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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 64



-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 64


tl by molokidan

C: Uwaahhhhh!!
C: Th...this is!!
M: Ca...
M: Catherine?!
H: What's wrong, Catherine?!
H: What happpened?!
C: Th...this is...!!
C: Wh...
C: What is it...?
M: How would we know?!?!

Commando 64 - Trouscle (The abbreviation of when you make a troubled face and just show off your muscles)

Commando 64 - Trouscle (The abbreviation of when you make a troubled face and just show off your muscles)
small text: or so we think.

C: I...I don't really know why...
C: but for some reason they set me down on a bed-like thing.
S: Bed...?
M: The two guys did that?
C: Yes...they went off to set something up...
C: Ah! But...
C: then they came back...
C: "W...we are your allies."
C: "We have a favor we want to ask of you"...
C: "There's a man named Hananakajima at your school"...
C: "Bring the golden items he has attached to his shoulders back to us"...
M: ...so they were after these...
C: I...I refused!! I refused and tried to leave!!
C: But then they...
C: they forced me...
H: Catherine...

P: How manly...
P: You really are very manly.
C: ...they forced me...
C: to take their compliments...
C: I am manly!! I really am! Leave everything to me!!
C: Bring it on!! Muhaaahh!!!
C: Just leave it to "Manly Muscle-sama" here!!
C: You know!! Muhahahaha...
M: You say this arm of yours is manly...?
F: Masaru-kuuuuuun!!!

M: Damn you, Catherine! Look at what's happened to you now!
F: It...it's not his fault, they did it to him..
F: It's more important that we decide what to do now!
H: ...at the least, let's ask him where their base is.
M: Hoo...this sounds like such a pain in the ass...but I guess we do have no choice...
M: It'll be a snap!
small: One little snap
S: Fufufu...don't get hasty, Masaru!
S: I have an even better idea!
S: Now that we know what they want,
S: it won't even be necessary to find out where their base is.
M: Ah...!
M: Y...you're right! We'll do THAT, Father!!
S: Umu!
F: Th...
F: That?!

M: The "Cho Chonisshina Assokobresh Esbo Glinbanbar Bacon-san"...!!
H: What do you mean "Cho Chonisshina Assokobresh Esbo Glinbanbar Bacon-san?!"
F: He remembered all of that?!
M: They controlled Catherine in order to get their hands on these...
M: which means they intended him to bring these straight to their base!
F: Oh...so as long as we follow Catherine-kun...
H: We'll be able to find out where their base is!!

M: Yes!! That is the "Cho Chonisshina Assokobresh Esbo Glinbanbar Bacon-san"...!!
M: Abbreviated as "Poem!!!"
M: Now!!
M: Let us go!! Catherine!!
F: He's being crushed!!!
F: D...don't put them on his neck!!
H: He's gonna fucking die!!
M: Whoopsie! Tohoho...

C: Ohhh...
C: Uuu...ohhh...
M: Ca...Catherine...?!
H: He stood up?!

F: Th...this is crazy...!!
H: How can he be doing this with those heavy things on his neck...!!
M: I'm not letting you get away!!
F: Masaru-kun!!
H: Let's follow him too, Fuumin!!
F: B...but they're going super fast!!
S: Hang in there, Masaru!
S: I'll show up later!
S: From somewhere!!
H: Sh...shit! They're just too fast...
H: Where did they go?
sfx: haa x4
sfx: zeh x2 (bottom)
F: I...I lost sight of them...!
H: Ah...it's no good...
H: Let's just go home, Fuumin...!
S: Hey there, boys!!

S: Hahaha! What slovenly boys you two are!
S: Masaru is right over there!!
F: Sa...Satoru-san...?!
sfx: haa x4
H: Wh...when did you get there...?!
F: Let's go! They're right over there!
H: Kuhah...
H: We finally made it...
H: Oh?
M: Hm?
F: Masaru-kun...?
F: What are you doing?
H: Did you find out where their base is...?
M: No...it's not that...
M: Catherine is...
H: What's he doing...?

sfx: mowaaaaaan
H: Is he a dumbass or what...?
F: It's like a little boy yearning for a trumpet...
M: Fufufu...what a nice face he's making...
M: He's reacting to something!
M: He's moving! Let's go!
M: Unu...! I...is he going...or not?!
H: He seems really reluctant!!

M: Seems like he's close...shouldn't be too much longer.
H: Yeah...the reactions coming from his horns are getting louder...!
F: ...still, though, to be able to control a human so easily...
F: Just who are these people...?
H: Good point...who knows what we might find...let's be careful, Masaru!
F: A park...?
C: Mojamoooja
C: Mojakoooda moooooojaaaaaa

C: Reveal yourself!
C: Secret base!!!
H: Huh?! A secret base?!
F: What generic-sounding lines!!
H: Ahh...! Th...the ground's opening up...!
H: And a faint light's coming from within...
H: There's a house-like structure coming out!!
(*tl note: Himitsu means secret)

F: It's a total copy!!!
H: Of all this to copy, though, why the Kinniku House...? (*t/l note: from Kinnikuman)
F: They must be super maniac otaku!!
?: Fufufu...
?: We thought you'd come, Hananakajima Masaru!

?: Long time no see, Hananakajima...!
?: I trust you haven't forgotten us either...!
M: Hoh...so this was your doing...!
M: Of course I remember.
M: You're wearing the exact same clothes as that time!
H: A...a...aliens...!!
H: Th...this is dangerous, Masaru-kun...!
H: Th...they're aliens!
M: Huh?
M: What are you talking about, Fuumin?! At a time like this...
M: There's no way there'd be any aliens in a place like this!
F: T...
F: They're right over there, dammit!!!
M: Fufu...but even if there did happen to be aliens here,
M: it wouldn't mean a thing...
M: Because people who try and steal my charm points are...
M: all...
M: enemies!!!!

Hige Metro is this subway that exists in Virtua Cop 2 for the Sega Saturn. I thought it was always High Metro until I realized that it said Hige Metro instead! (*t/l note: Hige = Beard)

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