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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 35

A Weak-Hearted Jaguar

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 2, 2009 12:26 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

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tl by molokidan

The 35th Recorder - A Weak-Hearted Jaguar
P: Uwah! Jaguar-san!
P: Wh...what's with your face...?!
P: What's wrong? Cavities?!
J: Yeah...
J: I got one...
J: I forgot to brush my teeth last night...
P: One day?!
P: That happened only after one day?!
J: What should I do, Piyohiko...
P: Wh...what should you do...?
P: Just go to the dentist...that looks dangerous!
J: No...
J: Dentists scare me.
P: Huh?

J: Pi...Piyohiko, do we really have to come here...?
P: What are you saying, all of a sudden...you'll be fine!
J: But, like...this dentist is really old...
J: even when I was a kid, he was old!
P: The fact that he's old should make you feel more at ease, though! This is his career after all.
P: Besides, his son might be doing it now anyway.
J: Ahh...oh yeah...
J: You might be right...
J: But I just can't shake it...what happened the first time I came here is still so vivid in my memory.
J: Hospitals have a certain unique air about them, right? Like, smells and sounds...that stuff is sorta scary...
J: It felt like I had become the test subject of an experiment or something. And the dentist was bug-eyed, like a monster...
J: But there was a cute doll hanging from the ceiling, so I looked at that and somehow felt more at ease...
J: and in the end, my cavity was eventually fixed.
J: From that point forward, me and dentists just...
J: Well, the cavity was fixed perfectly in the end, so I guess he did a pretty good job, but...
P: See? There's nothing to worry about!
P: Besides, memories from childhood always seem bigger than they actually were.
P: If you look at the dentist now he'll probably just seem like a normal person.
J: Oh...
J: Yeah...you're right!

J: Mr. Jaguar Junichi.
J: Oh! They're calling me.
J: W...well then, here I go. Hahaha...
J: I'll be fine, I'll be fine!
P: Yeah, hang in there.
P: Fufuh...I can't believe he's afraid of the dentist...
P: I'm surprised, I guess even Jaguar-san has cute qualities too.
J: I was right to bring Piyohiko with me...this place is nothing!
J: Dad said this dentist was the best in the world, too...I'll be fine...I'll be fine!
J: E...
J: Excuse me!
sfx: hahiih
sfx: haa
sfx: hahih
sfx: hahiih
sfx: hah
sfx: hahiih

sfx: hahiiih
sfx: hahiiiih
sfx: hahiiiih
D: We...welcoooome! hahiiih
sfx: hiiiih
sfx: hiiiih
J: I don't feel so good about this...
J: He's too old...he's too damn old!! Why hasn't he retired already?!
sfx: yahaah
J: And he's wearing a uniform like he's a hospital patient or something!
N: You'll be fine, you'll be fine. Although the doctor may look like this, he's the top in his field.
P(small): R...really?
N: He hasn't weakened at all -- he's gotten better, in fact!
J: Ahhh, I'm nervous...
J: But he didn't seem as bug-eyed as I remembered him.
J: I guess my memories really just seemed bigger than they were...
N: We're going to begin your check-up now, so please open your mouth.
sfx: hah x4
J: He's bug-eyed!!!

D: Open wiiiiiiide...
sfx: hah x5
J: Uuuuu...
J: Auuuu....
J: Ahhhh...
D: Hahiiihhh...
D: Tiiiime for the cleaaaaning...
sfx: haa x3
J: Scary...
J: His eyes are so scary!!
D: Gohoh gohoh
N: D...doctor!!
N: Your hands are shaking! Are you alright?!
N: Maybe you should take a quick rest...
D: haa x2
D: I...I muuuust heaaaal him...
N: But Doctor...! Trying to heal him with those hands is too dangerous!!
J: Don't push yourself...!
J: I'm begging you, don't push yourself!!
D: His mouth still needs me...!
sfx: haa x2
N(small): doctor...

J: H...holy shit!! Dentists really are scary after all!!
J: They're even scarier than I remember!!
J: Ahh...I wonder if that doll's still here...
J: If only it was here, maybe I could feel a little stronger...uuu...
J: Hmm?!
J: Ah...there!! I see something!!
J: The illumination is making it hard to see, but, could it possibly be...?!
J: Uwa...
N: That's dangerous!! Don't move around!!
J: N...nooooooo!!
J: Demons!! You're all demons!!
N: It's fine, calm down!
N: If you move, you'll die!!
N: Believe in the Doctor!!

sfx: hah x5
J: Ahhh...
P: Fufuh!
P: They must be fixing it now.
B: At the moment Piyohiko felt "If Jaguar-san was always this weak-hearted, it seems like we'd be able to become best friends,"
B: Jaguar was about to die from shock.

J: Waaooof

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