suppose something like that, though.
N: I wanna save him!!
I: Of course you do...let's save him, then.
N: But how?
I: It's easy...all you have to do is remember.
I: Remember what you can do...
I: Remember who you are.

I: That's it.
I: The world is yours.

K: She disappeared...
W: Are there any Kensei reactions?!
K: No...since when was she gone? I can't remember.
W: She's totally gone!
W: There is nothing currently being displayed on the monitors!!
K: It's like...I just now remembered that she was gone.
W: No...she's moving!
W: ...to the...birdcage?!
W: She's right next to #78!!
R: Nee...ne?

N: I came to save you,
N: papa!

K: ...they're gone?!
K: The lock's open!
K: Where are the Kensei signals?!
W: That's the thing...our monitors have all gone to white static, we can't be sure of anything at the moment!!
C: Humans can't just disappear!! Look harder!
C: Honestly, what are they doing...

C: Ama...?!
R: You said...you wanted to know hte truth, didn't you?
R: What a coincidence.
R: So do I!
black text: A rampaging main character...?!
For his family...
For Yui...!!

Next Issue: Feb. 28

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