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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Kekkai Sensen -Mafuugai Kessha- 2

Watchman Leo

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 4, 2009 06:31 | Go to Kekkai Sensen -Mafuugai Kessha-

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KEKKAI SENSEN -Mafuugai Kessha- #2

tl by molokidan

Chapter 2 - Watchman Leo
C: You hurt?!
C: Shitmonkey...

Z: ...no, I'm fine.
C: ...tch.
C: ...not enough wounds.
Z: Keep it up and I'm gonna violate you, bitch!
Z: Now isn't the time to be worrying about me, though, we need to find the boss. Go look over there!
C: Why? If you're alive, then there's no way he could possibly be hurt.
Z: He was with the kid!!
C: ...oh yeah.
C: ..ahhh.
C: ...I knew it...
L: ...Mr. Klaus...covered...for me...!!!
K: ...why...?!
C: The fact that he did it for no particular reason makes it all the more like him.
C: If anything, I suppose it was because "you" were "there."
C: No matter how many times it happens, he never learns.
C: That's our boss.

F: ...I can hear it.
F: Mmmmm...
F: Yeah, I really can...
F: Looks like it "opened" in a very interesting place.
F: 71 dead, huh?
F: To be honest, that's still a pretty lonely number, but I won't complain.
F: If the half-god is able to get back together, the number of lives lost will rise exceedingly.
F: This is just like the beginning of the countdown to what that will bring.
F: Now then, representatives of the human race...
F: If you don't hurry up and find the gate so you can shut it off,
F: something terrible will happen.
F: The target's name is Yog-Gphot.
F: Its rank is Godlike Type 2.
F: Even after being split in two, it continues to live on.
F: We believe it's merely struggling to find its other half midst the immense pain.
F: Continue to divert it and keep the distance far.
F: Understand? If it gets too close, you're dead!
F: Is the first release point still yet to be secured?

Z: Hey, shithead!
Z: You really were the trigger after all, weren't you?!
L: No!
L: Uhh
L: Kukah
K: ...you're wrong.
K: ...let him go...Zapp...!!
C: Use your brains for once, shitmonkey.
C: Mr. Klaus covered him because he must have thought "if I leave him like this, he'll die," understand?
Z: since the damage is only restricted to the scope of the gate,
Z: there's no way the Fallen King would left the controller of the gate to die.
C: which means...
C: could it be...

Z: YOU?!?!
K: Chain!!
C: Understood!
L: It still technically happened because you brought it here!
L: I'm sorry! Forgive me! I didn't know, I swear!!
C: Ah
C: Oh no!!

C: Waaaaaiiiiit!!
L: I was afraid she'd do that...!!
L: She jumped off so calmly...!!
L: Is she really just another normal person who lives in this town...?
K: ...gahah!
L: Don't move,
L: boss.
K: ...the police...will gather...here soon.
L: Yeah.
L: We should move before this becomes too much of a pain in the ass.
K: We already finished notification to the others.
L: You shouldn't overdo it trying to move like that.
L: I'll just carry you, nice and easy.
K: ...sorry.
L: I see...
L: Fake...
L: Johnny Landis?
L: It's Leo.
L: Leonard Watch.
L: ...please excuse me, Mr. Klaus.
L: And thank you so much for helping me.

K: ...you...saw it, didn't you?
L: Ah...
L: ...yes...
L: From over where the monkey was, a profoundly huge arm came and..
Z: What?
Z: ...what does this mean, boss?!
Z: I had to try my hardest just to keep up with that attack's speed on my own!
K: Does this have anything to do with those "eyes" of yours?
K: ...that thing you were about to ask before, that you had to absolutely know...
L: ...yes...
L: It happened...
L: just half a year ago.
L: We came to see Jerusalem's Lot together as a family.
L: All we were able to do was stand on the beach and look at the mist covering the town, though.
L: My father, my mother, my crippled sister Michaela, and me.
C: Oh, come on, brother!
C: Why are you taking pictures of me?
C: We came all the way out here to see the city, after all!
M: I don't really
M: have any interest in this place.

C: You're kidding!
C: That town has been the center of the world's interest for three whole years so far.
C: What about that newspaper reporter job of yours?
L: Doesn't matter!
L: That's all the more reason for me not to go chasing after it.
L: There was a reason I was being so stubborn.
L: The town in which a marvel had occurred that surpassed all human knowledge -- Jerusalem's Lost.
L: My father would never say it, but...I knew he wanted me to go there and try to get my younger sister's legs fixed.
L: I think...that reliance irritated me a little.
L: That's
L: when
L: it appeared,
L: right before my eyes.

L: And it began to speak, talking in a soft, indifferent voice,
L: as if it was saying something completely normal.
D: Choose.
D: Which will see to the end?
L: Somehow,
L: I think we both understood what it was implying:
L: that the one who wouldn't see to the end therefore did not need their eyesight.
Z: ...I see...
Z: so
Z: the fact that you can see now means...
Z: You sacrificed your sister, you bastard?!
C: If you must take something,
C: then take something from me.

L: guh
L: uuu
L: uuu
L: uu
L: ugohh
L: I couldn't move...
L: At that moment...I...was completely...
L: frozen...!!
L: I'm...
L: I'm...
L: ...I'm...a coward...!!

P: Put both hands behind your head,
P: and surrender at once!!
P: We are the J.L.P.D. Special Forces!
P: Resistance is futile!
Z: They're here already...
Z: what a pain in the ass.
P: We will now come down to retrieve you.
P: All units, descend!
P: This is an emergency situation. All human rights have been temporarily suspended!!
P: All lawful methods of torture are allowed! If you keep silent, you will regret it!!

P: ...didn't you hear us?! ...put both hands behind your head!!!
K: ...Leonard.
K: I now understand everything about the circumstances surrounding your ability.
K: Therefore, I would like to propose a deal.
K: Alright?
K: I fear that this ability of yours may be the key to solving our problems this time.
K: Therefore,
K: I'd like to enlist your help.
K: We will in turn promise to help you achieve your goal.
L: ...you mean...
K: Yes.
K: Once again,
K: Welcome
K: to Libra.
P: Y...
P: ...you bastards!!
P: ...this disrespectful attitude...
P: Are you members of the ringleader's group?!?!

P: ...those eyes of yours are really pissing me off...do you really not care if we take this as resistance,
P: and shoot you down where you stand?! ...huh?!
K: Now,
K: Zapp.
K: ...Don't lay a finger on them, alright?
K: The bloodbath is not to happen now, but later.
K: Preserve your power.
K: ...I'll take care of this.
P: ...what the hell is he talking about...?!
P: This guy...no matter how I look at him, he appears completely calm and at ease...!!
L: Seriously, though...
L: Planning to stand up to military-class weapons with our bare hands is just...
Z: ...he's got it out for them.
L: ...eh?
Z: ...didn't you see what happened?!
Z: Because of them, a number of potted plants were destroyed.
Z: For some reason the boss has an unreasonably short temper toward that sort of stuff.
Z: ...in a few moments...it's gonna rain blood.
K: Brenngreed-Stil: Blutgetränkte Kampfkunst!
K: Ich mach euch fertig.

K: Ah, that's right.
K: Leonard...
K: There's one thing you to realize.
K: You aren't a coward,
K: because you have come this far without giving up, and continue to stand.
K: Got it?
K: As long as it is taking even one small step toward the light, no matter how small,
K: the human heart will never experience true defeat!!
K: "--Form 11"

right side: WIRBEL
left: STURM
K: Go!!
K: First things first, let's save the world!

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