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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 38

Mysterious Photos with Ghosts in Them That May Possibly Be Real

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 1, 2009 03:59 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

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tl by molokidan

The 38th Recorder - Mysterious Photos with Ghosts in Them That May Possibly Be Real
P: Out of all the photos we took at the beach yesterday...
P: there was one unnatural one...
P: Who's hand is that...?
P: Ja...Jaguar-san, y-y-you've got to see this...!
J: Hm? Why do you look so pale?

J: Ah!
J: Ahhhh! Sorry, sorry!
J: Sorry, are you alright?
J: Eh? Hahaha...well, I guess you're fine, aren't you?
J: Ahahahahahaha!
J: ...now then, what was it, Piyohiko?
P: Who?! Who were you talking to just now?!
P: Who were you just having a friendly chat with?! Uwaaaaaaaahhh!!
(*t/l note: This face (and the others that show up similar to it) are parodies of the styles of faces that usually appear in manga by Umezu Kazuo, one of the greatest classic horror mangaka)
J: Oh, this is all you wanted to show me? So I ended up taking one of these again, huh...
P: A...again?!
J: When you take pictures, one or two of these always end up happening...
J: This isn't anything to be surprised about, though.
J: If you want to see something really crazy, how about I show you my secret photo collection?
P: S...seriously?!
R: You have such a thing?!

Book: Fancy Album
P: ...it has such an aura so overwhelming I would never imagine it to be a F..."Fancy Album"...
J: That's because the "hate" of many beings is all bottled up inside...
J: ...well, I guess I'll show you a light one for starters.
J: It seems pretty easy to spot to me, but I wonder if you'll notice...?
P: Ehh, where?! Could this guy in the background be the ghost?!
J: No...so you can't see it, can you?
J: The truth is, at that moment...

J: I was naked.
P: Ehhhhhhhhh!!?
P: Wh...what the hell?! That isn't scary at all...
P: And besides, why would you be naked in such an open place like that?!
J: Well, my bathing suit got wet on the way home from the pool...
J: and I didn't have anything else to wear.
J: I was going through puberty, too...
P: What, no, that's totally unrelated!!
P: None of those explanations make any sense!!
J: Oh! Then how about this one?
J: There's a mysterious white fog visible in this one.
J: If you look closely at it, though, you'll be able to see a humanoid-like figure in the middle of it...
P: R...really?!

P: This was something you imagined, isn't it?!?!
J: Hm? Ah...
J: That's true, I was imagining it at the time...how did you know?
J: I was imagining that someday, that old man would get super muscular and be able to lift heavy luggage like that with ease...
P: Yeah...I get it already!
P: But these pictures probably aren't of ghost sightings, you know!
J: No, no, to be honest, that isn't all there is to this picture.
P: Eh?
J: You probably didn't realize it with your first glance,
J: But to be honest, if you were to look at the lower half of my body, which isn't showing in that picture...
J: you'd see I wasn't wearing anything.
P: Uwaaaahhh! You're just a pervert then!!!
P: Why, of all things, would you only be naked on the bottom?!
J: I was just going along with the mood...
J: Ahh...here we go, I finally found a good one!
J: This one...is no laughing matter...
J: It's a class photo that was taken during my middle school field trip...

J: Right here, the face of my best friend, Sekine-kun, is...
P: Wh...where?!
P: Uwaaaaaahhh! T...there really is something here...
P: It's easy to overlook, yet it's clearly there!!
P: Wear clothes, goddammit!!!
sfx: baaaan
J: Ahhh...I just really had my head int he clouds back then...
J: It was a stage in my life when I couldn't even forgive the fact that other people wore clothes.
P: What kind of a stage is that?!
P: It sounds more like some kind of psychological disorder to me!!

J: Eh...?!
J: Haha...Sekine said something really similar to that...!
J: Speaking of which, that guy...he was a lot like you, Piyohiko...
P: Sekine-kun...?
P: Just what kind of a person was he?
J: This kind.
P: He was alive!!!
J: Whenever I'd get naked, he'd always hide my front with something....
J: But to think he'd go as far as to becoming a ghost himself in order to cover me...what a meddlesome guy...
P: I'm sure it just really bothered him...
P: I understand...I understand how you feel, Sekine-kun!
J: Ah! Now for this last one, my favorite, which was spawned by strong feelings like that...
J: This is from when I was a little kid.

P: Uwaaahhh, what is this...?!
P: The guy next to you is transparent!!
J: Hm? No, no, that's not it.
J: The problem is the design on that T-shirt.
P: Eh?!
J: That shirt originally had nothing on it.
shirt text: Super Fast Dressing Fighter Shirtsman
J: But at the time, I just wanted a "Shirtsman" T-shirt so badly...
J: and that was a scene where I was throwing a tantrum.
P: This is you throwing a tantrum?!
P: Well...alright, that's fine, but...what's with the guy next to you?!
P: ..that man...
P: is my father...

P: Eh...?! Could it be...Jaguar-san's father is already...
P: ...is that the truth? Could it be that I...touched upon something I shouldn't have?
P: S...sorry...um...I didn't know, Jaguar-san...that your father was...
J: It's fine, Piyohiko.
J: I didn't tell you about him, so it's not your fault...
J: The man in that picture is my father...
J: Just as you can see.
J: That's all there is to it...
J: My father is see-thru...
P: He's see-thru...
B: A very uncomfortable feeling started to spread through Piyohiko, but he ignored it.

UFOs, whatever!
One time wil be enough,
I just want to see something!
(This one) is possessed by this thing

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