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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 37

An Extremely Backwards Love-Attack

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 21, 2009 06:55 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

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tl by molokidan

The 37th Recorder - An Extremely Backwards Love-Attack
P: After coming to play at the beach, Hammer-san suddenly became a surfer.
P: He seems to have fallen in love with a girl again.
J: Stop it, Hammer!
J: You'll just be rejected again!
H: Y...you can't say that for sure yet, can you?!
H: What are you saying shocking things like that for all of a sudden?!
J: No, I'm positive!
J: You falling in love is always the prelude to you being depressed.
J: It's a given that you'll be rejected!!
P: He's really going at it...

J: Alright! It's getting dark now, so let's go home!
J: There's no point in staying here until tomorrow.
H: Y...you're horrible, Jaguarcchi!!
H: Fine...if you wanna go home, then just go home!
H: But I'm staying here! I'm staying here and confessing my love to my girlfriend! I'm going to make my girlfriend smile, and then I'll be the one laughing!!
H: You people aren't my friends, or anything for that matter!!
J: H...hey! Wait a minute, Hammer!!
J: That idiot...!
J: He's totally misunderstanding the kind of character a surfer is supposed to be...!
T: Jaguarcchi has a nice ring to it...
J: L...
J: Let's ride the big wave of love together!
J: ...maybe it's a little too indirect...

H: Would you like to be dating me?
H: Maybe it's a little too light...
H: Uhh...
H: Would you...would you...
H: Awwww, dammit!!
H: What a pathetic man I am...
H: I can't even ask someone out right...!!
H: Heheh...it's just as Jaguarcchi said! I'm going to be rejected for sure!
H: I'm a loser, after all...I don't deserve to fall in love, the No. 1 player in the world of trashy men!
J: You're wrong, Hammer...
H: Jaguarcchi...
H: and everyone else!!
H: Wh...what are you doing here?!
H: I thought you were going home...?!
J: Dumbass...when one of our friends is suffering...
J: you think we'd leave them alone...!
H: Jaguarcchi...!!

J: You aren't trash, Hammer!
J: You'd be but a mere chickling in the world of trashy men!
J: Lately, the world of trashy men has been really incredible, you know!
J: The man chosen this year to be No. 1, Underwear Inoue (the elder brother) will be accepting the title for the 17th year in a row, you know?!
J: Even the commissioner side had to admit that they doubted another man as trashy as him would appear in this century...
P: So what?! What the hell does that story have to do with anything?!
J: Hammer...I don't want to see you get all depressed again...
J: But if you insist...
J: Then I'll happily cheer you on!
P: Jaguar-san...!
J: Die a noble, flashy death!
P: Flashy death?!
P: H...he's not supposed to die?! What are you talking about?!
J: No, no, I just meant he needs to go ahead with full preparation!
J: First Hammer needs to get used to confessing to someone. If he does it enough times, he'll stop feeling nervous about it.
J: We'll start by training his heart!!

J: Practice confessing your love to 'Je t'aime' Takana-kun right now.
T: Eh?!
T: M...me?!
M: Ehhh, what!? What am I supposed to do?!
J: And Takana-kun, you need to reject Hammer.
J: Not just that, though...
J: scold him!
T: B..but! How am I supposed to do something hard like that without any preparation...
T: Will I really be alright...?
T: Can I really scold him skillfully?!
J: Now, let's go...
H: P...please...
H: Go out with me!
T: No way! You're disgusting!
T: You smell like a dog that hasn't ever had a bath!

J: Nice, nice! That was great, Takana-kun!
T: It...was nothing...
T: I...did it! I did it!!
H: T...this is too much all of a sudden...
H: I can't take it anymore! I give up! I can't do this!
J: You fool! This is nothing compared to the real thing!
J: It's because you have weird expectations that you end up being so shocked...abandon all hope!!
J: If the things this girl of yours liked were ranked, you'd probably come in right after cellophane tape!
J: Anyway, the point is, you're no different than a piece of stationery to her!
H: I'm that low?!
J: Well? When you think of it that way, it should make you relax, right?
J: No one's watching you at all!
H: W...well, you have a point, I do feel more at ease...
J: Throw away yourself and accept everything, Hammer...!
J: If you do that, then all the things you see and hear...
J: will instantly become your allies!

H: Throw away myself...
H: and all things will become my allies...!!
H: That sounds super cool for some reason!!
H: I...I'll do it!!
H: C'mon, scold me, Takana-dono!!
H: ...rather, kick me and abuse me!!
T: Wild pigs like you should drink salty water!
T: That tanktop is physiologically unbefitting of you!
P: Come on...do your best, Hammer-san!
H(center): The left cheek too, please!
H(bottom): More...call me something dirtier than a pig, please...!!
sfx: haa x3
J(top): Confess as if you expect to be rejected!!
J: Save your smile for after you've already been rejected!!
J: Say things as if you purposefully want her to hate you!
J: And then rather, hate her all the more!
P: Time soon passed...

P: And morning came.
H: ...well then...I'm off!
J: Yeah!
J: Fufu...what nice eyes he has, with not a hint of confusion in them.
J: Do your best, Hammer!
sign: Balloon Swordfighting Tournament
G: Um...
G: What did you want to talk to me about...?
H: The truth is...when I met you yesterday,
H: I started to have feelings for you.

H: But you don't need to worry.
H: I spent all last night...
H: to break free from those feelings...
H: Now there isn't even a tiny part of me that wants to go out with you...!
H: Therefore, please, do not even go out on a date with me!!
H: I beg you!!
G: huh?
G: O-okay...
G: Um..
G: I have a boyfriend, so...
H: Hooray!!
J: he did it...
J: That bastard...he finally did it!! Hahaha!!
P: ..."He'd be worse off if we just told him straight out," thought Piyohiko.

P: He'd be worse off if we just told him straight out...

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