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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 75

No Guts, No Plan, No Courtesy, No Regrets


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 75


tl by molokidan

T: Will it go in...
T: or will it miss...?!
T: Go in...or miss...
T: It seems like it will go in, and it also seems like it'll miss...
T: Which will it be...
T: Seriously, which will it be...?
N: Come on, hurry up and decide!!
N: If you're a man, just make up your mind and take the challenge!!
T: Calm down, Tatsurou!! If you calm down and think carefully, you'll definitely win...!
T: Look closely!
T: Something...
T: there must be something...
T: What's that...?
T: His muscles seem a bit strange...
T: Ahh?! Could it be...

Commando 75 - No Guts, No Plan, No Courtesy, No Regrets

T: A pigeon chest...?!
Commando 75 - No Guts, No Plan, No Courtesy, No Regrets
T: That has absolutely
T: nothing to do with this!!

N: Hurry up!!
N: If you don't hurry up, he's gonna throw the damn thing!!
H: ...what do you think...?
F: Hmmm...I dunno?
C: It'll probably go in!
M: No! It'll miss!
N: C'mon, hurry it up already!!
M: ...what are they doing? It's getting harder and harder for me to shoot this...
T: OK...
T: Umu...
T: OK...
T: It'll miss!!!
N: Miss...?!
N: You said miss, right?!
N: Alright...
N: Are you sure about that?!
T: A...
T: Alright...?
T: Wa...wait a minute!!
T: Just now...
N: Nope!! It's too late now!!
N: Fuhahahaha! Idiot!

N: Alright, then I say it'll go in!!
N: You dumbass!!
N: That "two in a row" thing really tricked you, didn't it?!
T: Wh...
T: Whaaaaaaat?!
H: Nashimoto-sensei's incredible!!
C: I knew it all along!!
M: I think it'll go in too!!
T: Im...impossible! This is all going according to his plan...?!
T: Is this to say he used the two in a row thing to purposefully make me think it'd miss...?!
T: Th...this man...
T: he's no normal human being...!!
T: Ah.

N: ...fu...
N: Fufufu...
H: H...hey, just now...
F: Yeah...
C: It mis...
T: Wha...
T: Whaaaaaaaaaat!?
N: How dare you do something dirty like that in a sacred battle between men?!
N: Goddammit! You bastard!! Your underwear is big enough for five people!!
T: Wh...what are you talking about!?

T: How dare you accuse me of cheating?!
T: Apologize!! Apologize to Torepan-sensei!!
N: Hmph! Don't make me laugh!!
N: And why are you calling yourself Torepan-sensei if you're naked?!
N: Naked-sensei! You're just a Naked-sensei!
T: Y...you son of a bitch!! Just what part of me is naked, huh?! I have underwear on, you know!?!
T: You're not even close! At the very least, call me "Briefs-sensei!" But that's as far as I go!!
N: Briefs?! You call those briefs?!
N: They look a little long to me!
N: Laaaame!! You're so lame!!
H: ...this is...
H: getting kinda weird...
M: ...this is bad...at this rate, Torepan will become our advisor again...
T: Unbelievable! You really are a hateful man!
T: Lacking even the slightest bit of maturity, I might add!
T: No wonder Mariko was disgusted with you!!
N: What?! We just met today, why would she be disgusted with me?!
N: You liar!!
N: You're talking about yourself, right?! Underwear!!

T: Hey! You bastard!!
T: Don't call me Underwear!! Put "sensei" on the end of that!!
N: Shut up! Underwear! Underwear!
N: Long Underwear!!
M: Wait!!
T: What...?
N: Don't interfere!
M: Fufufu...just calm down.
M: At this rate, things will never end, you two.
M: Why don't we just settle things...
M: with a little competition...?
M: Of Sexy Commando!!
T: What?!
H: Ma...Masaru!
M: If we're talking about choosing the advisor of the Sexy Commando Club...
M: then deciding through a Sexy Commando match is the best idea, isn't it?

T: We wouldn't have it any other way!!
N: Fufufu...he looks like a total newbie...
N: But I won't go easy!
N: I'm gonna pound him into dust! And I'll make sure to say tons of dirty things to him!
T: Fufufu...those sunglasses of his look so cheap...
T: They're definitely not brand glasses...
T: Ahh, but Mariko-sensei really is pretty. Pretty, pretty, Mariko, you're so pretty...
F: W...will Torepan-sensei really be alright...?
H: I know that Masaru likes Nashimoto-sensei better than Torepan, but...
H: The winner's too obvious here...
M: Alright, let's begin!!
M: Since Torepan's a beginner, we'll do away with all the complicated rules.
M: The one who falls to a move loses!
M: And the one who succeeds in a move wins!!

M: Now, let's go!!
M: Reaaady...
M: Staaaaaaart!!!
N: Haaaaaa...
N: Time to show you...
N: just how far apart our true abilities really are!!
F: Here it comes...!!
C: Hold tight, everyone!!
N: Ohhhhhh...
N: Ohhhhhhhhhhh...

N: A cell phone...
F: Uwaahh...
N: Fufufu...
N: I got it...!!
N: A masterpiece that I use only once per year!
N: This will knock him off his feet for sure! Here it comes!!
N: Right now!!

N: HE's polishing his glaaaaassseeeeeess!!!

M: Th...
F: This guy...
F: sucks!
N: Fu...
N: Fufufu...
N: I still...
N: haven't been beaten yet...
N: Ever since I was a child...
N: people always teased me...
N: saying I had no guts, and no backbone...
N: Even the littlest things would surprise me and make me fall flat on my back...
N: Fufu...makes you laugh, right...?

N: I started Sexy Commando in order to train myself...
N: Fu...but I haven't changed at all...
N: I'm just a good-for-nothing coward as always...
N: Good-for-nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing...
M: That's not true, Nashimoto-san!
M: You aren't a good-for-nothing nothing nothing...
M: nor are you a coward...
M: Your reaction was just a bit...
M: too out-of-date...
H: Sensei...!!
F: Sensei!!!
N: Thank you...!! Goodbye! Let us meet again!!
H: It's out-of-date!!
F: As long as this twilight continues to come...we will surely meet again...
F: Farewell! Kogin!
F: Way old!

2-Panel Interview
How have you been feeling lately?
It's too hard to make jokes out of your questions!! I quit!!!

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