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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 74

A Passionate-Looking Battle


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 74

(Note: My 700th translation!! And it's only been 1 month since my 600th!!!)


tl by molokidan

Commando 74 - A Passionate-Looking Battle

N: Nooo, that's all WROOOONG!!!
N: Don't move with your heads, move with your soooooouls!!!
F: Roger!!!
M: Wanchuuuuu!!!
M: Haaaaaaaa...
C: Sensei! Like this?!
N: Umu! Nice!! But not perfect yet!!
N: Effort alone won't cut it!!
N: Within all that enthusiasm, I can see your "distress" resonating!!
C: Rubberman!!
M: What a failure!!
M: He doesn't understand at all!!

T: He doesn't know what it means to be a teacher!
T: He doesn't know a thing about enthusiasm...
T: He doesn't know a thing about passion!!
N: Alright! Great, guys!!
N: As far as form goes, I don't have much else to say!
M: No...you were the great one!
M: I never thought you'd be this learned in the ways of Sexy Commando, sensei...!
N: Fufu...but of course I am, I'm your advisor!
M: Yes, but...to notice the bad habit I with "Pudgy Hips"...
M: You're at the level of a "Global Partner!"
N: Fufu...I wonder? I've never taken a placement exam...
N: Not that I want to!
N: More importantly, aside from your "Pudgy Hips" habit...
N: You also have a bad habit with "Twisted Elbows Paradise."
H: Th...these two...are insane...
M: Haha...that's true!
M: I also get too many wrinkles in my eyebrows during "My Beloved Raging Wife"...
F: Yeah...it's kinda amazing...

T: Nuu...
T: Acting so hot just because he knows a few things...
T: Look at him boasting like that!
T: He's even got his collar flipped up!
H: Sensei! Is there a certain move you're really good at?!
M: Oh! Yeah, I wanna see!
N: Hmm...a move I'm really good at, huh...?
N: Heheh...sorry, but I don't have anything like that...
N: Because I'm good at them all!!
H: So cool!!
H: Anything will do, just show us one!
N: ...guess I've got no choice....
N: Well then, I'll show you an extra special one...
N: It'll just be for an instant, alright!
N: It'll be an extra amazing instant, got it?!
N: Now then, "The Melancholy of Elise"...
H: Huh?
H: C...can't you do a harder one than that...
M: Machahiko, you dumbass!! Maggot!!
M: Simple moves are the best way to gauge someone's skill...
M: Watch sensei's move closely...!!

N: Now then...
N: Here I go.
N: Otto...!
N: Can't forget to take these off...
N: Fufu...fufufu...
H: H...he's really full of himself...
N: OK...
N: Now, here I go...!
T: Don't let this man deceive youuuuuu!!!

M: Torepan...?!
T: You goddamn sham of a teacher!!
T: You think the Sexy Commando Club would ever accept someone like you?!?!
N: What's that...?
M: You're one to talk!
T: Fu...I was just watching your instructing from the shadows...
T: To be honest, it was no good at all! Below 30 points...
T: Total failure!!!
T: You're a failure as a teacher!!!
N: F...
N: Failure as a teacher?!

N: Fiiiiiine!!
N: Then let's have a competition to see who is the real failure!!!
M: Hahahahahaha
T: ...allow me to say one thing, though...
T: Fighting isn't my area of expertise!
N: That was never my intention...!
N: Fighting against you wouldn't even be any fun...
N: Gambling!!!
N: We'll compete against one another in gambling!!!

G: Cheh!
N: ...it's simple!
N: Betting on whether or not that student over there sinks a shot...
N: That'll be our competition!
M: What?!
M: Wait a minute! That has absolutely nothing to do with actual talent, though!!
N: ...but I said gambling before, didn't I?
N: If you don't wanna, just say so!
T: U...nuu...
T: Dammit...then for what purpose...
T: for what purpose did I take my clothes off?!
T: Fine...! It seems like you, coward, clearly have the advantage this time...
T: But I will accept your challenge!!
B: Nuhaaah!!

N: Yes...
N: Next!!
N: The next shot will be the one we bet on!!
N: He just sank one now...
N: Will he get two in a row with the next one, or...
N: will he miss?!
N: Which one?!
T: Will it go in...?
T: No! If it goes in, it'll be two in a row...
T: That possibility is lower, right?
T: His concentration is probably a little broken right now...
N: C'mon, which one?!
N: Decide!!
T: Wait a bit longer...
F: Acting authoritative, despite his own indecisiveness...and not only that, but doing it while naked...
F: There just isn't a single likable quality about him.

2-Panel Interview
G: What kind of graffiti should I draw here?
B: Don't draw graffiti. Because I don't forgive people who do bad things!
sign: Usuta
sfx: gugugu...
sfx: Kuh...

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